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To dream of a pedophile represents you or someone else that feels good taking advantage of others naivety or inexperience. Getting pleasure and empowering yourself with others inexperience or inability to fight back. Feeling good knowing that there are no consequences to exploiting an unfair advantage. Feeling good knowing that someone else can never matter or be important. You or someone else that feels wonderful using or exploiting others who are too weak or stupid to do anything about it. Feeling powerless to stop someone from taking advantage of you.

Negatively, a pedophile may reflect sadistic pleasure in keeping someone else powerless. A sign that you or someone else gets off feeling like a winner while forcing others to be a loser. Taking advantage of unsuspecting people. Feeling powerless to stop a naive person from being taking advantage of.

Feelings about taking advantage of people who are naive with no consideration for the damage it causes in the future. Robbing someone of their innocence or their chance to succeed without interference. Feelings about parents exploiting their children's success, money, or future plans. Feeling that someone is creepy or despicable in their willingness to use someone.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a room filled with children that had been abused by a pedophile. In waking life he was beginning to realize that his father was attempting to manipulative his life so that he would never get to leave home so that his father could use him for money.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a good-looking pornstar become a pedophile towards a young boy whom she was having sex with. In waking life the dreamer was aware of a very sexually attractive girl he knew on facebook who was very selfish, financially broke, with a tendency to use men. The dreamer witnessed this girl using a new guy she met for money and moving out of her parents house. He felt powerless to stop the naive young man from being used by the girl.

*Please See Molestation



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