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To dream of a bluebird represents feelings about a situation being perfectly safe and happy. Feelings about a situation or behavior being "lovely." Feeling good loving everyone else. Feeling good having nothing to hide. Feeling good about never having fake anything in life. Feelings about some area of your life perfectly transcending dishonesty and social disharmony. Feeling that everything happening in a situation is wonderful with no danger whatsoever. Social happiness and resolution. Enjoying feeling that you know and get along with everyone around you. Enjoying a situation where you never have a reason to be nervous. Confidence in situations where everything feel free and wonderful. Happiness gain through old fashioned values.

Negatively, bluebirds may reflect a refusal to be involved in anything that isn't perfectly safe and happy even if it hurts others because it risk losing your own happiness. Naive optimism. Feeling annoyed by happy people. Sadness about how happy and easy life used to be. Jealousy of others having happier functioning relationships. Feeling that you are the only person in a situation that is genuinely being themselves. Feeling like a fake or poser around people that aren't.

Dreams of bluebirds commonly appear sitting on a shoulder. This may reflect feelings about believing yourself as an honest happy person being important to be noticed by others. Showing off to others with a happy attitude. Feeling that nobody can stop you from enjoying strong support from good friends and loving family. Refusing to listen or accept a situation that isn't supportive of happiness or strong relationships.

Note: The bluebirds symbol should not be mistaken for blue colored birds. The bluebird is an actual species of bird most commonly with a blue top, orange chest, and white underbelly.

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