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To dream of seeing yourself in a third person perspective represents awareness of your own actions or behaviors. The dreamer's perception of themselves, including both their flaws and positive attributes. Consider what you are doing, how you look, or how old you are for additional significance.

Alternatively, dreaming about yourself may represent feelings about your self-image, self-worth, or how you perceive your persona in the waking world. You might be grappling with issues of identity, self-confidence, or acceptance of a personal trait or situation.

To dream of a younger version of yourself may represent your awareness of your actions or behaviors being more innocent, childish, less responsible, rebellious, or naive in a current situation. Awareness of yourself not being as intelligent in a situation as you usually are. Feelings about yourself being a novice or having room to grow up in a particular area of your life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing himself as an adolescent. In waking life, he had to take a test that he felt was pointless. He complained a lot about the test to his teachers. In this case, seeing himself as an adolescent may have reflected his awareness of himself being immature and complaining about a responsibility that he had to fulfill.



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