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To dream of a sales person represents an aspect of your personality that is trying to convince you or sell you on an idea. Feeling "sold" on ideas, options, or who you are in life. You may be struggling to accept or compromise on a situation and trying to weigh the pros and cons of it. You could also just be trying to convince someone else of something.

To dream of a car salesman may reflect feelings a situation or person that you feel is interesting you in a new way of living or decision-making. New professional, spiritual, family life, or even dishonest ways of living your life. Feeling "sold" on the idea of changing who you are day to day.

Example: A woman dreamed of being sold a car by a salesman and talking about her new car to a few men. In waking life she was a devote religious person who accepted God into her life as a way of life and was depending to God to give her a man to marry. She was having problems finding a man. The car salesman in this case may have reflected her feelings about religion being "sold" to her as a way of life.



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