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To dream of a rottweiler represents emotional protection that noticing the threat of anger or violence that doesn't think about ever needing to see it seriously. Latent anger or frustration, held in check but ready to be unleashed if provoked. An attitude of being tougher than someone else that doesn't think about speaking about it being too serious. Experimenting with being tough to other people that doesn't think about it being as serious unless provoked. A need to establish clear emotional boundaries with others, demand respect for oneself and one's priorities, and stay vigilant in dealing with potential danger or difficult situations.

Negatively, dreaming about a rottweiler may reflect tendencies to be overprotective or feelings of being more powerful than intelligent. Emotional protection that is focused on never listening to anyone else or being too prepared for trouble.

Example: A man dreamed of having a black rottweiler dog by his side. He wasn't afraid while he felt that the dog protected, but knew the dog was dangerous. In waking life, he was frustrated with people in general whom he felt always rejected him, misunderstood him, or were jealous over him. In this case, the rottweiler may have reflected his latent anger or frustration, held in check but ready to be unleashed if provoked.



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