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German Shepherd

To dream of a German Shepherd dog represents protective attentiveness. Staying on top of things by being alert and making careful observations. Protectiveness that feels like it's always listening. Protectiveness with disciplined listening skills.

To dream of being bit by a German Shepard represents feeling that someone that is paying more attention than you is attacking you for it. A person or situation that forces you to pay more attention. You may have temporarily let your guard down by not paying attention.

Example: A man dreamed that his neighbor had a new German Shepherd. In waking life, the man felt that his neighbour had recently become jealous of him making more money than him and was acting strange by attentively matching purchases or copying behavior. The dreamer felt that the neighbor was paranoid he was trying to use money would make his girlfriend leave him. In this case, the German Shepherd may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about his neighbor's heightened vigilance and protective attitude towards keeping his relationship, that always 'listening' and observing the dreamer's actions to match it.



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