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To dream of a condom represents readiness for intimacy, protection, and responsibility. Preventing emotional pain or going overboard enjoying yourself. Protection, safety, and boundaries while enjoying yourself. Wanting to feel good completely while experiencing something and feeling that you need to be careful about it. A need or desire to protect oneself from emotional or psychological harm in a situation. It could also suggest a fear of vulnerability or risk-taking in personal or professional endeavors. A reminder to exercise caution and maintain a level of emotional distance to prevent vulnerability or unwanted commitments.

Alternatively, dreaming about condoms may reflect a desire to take their relationship to a more intimate level while also acknowledging the need for emotional protection and responsibility in such a scenario. A need to be more responsible in sexual or intimate relationships.

Negatively, dreaming about a condom may represent feelings of insecurity or inadequacy, particularly regarding intimate relationships or personal endeavors. It might suggest a fear of fully committing to a situation or a relationship due to the potential for emotional pain. There could be feelings of not being ready or capable to handle the consequences of a situation, or anxiety about the risks involved. Overdoing seeing your are ready for an experience with intimacy, protection, and responsibility. Overdoing saying you are ready to enjoy yourself completely in a safe way when you're not. Fear or jealousy that an enjoyable experience isn't stopped for someone else. Feeling of intimacy, closeness, or comfort that has been lost in your life.

To dream of an ill-fitting condom that is too big for your penis represents feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, or the perception that he might not be fully prepared for the possible implications of deserving to enjoy yourself the way you want to. Feelings of insecurity inadequacy in a sexual relationship.

To dream of taking off a condom may represent removing the mental or emotional barriers that were inhibiting one from being open and vulnerable in a particular situation. Feeling unprotected enjoying a situation when you usually are protected. It could represent a desire to take risks and be more authentic in relationships or ventures. Alternatively, it could also symbolize a reckless disregard for consequences or a need for immediate gratification.

To dream of a red condom represents passionate or dangerous readiness for intimacy, protection, and responsibility.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of putting on a red condom while near a girl he had a crush on, but noticed his penis was smaller than usual and that the condom didn't fit right. In waking, life he had told the girl he had a crush on about his true feelings, but she had a boyfriend already. In this case, the ill- fitting condom may have reflected his feelings about readiness for an intimate relationship with the girl, but also his perceived inadequacy and the potential emotional risks involved of revealing his feelings to her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having sex with a Middle Eastern man and then realizing that he didn't have a condom. In waking life, she her computer's anti-virus program had expired and she had realized she was "unprotected." In this case, the lack of a condom may have reflected her feelings of vulnerability and exposure to potential risks in her digital life. This dream could symbolize her subconscious awareness of the need for protection against online threats, similar to the physical protection a condom provides. It could also indicate her concerns about the potential consequences of neglecting digital security, just as unprotected sex can lead to unforeseen consequences.

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