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The color light blue represents positivity. It can point to thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are healthy, helpful, genuine, and honest. Light blue can also represent a very positive situation or positive choice.

Alternatively, light blue can symbolize sensitivity, kindness, or feeling that a situation cares about you.

The symbolism of the color blue is based on the general human perception of the sky during a beautiful day being a very good thing.

The color dark blue represents insensitivity. Thoughts, comments, or situations that are cold and uncaring. Something positive that lacks concern for other people's feelings. This color is often associated with situations where you or someone else is being cold, blunt, or harsh.

Darker shades of blue (not full dark blue) may reflect honesty that is good for you, but feels mean. Feeling that people are not considering your feelings. Authority or parents who embarrass you with their strict safety policies that feel unfair. Honest jerks. Being mean to people because it's in their best interest. Unnecessary brutal honesty. Intentionally not listening to anything that isn't honest before all else. Being mean to people who aren't listening to your feelings.

The color dark blue may also reflect brutal honesty that doesn't feel good or a very difficult situation that is in your best interest.

Example: A young boy dreamed of falling into a scary basement when suddenly he saw his father turn on a blue light. In waking life he was having problems dealing with his temperamental father who had returned from military service, but one day his father started to treat him nicely and their relationship became a lot more family oriented.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of standing inside a light blue void. In waking life he was experiencing a powerful spiritual awakening that made his entire life feel better.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone wearing blue clothes. In waking life he was surprised to find this person helpful to him with a serious problem.



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