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To dream of a mango represents qualities about a choice that feels strong about inviting you to like trying something different for yourself. Confidence that you deserve to enjoy yourself trying something different. Confidence to like something new for the first time if you want to. You are optimistic about how much better something feels than it did before. Feeling good liking something different. Feeling good letting go of problems. Feeling good letting go of issues with the past. Feeling good that someone else is right when you weren't. Feeling good with choices or situation that weren't of your choosing. Feeling good with choices that weren't your first choice. Not having to speak about why something feels enjoyable being better than something else. Not apologizing for enjoying something the best it can be. Enjoying stopping what you are doing to try something the feels good. An alternative choice that feels good that nothing is a disaster. Feelings about acting your age if you want to like trying something new.

Negatively, mangos may reflect situations that overdo inviting you to like trying something different that annoy you. Overdoing feeling good trying something different. Inappropriate sexual invitation or inappropriately changing the nature of a relationship to become sexual. Overindulgence in pleasure-seeking, addiction to trying new things, and a lack of consideration for potential consequences. A tendency to avoid responsibility or difficult decisions by constantly seeking out new and exciting options.

To dream of a mango tree may reflect feelings of looking up to someone more experienced than yourself who continuously invites you to enjoy new experiences if you want to. A sense of never-ending satisfaction with stronger alternative choices to try if you don't like something. A constant source of advice for pleasure or support that allows you try different options that are more likeable than you problems. A mango tree also suggests that someone, such as a boss, parent, or partner, is always there to help you overcome challenges and make life easier for you. Feeling that someone is always supportive of you getting over your troubles with an alternative choice.

To dream of a mango tree being cut down may reflect feelings about losing a strong support system from someone who like you deserving walk away from things you don't like. Supportive parents, spouses, or good friends dying that are no longer around to share experience with you on how to feel good with different options. Not liking waiting for the rest of your life to feel good doing something different. Life may feel harder now with someone no longer around to let you off your troubles with more enjoyable options.

Example: A young man dreamed of being given a mango. In waking life, he had reluctantly given up a beloved pet and a friend had sympathized with him. In this case, the mango reflected the sense of optimism he got from his friend who confidently interested him in appreciating his life differently by getting a new pet or a more interesting animal as a new pet.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a mango tree which in real life had been cut down. In waking life, she was a widow with 2 children who was thinking a lot about how difficult her life had become without her husband alive. In this case, the mango tree may have reflected her longing for the established sense of confidence that her deceased husband gave her about deserving to try new or different things now that she struggled to find new sources of support and stability in her life after his death.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of picking mangoes off a tree and then encountering a rattlesnake within the tree, which necessitated him to kill it. In waking life, he sought advice about relationships from a more experienced friend, but some of the suggestions displeased the girl he was dating, leading him to resolve the issue. In this case, the mango tree might have represented his feelings about his friend, who had a more established background in relationships, consistently offering fresh advice on how to confidently navigate romantic connections.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of wanting to buy mango juice for her ex-boyfriend. In waking life, she maintained a close relationship with her ex-boyfriend, speaking to him daily. In this case, the mango juice she wanted to buy might have represented her feelings about confidently intriguing her ex-boyfriend in the idea of transitioning their relationship to a sexual one, with the possibility of initiating it through a single intimate encounter.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing mangoes being held by both her separated husband and the boyfriend she recently left. In waking life, she wanted to go back to her husband. In this case, the mangoes being held by both men may have reflected her feelings about the potential for a more enjoyable and fulfilling relationship with either man, each offering her a different yet inviting experience. The mangoes symbolize her desire to confidently explore the alternative choices in her romantic life, as she contemplates which path would ultimately make her happier.



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