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To dream of Adolf Hitler represents feelings about an aspect of yourself or someone else that is relentlessly obsessed with dictating power or control that doesn't believe it has to stop. Social interaction with someone you feel is "fascist" about control and blind assumptions about deserving to be better than other people that doesn't think other people's feelings matter. A real-life situation where you feel someone is exercising an excessive amount of power or control while never thinking about it stopping. Obsession with total power, oppression, manipulation, and absolute control that is already in a leadership position and thinks of nothing except getting its way. People in your life that you feel are arrogant about being perfect. Feeling trapped in a punitive or bureaucratic system that is systematically oppressive.

Positively, dreaming about Adolf Hitler could reflect your fears about a situation or individual who possesses dictatorial control, which could motivate you to assert your own rights, stand up against oppressions, or defend the rights of others.

Negatively, a dream about Adolf Hitler could signify a ruthless and manipulative attitude, possibly indicative of your own feelings of dominance and control over others. It could also point towards a fear of being overpowered or controlled in some way. Inner fears about being manipulated or controlled. Fear that someone will never stop.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of Hitler. In waking life, these recurring dreams coincided with visits from her sister whom she felt was very critical, controlling, and self-centered.

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