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To dream of beige represents objectivity. Beige clothing reflects views, opinions, or habits that are objective. It may also reflect your neutral or unbiased position on some matter.    TOP


To dream of the color black represents imbalance or excess. A negative thinking pattern or negative situation that is noticeably beyond normal limits. Black most often reflects negative feelings such as fear or behaviors where there is a lack of moderation. Black may also represent a situations in your life where there is "nothing positive" happening at all.

Black may show up in dreams for people who are afraid, suicidal, depressed, desperate, doing too many drugs, or having too much sex. An imbalanced mindset, mood, or behavior. It may also reflect your own awareness of yourself being terrible to other people.

Black in dreams is often accompanied by the color red. When both colors are combined this most often reflects powerful fear or strong negative intentions.

To dream of being surrounded by blackness represents feelings about having no clear solutions to a problem. It may also point to feelings of fear, being lost, or feeling totally alone. Fearing the unknown.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a someone with black eyes. In waking life he was fearing serious punishment and being totally controlled by his abusive father if he got caught trying to escape him.    TOP

Blue (Light

The color light blue represents positivity. It can point to thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are healthy, helpful, genuine, and honest. Light blue can also represent a very positive situation or positive choice.

Alternatively,light blue can symbolize sensitivity, kindness, or feeling that a situation cares about you.

The symbolism of the color blue is based on the general human perception of the sky during a beautiful day being a very good thing.

Example: A young boy dreamed of falling into a scary basement when suddenly he saw his father turn on a blue light. In waking life he was having problems dealing with his temperamental father who had returned from military service, but one day his father started to treat him nicely and their relationship became a lot more family oriented.     TOP

Blue (Dark)

The color dark blue represents insensitivity. Thoughts, comments, or situations that are cold and uncaring. Something positive that lacks concern for other people's feelings. This color is often associated with situations where you or someone else is being cold, blunt, or harsh.

The color dark blue may also reflect brutal honesty that doesn't feel good or a very difficult situation that is in your best interest.      TOP


To dream of bronze represents as aspect of yourself or your life that you want preserved indefinitely. You want to care about and protect an area of your life. Something about yourself that you always want noticed. Bronze may reflect beliefs or principles that you would protect at all costs.

Example: A Christian once dreamed of a bronze ladder while they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs. The bronze ladder symbolizes the importance of preserving their beliefs as the answer to ascension or going to heaven.    TOP

Brown (Light)

The color light brown is symbolic of a genuine desire to get rid of something negative. Good intentions to want to fix a problem or be rid of a problem. Feeling optimistic or enthusiastic about getting rid of a problem.

Negatively, light brown may indicate that you are really sensitive about not being able to get rid of something when you are really motivated to.

*Please See Copper.    TOP

Brown (Dark)

Dark brown in a dream represents purging of negative thoughts, emotions, habits, and life situations. Some area of your life where you are getting rid of a problem. Unpleasant or undesirable situations are being fixed or improved. Cleansing of negativity. Observing improvements or progress.

Example: An older man dreamed of seeing a woman sitting on a dark brown couch and then going and sitting on the couch beside her. In waking life a girl he knew from his past wanted to get married to him and then he decided to do it. The brown couch may have reflected his feelings about being comfortable getting rid of his single life. "Purging" his life of bachelor style behavior.    TOP


The color burgundy represents situations that have the potential to become negative.  Something you are thinking, feeling, or doing that has the potential to become a problem or go overboard.

The reason why burgundy represents potential negativity is because it's close to red, but not quite.  So it's symbolically almost negative.

Example:  A man dreamed of being inside a burgungy construction garbage bin. In real life he was planning on killing himself.  The burgundy garbage bin reflected the potential he had to actually carrying out his suicide.    TOP


To dream of caramel total satisfaction or perfection. A person or situation in your life that totally pleases you, handles all your problems, or is the perfect solution. Something wonderful or that fails to disappoint you in any way. It may also reflect person or situation that does everything for you.

Example:  A man dreamed of a caramel colored dog.  In real life he was experiencing overwhelmed financial problems and a hobby of his offered him a reliable opportunity to escape them.  The carmel color of the dog reflected how the hobby felt like a perfect solution to his problems.  The dog reflected the protection he felt from the hobby from financial loss.    TOP


To dream of chrome represents the projection of respectability. Feeling that something is acceptable or worthy. A person or situation that intends to never embarrass you. A choice that nobody can criticize you for.

Negatively, chrome may reflect too much concern about having to be respected. Caring too much about what other people think. Deception being used to fit in or be accepted. Trying to show others that you won't embarrass them.    TOP


*Please See Burgundy.    TOP


To dream of copper represents desire. Believing that you can't ever have something or noticing that something never works out for you. When you see copper in a dream it means that you are having desirous thoughts of attractive people, or material things that you don't believe you can ever really have.

Copper can can also mean that you are putting your desires, fantasies, and interests before the needs of others. You care more about what you want then you do anything else including other people.  Negatively, copper may be a sign that you would lie, cheat, or steal from someone else.

The reason copper color represents desire is because copper is close to gold in color, but unlike gold is worthless.    TOP


The color gold in a dream represents the power or freedom to do as you please. When you see gold in a dream it represents rewards, success, or enhancement of your surroundings.  It could also represent good luck, wealth, healing, insight, happiness, and achievement. 

Anything negative associated with gold in a dream will pointing to corruption or excess.     TOP

Green (Light)

The color light green in a dream represents healing.  When you see it in a dream it reflects the removal of obstacles, or postive change.  
Progress or moving forward with a problem. It may also represent psychological or emotional issues that you are overcoming.  Light green may also be a sign that you are experiencing physical healing.

Alternatively, lighter shades of green may also refect jealousy, greed, or selfishness.

People commonly dream of light green when starting a new career or relationship.  There is a sense of starting fresh or feeling renewal.    TOP

Green (Dark)

To dream of dark green represents some form of selfishness. When you see it in a dream it reflects thoughts you are having that are only totally preoccupied with your own pleasure or personal gain.  An area of your life or a thinking pattern where there is no concern for other people's feeling's or wellbeing.

Dark green points to jealousy, greed, materialism, cheating, and not wanting to share with other people. Dark green can also point to powerful fears of losing, or thoughts of suicide.

Dark green can also reflect growth that you feel is happening in the wrong direction, slow progress, feeling prevented from finding a healthy outlet.

Example:  A woman dreamed of wearing a disgusting green dress.  In waking life she couldn't stand waiting for a guy she was having an affair with to leave his wife.      TOP

Grey (Dark)

To dream of dark grey represents sadness, depression, ill health, fear, or confusion.  A state of mind that doesn't feel good.  You may feel emotionally distant, isolated, or detached.  It may also reflect loneliness or "feeling grey."    TOP

Grey (Light)

To dream of light grey represents situations in your life that are less than terrible.  You may be surprised that a bad situation hasn't gotten worse.

Positively, a light grey may be a sign that you feel spared of a problem or that something wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.

Lighter shades of grey may also represent the intuition. Light grey can be mistaken for silver, especially in the case of light grey clothing which then reflects intuitive choices or how lucky you feel.

*Please see Silver.    TOP


To dream of the color indigo represents insensitivity and powerlessness. You feel like you are totally at a loss or that you are being totally uncaring towards another person for a good reason. A positive situation or action that doesn't feel good at all.    TOP


*Please See Burgundy.    TOP

Navy Blue

*Please See Blue (Dark).


To dream of the color orange represents power.  Using power or leverage to get what you want.  It may also reflect beliefs, feelings, or situations that are very strong and noticeable.  Orange may also represent situations that are being imposed on you or that can't be ignored. Orange could also reflect situations that can't be resisted.

Negatively, orange may reflect powerful toxic influences or feeling that a situation is simply too much for you.

Alternatively, orange may represent leverage, clout, authority, status, or control.

Example:  A girl dreamed of having a problem resisting an orange snake.  In real life she was having trouble resisting strong sexual desire for a guy she felt was a sleazy player.  The orange color of the snake reflected how strong her sexual attraction for the sleazy guy was.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an orange spider.  In waking life she was a customer service rep and felt that that her work was beginning to become too much for her.  She felt her customers were beginnin to take advantage of her.

*Please See Amber.    TOP

Peach Color

To dream of peach color represents feelings about a situation being wonderful or enjoyable. Feeling sensitive about having your feelings cared about.

Negatively, peach color in a dream may be a sign that you are enjoying a lot of relief from a terrible person's failure or death too much.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing peach colored stains on clothing that he wanted removed. In waking life he was happy to see his horrible father die because it meant he would be rich. He had to try hard to pretend he didn't feel good about the death and coming inheritance in front of the rest of his family at the funeral.    TOP


To dream of the color pink represents lust.  This can sexual lust or a powerful thoughtless desire to have something as soon as possilble.  Positively, pink may reflect motivation, drive, and ambition.  Negatively, pink reflects blind sexual desire or excessive need to attain what you want.

Pink may reflect a lack of caring about anything else except having what you want, most commonly for sex.  You may be too eager to push aside obstacles or people that are in your way.

Pink can also be a symbol for girls, but this is not as common in dreams.    TOP


The color purple in a dream represents neutrality, or powerlessness.  
Something that is uncaring, unbiased, or totally powerless.

Positively, purple can symbolize having no bias, or situations that are open.  This will usually be represented by lighter shades of purple.

Negatively, the color purple reflects powerlessness.  You are totally unable to respond, react, or do what you want.  Impotence in some form. This will usually be represented by darker shades of purple.

When you see purple in a dream it can represent a negative situation that has been "neutralized" by a positive situation, or a positive situation that has been neutralized by a negative situation.    TOP


The color red in dreams represents negativity, negative intentions, or negative situations.  In a dream it's reflecting something negative about the way you think, feel, or act. It can point to thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are unhealthy, unpleasant, or, deceitful.  Red can also represent anger, fighting, meanness, or dishonesty.

The color red is a sign that you are being excessive, immoral, dishonest, or experiencing something unpleasant.  Red can also reflect full knowledge that you are doing something that you know is wrong.

The symbolism of red is based on the human perception of the color of blood, since blood is something you only see what something really bad happens.

Example: A man dreamed of see a red car that was stuck to another car. In waking life he was having an extra-marital affair and was having problems stopping the relationship. The color red of the car may have reflected his awareness of how negative the relationship was or how dangerous it was for his marriage to keep having the affair.     TOP


To dream of the color silver represents intuition or intuitive choices. It can also reflect coincidences or how lucky you feel.  Silver reflects how your intuition or internal guidance helps you to make choices that lead you to what you need in life.

Negatively, silver may be a sign that you have bad luck or feel that nothing seems to work out for you.  

To dream of silver coins symbolizes insight, power or freedom gained by chance, luck, coincidence, or positive choices that have lead you to what you want.

To dream of silver objects represents your sense of intuition or luck that is associated with whatever the objects symbolizes.

To dream of silver colored clothes represents the personality being intuitive or lucky.  You or somene else may feel that your choices regularly lead you to all your desires or fears.

The reason why silver represents the intuition is because of the color of the moon and the moon's tendency to make people feel lucky or unlucky.

Example:  A guy dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman in a silver dress.  In waking life he was finding that he kept running in to girls that he liked.  The silver color of the dress reflected the luckiness of his choices leading him to girls he liked.    TOP


To dream of teal (dark turquoise) represents a negative perspective about positive change. Fear, jealousy, greed, guilt or an insensitive attitude towards a positive change.

*Please See Turquoise.    TOP


To dream of turquoise represents positive healing. You may be noticing problems or negativity in some area of your life going away. You may be experiencing improvements, luck, success, or good fortune.

Negative feelings towards turquoise in a dream may be sign that you are shutting off your emotions or not letting people in. You may fear change.

*Please See Teal.    TOP


To dream of the color white represents feelings about something in your life being perfect, pure, or genuine.

Positively, white may reflect feelings about perfect ideas, cleansing, good intentions, or the purification of negativity in your life. Feelings about people or situations being perfectly honest. Feeling a total lack of jealousy. It may also reflect your feelings about being spiritually pure. Self-improvement, positive change, or discontinuing bad habits. Bad people or bad situations being completely changed. Negative thinking patterns or negative situations are being cleansed from your life.

Negatively, the color white may reflect good, genuine, or well-meaning intentions which are imbalanced. Honest actions that hurt others. Being inconsiderate of others as you make dramatic changes. Purification of some area of your life that is unpleasant or dangerous. Forcing honesty on other people in ways that feel uncaring or mean. A fear of not being perfect.

To dream of white clothing represents feelings about the personality being perfect. A person or situation that behaves in a manner that is unquestionably perfect. It may also reflect feelings about your own personality being perfectly honest or that nothing is wrong with your behavior. God often appears in dreams wearing white clothing which may reflect people's view of God behavior being perfectly spiritual.

To dream of a white room may reflect feelings about a personal area of your life being perfectly fixed or totally honest. Dramatic personal change.

To dream of a white void may reflect feelings about a dramatic changes in your life that seems to have no ending. Negatively, it may reflect feelings of unpleasant changes that seem to have no clear ending.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a white cat. In waking life he having fantasies about being married to a woman he didn't know. The white color of the cat most likely reflected his good intentions for marriage.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a white flash of light. In waking life he was surprised to witness people he thought were terrible criminals being arrested and never allowed to bother him again.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of seeing herself with a white belly ring piercing. In waking life she felt that there was nothing wrong with getting a belly piercing, but she feared getting in trouble from her grandmother if she got one.     TOP


The color yellow in a dream represents noticing something happening or noticing yourself thinking in a certain way. Yellow animals, objects, or clothing all reflect beliefs, feelings, or situations in your life that you are aware of yourself having.

Positively, the color yellow represents good luck or positive experiences that are automatic or happen effortlessly. Noticing yourself liking things or having an easy time.

Negatively, the color yellow represents negative thinking patterns that you are aware of in yourself. Noticing yourself being afraid, insecure, having a problem, or being disingenuous. Yellow could also reflect negative experiences that you can't stop. A problem has taken on a life of its own.  Feeling compelled to feel or behave in certain ways.  Being too sensitive to the preferences of others.

The symbolism for the color yellow is based on the general human perception of color of the sun during the day because you can see everything happening.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a yellow butterfly. In real life he was sensitive about talking to his doctors about an alternative health treatment because he feared they'd tell him to stop. The yellow butterfly symbolized him noticing his own sensitivity about the possibility of having to give up his alternative health treatment.

Example 2:  A woman dreamed of driving an ugly yellow car.  In waking life she felt forced to make certain decisions to live up to her parents expectations.  The yellow reflected how she was noticing herself doing what her parents wanted.

Example 3:  A woman dreamed of wearing a yellow dress.  In waking life she felt she had to make a decision that was more in line with what her family wanted
 than what she wanted.  The yellow reflected how she was noticing herself having to do what her family wanted.  TOP

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