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To dream of a banana often represents feelings about enjoying satisfying an urge that isn't a problem. Experiencing a sense of ease and simplicity associated with indulging in these desires, without any jealousy or guilt. A repressed urge or desire that is easily attainable or satisfies a simple need. It may symbolize repressed sexual urges or desires.

Negatively, dreaming about bananas represents repressed sexual desires or other pleasurable experiences that you have been denying yourself. Feelings of sexual frustration, longing or temptation that they are currently repressing in their waking life.

To dream of unpeeling a banana often represents feelings about indulging in a urge like it isn't a problem, such sexual activity. Feelings about undressing yourself or others for sex. Sexual arousal.

Example: A man dreamed of throwing a rotting banana into an aquarium. In waking life he was noticing himself losing sexual attraction for a woman he liked.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a bag of pears and bananas. In waking life she was getting married in 3 months and was also trying to conceive a child. In this case the bananas may have reflected her feelings of satisfaction and ease in fulfilling her sexual desires with her partner as they were trying to conceive a child. The bananas in the dream may have symbolized the simple and attainable nature of their sexual relationship, without any guilt or jealousy.



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