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To dream of amber represents power that can't be avoided or left unnoticed. Feelings about every single little detail having to be paid attention to.

Positively, the color amber may reflect feelings that everything you do being noticed powerful. Comfortable noticing yourself never being powerless at all.

Negatively, amber may reflect power that is unpleasant or that doesn't feel good. Feeling that every problem you have is being amplified. Feeling stuck with too much power or that you are experiencing a powerful situation that never changes. Not liking to have to notice only other people having power. You may feel your power being constantly tested. Feelings about getting too much attention in ways you don't like.

To dream of amber stone represents pleasant feelings about being secure with power. Feeling that power is permanently noticeable.

To dream of amber stone with a bug in it represents pleasant feelings about never being bothered again. Feeling good knowing that an unpleasant person or situation in your life can never annoy you again.

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