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Jesus Christ

To dream of Jesus Christ represents an aspect of your personality that embodies selflessness, compassion, and sacrifice for a higher purpose or belief. Pain, suffering, unbearable challenges to overcome problems. Giving up what you like for the better good. Making history doing every single last thing you can to do what you believe God wants or to be completely moral. Making history making the strongest sacrifices to overcome negativity completely. Shedding things in your life that are unwanted or unneeded to become completely moral. Making history sacrificing something or feeling bad to achieve a goal because you believe it's for a greater good. Feeling that life is testing your strength.

Jesus often points to giving up bad habits or trying your hardest to to rid yourself of negativity because you want to become 100% moral, inline with God, or feel that you are good enough.

Positively, dreaming of Jesus Christ may reflect a strong desire for personal growth, moral support, or overcoming personal struggles. You may be striving for self-improvement, maintaining your faith, and facing challenges with grace and humility.

Negatively, Jesus Christ may reflect your feelings about overdoing making history sacrificing to do what you believe God wants or to be completely moral. Wasting yout time making history trying too hard to make difficult sacrifices to become moral. Enormous stress or suffering to make a serious change in your life. Fear of being a loser for rest of your life if you aren't perfect or don't suffer horribly for a good cause. Feelings of guilt, unworthiness, or failure in meeting your own moral or spiritual standards. A struggle with self-doubt, shame, or feelings of inadequacy. A critical inner voice that highlights your perceived shortcomings or reminds you of the importance of spiritual growth. Wasting your time never liking achieving redemption.

Alternatively, Jesus Christ in a dream may reflect your feelings about the strength of your faith and your commitment to moral or spiritual ideals. Your feelings about organized religion and how faithful you are to it. Negatively, Jesus may be a sign that you are too serious about organized religion.

To dream of the blood of Jesus Christ represents feelings of ultimate sacrifice, selflessness, and profound commitment to a higher purpose or belief. Feelings about the pain and suffering required to achieve spiritual growth or overcome personal challenges. Feelings about how awful, painful, or humiliating making history sacrificing was in order to do what God wants, experience salvation, or to be become completely moral.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing Jesus. In waking life, she was trying to quit smoking. In this case, Jesus may have reflected her strong desire to overcome her addiction to cigarettes and align her life with a higher purpose or healthier lifestyle because she believed it's what God wanted from her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Jesus being stabbed. In waking life, she was having conflicting feelings about her catholic faith and organized religion. In this case, Jesus may have reflected her inner struggle with her faith, feeling that her commitment to organized religion was causing her pain and suffering. The stabbing of Jesus in the dream could symbolize her feelings of being hurt or betrayed by her religious beliefs, or that her spiritual ideals were being challenged in a negative way.

Example 3: A man dreamed that Jesus came to him and said that "No one could get to the father, but through him." In waking life, he was too preoccupied with believing he needed religion to be complete as a person. In this case, Jesus may have reflected the man's strong belief in the importance of organized religion and his need for spiritual guidance in order to find personal fulfillment. The dream could be a reflection of his feelings that the only way to achieve a deep connection with God or higher power was through Jesus, which could be a sign of his overdependence on organized religion.

Example 4: A man dreamed of Jesus being beside him and that God had severely judged Jesus. This left the dreamer feeling uncomfortable while he felt that the judgement given to Jesus was actually directed towards him. In waking life, the man had tried everything he could to give up a drug problem, but relapsed. He felt he failed in God's eyes. In this case, Jesus may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about himself having the ability to make enormous spiritual or personal sacrifice to overcome drugs and feeling enormous guilt and regret when he couldn't succeed.



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