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To dream of a dog represents feelings about behavior that is emotionally protective and helps you maintain confidence and security. Behavior that is emotionally protective of never having to say whatever it's doing is a problem. Your efforts to shield yourself from difficult emotions. The type, size, and color of the dog all reflect how you choose to protect yourself from difficult emotions or confront problems.

Positively, a dog reflects emotional self-defense or protectiveness to keep confident. The ability to confront challenges and negative situations while maintaining self-assurance. Never fearing anything because there is always a reason to encourage you to stay self-assured. Choosing to confront a person or negative situation while keeping confident. Something in your life you can rely on in yourself or in others to keep insecurity at bay. Repeating something to yourself to help fend off fear, jealousy, or other people's harsh words. An emotional barrier you put up to protect yourself. Sensing danger or a protective attitude about confronting dangerous people or situations. Loyalty, taking sides, or being emotionally protective of friends, family, or work.

Negatively, a dog may represent emotional protectiveness that is excessive or creates problems with self-control. A loss of self-control over instincts and urges. A loss of control over sexual urges.

To dream of an angry dog almost always represents uncontrolled anger, hostility, and viciousness towards other people. Heated arguments. A loss of your temper. Angry dog may also reflect feelings about someone angry in your life that you feel has an alpha male mentality. Feelings about your own alpha mentality when you get angry or lose your temper.

To dream of being bitten by a dog may represent feelings of being attacked, bothered, or threatened by others. Feeling the effects of other's viciousness or territorialness. A clash of agendas. Difficulty with addiction. Patients in hospitals may dream of dogs attacking them to reflect fears about unpleasant medical treatment that is in their best interest.

A dog on a leash represents self-control that is managing emotions, instincts, and urges effectively.

To dream of a dead or dying dog may represent feelings of giving up or losing something that once provided you with confidence and emotional security. It may indicate a loss of loyalty, trust, or protection in your life. You may have lost something that gives you confidence or makes you feel safe.

To dream of "cutting a dog's head off" represents taking actions to stop someone else from feeling confident or to prevent them from defending themselves. A desire to undermine someone's self-assuredness or to strip them of their ability to protect themselves. Preventing someone from defending themselves or having something to rely on.

To dream of a lost dog represents feelings of losing confidence in yourself or the ability to protect yourself emotionally. Feeling that you can no longer stand up for yourself. Feeling that a situation is too dangerous to confront. Problems arguing your side of a conflict or defending yourself due to distractions or neglect. Feeling negligent with the feelings of someone who was protecting you. Distractions that have made you avoid protecting your strengths.

To dream of a brown dog represents behavior that is emotionally protective and helps you maintain confidence and security that doesn't think of something mattering ever again if it could. Emotional protection that doesn't need other people around it or to put up with other people's problems. Helping yourself out without thinking of other people's feelings.

Example: A man once dreamed of a caramel dog being delivered to him in a basket. In waking life, he was facing serious financial trouble and had just thought up a plan to get out of it. In this case, the dog may have reflected how his plans gave him the emotional security and confidence to believe in himself while using his idea to keep thinking of the future while currently being broke.

Example 2: A person once dreamed of seeing a black angry dog growling at them. In waking life, they were talking about someone they didn't like in a very angry vicious way. In this case, the black angry dog may have reflected a projection of the dreamer's fears or anxieties about being on the receiving end of someone else's anger or hostility.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a dog biting her hands. In waking life, she was in the hospital getting surgery done on her hands. In this case, the dog biting her may have reflected her feelings about the emotional protectiveness of doctors telling her that she had nothing to worry about with the surgery on her hands causing her to worry more.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a mean black dog trying to bite her. In waking life, she felt that her mother was being very angry, rude, and making degrading comments. In this case, the mean black dog may have reflected her feelings of being attacked and threatened by her mother's aggressive and hurtful behavior.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of her dog being euthanized or "put down." In waking life, she was fired from her company and she lost all her loyalty to the company. In this case, the euthanized dog may have reflected the abrupt and painful end to her relationship with her company, which she had previously relied on for emotional support and a sense of belonging.

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