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To dream of fruit represents feeling good about something being good for you. Enjoying honesty that is good for you. Feeling good about honesty, positive ideas, responsibility, helping others, etc. Enjoying being a good person. Feeling good not being lazy. Feelings about being a good person doing something that is good for you or good for others. Enjoying being a grown up. Feelings about being conscious of your health or making improvements.

Negatively, dreaming of fruit may reflect honest or positive behavior that feels excessive. Too much positivity. Too much sex while in love. Feeling good teaching someone a lesson. Enjoying criminal activity that improves your life. Enjoying using people that improves your life. Honest behavior that feels makes other people jealous while you enjoy that you aren't jealous. Feeling good thinking of being a good person in some manner while never taking action to make it an objective reality.

To dream of an assortment of fruits may reflect abundance, pleasure, or gain. Lust and sexuality. Feeling good about something. A reflection of some kind of enjoyable experience you are having in waking life.

To dream of frozen fruit represents feeling good that is good for you that is intentionally on hold or enjoyable when you are ready. Awareness that you could do something positive, healthy, or responsible later on that feels good if you wanted to. Positivity on hold. Readiness to be a nicer, responsible, or romantic person by choice when you are ready to.

See food in the themes section for more specific fruit symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of a box a fruits that cost her money. In waking life she wanted to enjoy herself knowing that it would make her husband jealous. The fruits in this case may have reflected her feelings about knowing that enjoying herself without her husband was a good thing.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of frozen strawberries, pears, and grapes out of the refrigerator to eat. In waking life she was having relationship difficulties. The frozen fruit symbolism may have reflected her feelings about improving her relationship by doing ever single thing positive she could such as being nicer, being more responsible, and making her sex life more interesting after noticing she wasn't trying hard enough to do so.

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