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To dream of going camping in the wilderness represents a mindset of self-reliance that shelters you through difficulties or serious life challenges. Feeling that you have to handle yourself through limited resources and unexpected obstacles. Having to experience yourself persevere, being resilient, and adapt skillfully in the face of major life changes. Using all your resources to survive a major financial difficulty or life obstacle as though it was only short-term.

To dream of summer camp in a retreat or cabin style setting represents a mindset that is being taught self-reliance. Having a support system to train you to get through difficulties or serious life challenges without jealousy. A problem has arisen in your life, but you have support. Making a big change in your life while not having to worry. Living with family in order to restart your life while enjoying time off to not think of too serious. Laughing at why you have to get your life back to normal while living with people who give you a strong support system. Lots of socializing with lots of life adjustment.

Example: A woman once dreamed of going to a camp retreat. In real life she had lost her job and depended on her family while she got her life back to normal with another job.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being at a wilderness camp site in the forest with her husband. In waking life she had lost her job while holding her marriage together after experiencing her husband cheating on her. In this case the camping may have reflected her feelings about having to be self-reliant through financial and marital difficulties after losing her job.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of an evil camp that kids get sent because they were good at playing the piano. In waking life she felt scared of being forced to move away to restart her life again after already adapting to a new life . In this case the evil camp site may have reflected her feelings about how evil it felt to be forced to move away with her family to adjust to a new life making new friends all over again after already believing she was perfectly adapted to her social life at her current home. Her family moved around a lot.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of going to summer camp for the whole summer. In waking life he was planning to enlist in the military. In this case the summer camp may have reflected his feelings about the military fully supporting him as he's trained to become a soldier to start a new life after high school.

*Please See Boot Camp

*Please See Refugee

Concentration Camp

To dream of a concentration camp represents a problem that you believe or fear may never end. You may be questioning whether or not you will ever move on from a problem. It may also reflect self-doubt or pessimism.

Alternatively, a concentration camp may reflect an embarrassment that you feel stuck with and see no end in sight.

*Please See Holocaust

*Please See Nazis



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