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N - N2


To dream of a ninja represents an aspect of yourself that is expert, perfect, or adept. You or someone else that knows exactly what to do or deals with problems perfectly. Exactness.

Negatively, ninja in a dream may reflect feelings of fear that other people in your life always have perfect solutions to defeat you with ease. Fear of others ability to embarrass you with perfect defeat without warning.

Example: A woman dreamed of a vehicle with the license plate "NINJA" on it. In waking life she was separated from her husband preparing for a divorce and always felt that her husband was able to perfectly embarrass her by telling police or doctors that she was crazy because of her passionate religious faith.


To dream of a Nintendo video game system represents feelings of engaging in friendly and enjoyable challenges, where the focus is on having fun and testing your abilities without taking things too seriously. The desire to explore social and acceptable activities that allow you to challenge yourself in a light-hearted and entertaining way. Challenging yourself in increasing levels with a friendly, socially acceptable, cool, or fun situation that doesn't embarrass anyone else. Challenging yourself in increasing levels with an attitude that is safe about nothing being too serious and that's easily understood by everyone involved. Challenging yourself to see how far you can take a friendly situation that doesn't get back at you like it's awesome. Challenging yourself in increasing levels to see how much better you are than someone else without embarrassing anyone with it being too serious.

Positively, dreaming about Nintendo may reflect your ability to find joy and excitement in simple, socially acceptable challenges that don't put others in uncomfortable situations. Your desire for friendly competition and testing your skills in a safe and fun environment. Challenging experiences that see how far you can take it based on family life, affordability, or social acceptability don't embarrass anyone involved with being mean. Safely teaching yourself something different by taking it as far as you can without being dangerous to anyone else.

Negatively, dreaming about Nintendo may indicate a tendency to avoid serious or significant challenges in favor of more superficial and socially acceptable activities. A fear or reluctance to confront more substantial issues in your life. Privately challenging yourself to an idea in a friendly way that other people might not see the same way that you do if they found out. Feeling good that nobody can ever stop you from enjoying challenging yourself childishly with how far you can take a situation. A challenging experience of friendliness that isn't serious at all when that isn't what you really want. Challenging yourself to getting away with something with family or friends who are annoyed or angry that you don't stop it.

Example: A young woman dreamed of playing Super Nintendo in a locked room for a few days. In waking life, she going through a tough time being lonely trying to figure out how to socialize with classmates and get over social anxiety. In this case, the Nintendo may have reflected her attempt to challenge herself in her bedroom to come up with socially acceptable, cool, or fun ideas to help her socialize with classmates by telling them about them.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of playing Super Nintendo with a guy who tells her he likes her. In waking life, she had a boyfriend, but a friend suggested that if she was single she should start dating the other guy who appeared in her dream. In this case, the Nintendo may reflect the socially acceptable friendly nature of testing the idea of dating another guy or seeing how much she could learn about the guy's interest in her without embarrassing her boyfriend with jealousy.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of playing virtual reality Nintendo games. In waking life, she was aware of herself going to extreme lengths to help a friend. In this case, the Nintendo symbolism may reflect feelings about challenging herself in a friendly way to see how far she could help her friend out without embarrassing her friend or anyone else with feeling it was too serious.

*Please See Video Games


To dream of nipples represents dependency. If you or someone else is sucking on nipples it symbolizes dependence on certain beliefs, people, or situations. Feeling good that people are attracted to you or need you.

Negatively, a nipple may reflect addiction or neediness. Difficulty rejecting something. Powerful seduction. Sexual dependence. Sexual attraction you are trying to resist or conceal.

To dream of your own nipples may reflect issues with keeping people interested in you or keeping people liking you. Feelings about why someone does or doesn't need you. Anxiety about people not longer depending on you for anything. Feelings about why someone is sexually attracted to you.

To dream of a nipple being exposed accidentally may reflect feelings about power or information being revealed in a way that was not supposed to happen. Secrets, hidden truth, or inside information revealed quickly. Secrets of attraction revealed. An inappropriate intimate encounter. A momentary lapse of privacy or conservative values. Accidentally revealing private relationship details or private sex life details.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman reveal her nipple through her shirt. In waking life she was debating whether or not it would be a good idea to reveal an affair she had with a married man. The nipple in this case may have reflected her feelings about how herself being sexually attractive...her ability to make a man want her or sexually dependent on her.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a large nipple. In waking life he was having trouble battling pornography addiction. He felt it was impossible to stop watching porn.

*Please See Topless


To dream of Nissan branded vehicles represents a style of decison-making or control over a situation that notices everything is working while noticing what else you can do. Confidence that your life is working while listening to anything successful that you can. Feels like it's already successful and doesn't need to do anything except listen. Family or home life life working well while thinking of investing. Feeling that you are already successful and that other successful things will likely happen later. Confidence about your life the way it is and thinking of how to improve it. Feeling content with your life and interested in doing other successful things.

Negatively, dreaming of Nissan branded vehicles may represents a decision-making style that is exceptionally the way you are and annoyed that you have to keep listening to any other opportunities. Confidence about your life the way it is, but annoyed you have to do something to improve it. Feeling annoyed by other people who confidently don't stop doing something else you can't do yourself. A mix of confidence with frustration waiting to get paid.

Example: A woman dreamed of her Nissan Sentra getting towed. In waking life she was having frustrations that she couldn't get a better job. The Nissan is this case may have reflected her decision-making style as confident about her current life, but annoyed that she had to look for a new job to improve her life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing the words Nissan Escrow on the steering wheel of his 70's style station wagon. In waking life he was annoyed with relying on other people for transportation wanting his own ride. The words Nissan Escrow on the steering wheel may have reflected his mix of confidence and jealousy while driving other peoples cars for transportation while feeling good listening for a job opportunity to appear to let him buy his own car.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a white Nissan. In waking life she was frustrated with her job not paying her at work. The Nissan in this case may have reflected her feelings of general financial security while trying to get paid.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of her white Nissan being locked and then getting into a red Volkswagen with 4 men who threatened her if she made any noise. In waking life she was very content with her life wanting to do other successful things, but had a homosexual husband that moved away. In this case the white Nissan that was locked may have reflected her feelings about being unable to feel completely content with her life while wanting to do more successful things because she felt controlled with explaining her homosexual husband's life without her (Red Volkswagen with men threatening her if she made a noise).


To dream of nitroglycerin represents a sensitive situation that turns ugly if all conditions aren't absolutely perfect. You may be experiencing a situation that requires you to be extremely careful or mindful of multiple factors.

To dream of nitroglycerin medication may symbolize helpful habits or behaviors that are very vulnerable to mistakes. A sign that you're making a change that may require you to be very careful or totally dedicated.


*Please See Lice


To dream that you are saying no represents standing up for yourself or your rejection of something. You may be refusing to accept a situation.

To dream of someone saying no to you represents people or situations in your life that make you feel rejected or unable to achieve a goal.

No Dreams

If you don't have dreams there may be two reasons for this. First, you may not have any psychological issues that are important enough to trigger a dream. If this is the case you are probably a very honest person who lives very responsibly. Hardworking honest parents with stable lives often fit into this category. You may be a very trusting person who doesn't experience a lot of drama or fear.

A second possibility for having no dreams may be a vitamin deficiency caused by a numbers of factors that are reducing your body's ability to make or use acetylcholine which is the main nutrient used by the brain to create dreams. To learn about vitamin supplements you can take to increase dreaming it's recommend you visit the dream enhancing page.

No Sound

To dream of no sound represents feelings of isolation, exclusion, or being kept in the dark about something. A situation where communication is lacking, information is being withheld, or understanding is being blocked. Your perception of being uninformed, disconnected, or ignored. Your awareness of experiencing a situation where it's difficult to sense or intuitively feel everything that is going on. Lacking a full understanding of someone else's true feelings. Situations where you feel you need to make decisions without a full understanding of the reality of a situation.

Positively, dreaming about no sound might symbolize a desire for peace, solitude, or introspection. It could reflect a period of self-reflection, meditation, or a need for silence to concentrate, think, or gather your thoughts. A conscious choice to disconnect from external distractions and focus on your inner world or personal journey.

Negatively, dreaming about no sound could represent feelings of confusion, helplessness, or frustration due to the absence of clear communication or guidance. It might suggest that you feel uninformed, excluded, or ignored in a certain situation. Feeling overlooked, misunderstood, or left out. Alternatively, it may symbolize a fear of silence, loneliness, or the unknown.

To dream of a soundless room represents feelings of experiencing solitude, isolation, or a disconnect from the world around you with a sense of boundaries. A personal space or situation in your life with a lack of communication, feedback, or recognition from others. This dream could be indicative of a period in your life where you feel emotionally or socially isolated, unheard, or misunderstood. Feelings about having to think about why you are not understanding what's happening in a situation.

To dream of no sound coming from your voice represents feelings of being unheard, ignored, overlooked, or muted. A sense of being unable to express your thoughts or emotions, or perhaps feeling that your voice isn't being heard. It could symbolize a lack of authority or influence in your waking life or a situation where you feel your opinions, thoughts, or feelings are being disregarded. This dream could reflect your thoughts about the importance of self-expression, communication, and having your voice acknowledged.

Negatively, dreaming about no sound coming from your voice could represent feelings of frustration, impotence, or exclusion. It might symbolize a situation where you feel suppressed, unable to voice your thoughts, or powerless. This could point to a communication issue in your waking life, where you struggle to make your thoughts, desires, or needs known to others.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a police officer talking to people, but he couldn't hear anything. There was no sound. In waking life, he was experiencing a problem with an angry stalker who was being investigated by the police. He didn't want to communicate to the stalker or police so he had to sense what the police were doing to the stalker by observing changes in the stalker's behavior.

Example 2: A man dreamed of hearing no sound in a void with bubbles. In waking life, he was experiencing an illegal situation where people committing secretive criminal acts against him were caught by police and then the police themselves delayed communicating about the crimes over years. In this case, hearing no sound may have reflected his feelings of isolation and frustration about being kept in the dark about the investigation, despite knowing that some action was being taken. The bubbles could symbolize the clandestine activities or situations that were occurring beneath his awareness, yet he was unable to hear or understand what was truly happening. This dream reflects a sense of helplessness and uncertainty due to the lack of communication and clarity from the authorities.

*Please See Silence

*Please See Hearing

*Please See Quiet

Noah's Ark

*Please See Ark


To dream of hearing loud noise represents feelings about yourself or someone else that may be drawing too much attention. Feeling that too many people are paying attention to you. An area of your life that you don't feel is appropriate to get too much attention with. A situation that is disruptive. Rude or obnoxious behavior. Anxiety about drawing attention to yourself. Unwanted distractions. Experiencing people who are not listening to you about problems, complaints, or the need to be responsible.

To dream of hearing a strange noise represents feelings about unexpected or suspicious behavior. Intuitive feelings that something wrong is happening. Fear of the unknown. Paranoia. Suspicion that your enemies are trying to make you look stupid. Anxiety about making a mistake while not paying attention.

To dream of hearing a scary noise represents fear of the unknown. Fear of being embarrassed while being unprepared or inexperienced. Fearing making a mistake. Fearing unverified problems. Fearing your worst nightmare coming true. Paranoia or feeling that something wrong is happening.

To dream of a noisy vehicle may reflect decision-making or ways of living that are noticed by other people. Making an obvious statement about what you are doing or how you are living your life. Feeling embarrassed that decisions or leading role you have is gaining unwanted attention.

Example: A woman dreamed of being embarrassed by the loud noise she made while using a garbage can to get rid of some garbage. In waking life she was embarrassed to draw too much attention to herself using the bathroom in a friend's house.


*Please See Pasta


*Please See Afternoon


To dream of a noose may represent anxiety about "screwing" yourself over or failing yourself. Feeling restricted, restrained, or that someone is ready to embarrass you the second you get out of line. It may also reflect a self-defeating mindset. Anxiety about public humiliation.

Feelings about someone who doesn't like you getting ready to humiliate you publicly. Anxiety about becoming a total loser.

Alternatively, a noose may reflect suicidal thoughts.

*Please See Hanging

*Please See Suicide


To dream of north represents a situation in your waking life that is increasing in safety, rationality, or positivity. A less dangerous mindset. Things doing what they're supposed to do with fewer problems.

North Korea

To dream of North Korea represents a mindset where there are persistent feelings about being suppressed by a dangerous unquestionable factor. Toeing the line to keep dominant family members or your boss happy. Feelings about whole families or corporate structures being completely subordinate to someone who never has to listen to others feelings. Living in anxiety about embarrassing someone with total power over you. Feeling forced to subordinate, keep quiet, or give total respect to control freak. Feeling forced to allow a totally controlling "asshole" to like himself while you can do nothing about it. Feeling surrounded by people who are unquestionably wonderful or obedient because they fear they might get into trouble.

Feeling that you are experiencing a powerful prolonged lesson in the importance of standing up for yourself to bullies or arrogant controlling people who took control from you. Unbearable hope that an arrogant jerk will die. The worst nightmare scenario of a jerk getting total control. Dictatorship mentality that has gone overboard with control with ridiculous or childish measures to make people like it against their will.

The emptiness of living a military life when you don't like genuinely like it. Living with the emptiness of tax laws that you feel follow you.

Alternatively, North Korea may reflect a mindset that is conservative about not making a mistake overlooking what you have to do while someone else with total power might be listening. Conservatively never making a mistake overlooking what you haven't done yet while never being allowed to grow up.

Example: A man dreamed of being caught and tortured inside North Korea and forced to be poor and work for little food for 20 years before finally returning to the America where he had difficult adjusting to civilian jobs. In waking life was a retired military sergeant who was homosexual. Dreaming about being in North Korea for 20 years in this case may have reflected his feelings about the strict nature of military law and never wanting to admit that he was gay while he served.

Example 2: A man dreamed of worrying about North Korea launching a missile attack. In waking life he was worried about the IRS coming after him for tax debts while his business was failing. North Korea in this case may have reflected his feeling about the unbearableness of needing to pay taxes when he didn't think it was fair.

North Star

To dream of the North Star represents your feelings about a person or situation in your life that stands as a shining example of responsible behavior or guidance. A parent, teacher, or mentor that sets an exemplary example that is infallible.

The North Star may also reflect powerful or fundamental advice that can never betray you or lead you astray as long as you listen to it. Clarity of action, morality, or proper behavior.

Negatively, a North Star may appear in a dream to reflect your realization of misconduct after the fact. Feeling embarrassed because you finally realized why certain good advice was given to you before hand. Moral guidance you are returning to after making a mistake.

Northern Lights

To dream of the northern lights represents feelings about watching behavior that is noticed as incredible, awesome, or inspiring with its generosity during a situation that is terrible (or cold). Inspiring feelings about exceptional gestures of love, giving, or warmth during a situation that is empty, unforgiving, or unsupportive. A wonderful experience of nothing jealous while protecting yourself is important. Wanting to do something that other people will feel is amazingly generous during an empty, terrible, or unsupportive situation.

Negatively, the Northern lights may be a sign that you are too concerned with other people thinking what you are doing is incredible, awesome, or inspiring during an empty, terrible, or unsupportive situation. Too much concern that you appear as a perfectly loving, giving, warm person. Worrying that you aren't doing enough to be a caring person to stop terrible situations that you have little control over. Feeling that it's exhausting to witness something incredible, awesome, or inspiring during an empty, terrible, or unsupportive situation.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing moons in the sky and then turning around to see the Northern Lights. In waking life, he heard about the murders of young Jewish boys and felt the need to show all his friends and family how sympathetic he was about the need to do something about it using YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter as an outlet to express himself or encourage someone to take action. In this case, the Northern Lights may have reflected his desire to inspire others with acts of kindness and generosity in response to a tragic situation.

Example 2: A man dreamed of the Northern Lights. In waking life, he discovered the effects of cold plunge bath therapy alongside hot and cold shower therapy. In this case, the Northern Lights may have reflected his feelings of incredible relief and rejuvenation experienced after subjecting himself to the intense cold discomfort of the bath.


To see a nose represents your intuitive sense, listening to your gut instincts, or the ability to feel a situation out. A nose may reflect how well you can sense a problem. The dream may also suggest your need to learn more about a situation at hand.

To dream of losing your nose represents an inability to sense problems or feel a situation out. Your sense of intuition is compromised and you aren't listening to your basic instincts.

To dream that your nose is bleeding represents a problem or distraction that inhibits your intuition or gut instincts. Something is making it harder for you to make the right choices. Embarrassing bad luck experiences or a temporary period of bad intuitive choices.

To dream of a broken nose represents your sense of intuition or gut instincts being totally compromised. A problem may have permanently sidetracked you or left you "in the dark." You can't feel your way out of a problem.

To dream of picking your nose represents embarrassing problems being dealt with that are best kept private. Seeing other pick their nose may represent an inappropriate lack of discretion or boundaries with embarrassing personal issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing an woman who had lost her nose. In waking life he felt very unlucky at work and with his health. He felt as though he had lost his sense of intuition and couldn't stop making really unlucky choices.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of going to the doctor about a nosebleed. In waking life she was very sensitive about anything being wrong with the problem. She felt embarrassed complain about minor issues as though they were life and death for the baby. She felt as though she had a bad luck streak that caused her to experience worrying about unimportant issues.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of getting a nose bleed. In waking life she was having difficulty with a university program that turned out to not be what she expected. She felt taking the class was a really poor choice based on bad intuition.

*Please See Snot

Nose Ring

To dream of a nose ring represents feelings about yourself or someone who enjoys believing they are never wrong. A wish to be noticed by others as someone who is never wrong. Showing off to others that all your decisions are perfect or respected as perfect. Vanity about never being wrong. Vanity about being the only person allowed to make adult decisions. Vanity about why your life is too easy.

Negatively, a dream about a nose ring may reflect feelings you have about yourself noticing that you are more special or attractive than others. Enjoying being noticed never having to do anything for anyone else at all. Feelings about yourself or someone else looking stupid being too aggressive. Jealousy of not coming first.


To dream of a hand written note represents feelings about yourself or someone else wishing to avoid being careless. A sense of importance about needing to avoid a problem or mistake. New insights you've learned and decided to "keep in mind" for later use. Feeling intelligent about to how avoid repeating a mistake based on observations you've made about a situation or person. Feeling that you will look stupid or crazy if you repeat behavior.

Negatively, a hand written note may reflect heightened sensitivity making a mistake you were aware of beforehand or a fear of repeating a mistake you made extra careful attention to avoid repeating.

To dream of losing a hand written note may reflect feelings about losing confidence in warning signs or insight into how to avoid repeating a mistake. Feeling embarrassed that you don't know how to do something you were instructed to do. Feeling stupid that something you expected to be easy isn't easy. Feeling unable to reverse the consequences of not listening to someone who gave you a serious warning.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being sent a hand written note from the ex-wife of her ex-boyfriend. In waking life she was beginning to observe and understand her ex-boyfriend's behavior and why it was important to never bother trying to reconcile with him. The hand written note in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her observations about her ex being important to notice for later on in case he tried to come back to her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being given a hand written note and then losing it. In waking life she was dumped by her boyfriend because she didn't listen to his prior warnings about stopping certain behavior. The lost hand written note may have reflected her feelings about feeling stupid for not listening to her boyfriend's careful warnings to stop behaving in ways he didn't like which ended up making him dump her.

*Please See Notes (School).


To dream of a notebook represents information that you think is important enough to remember. Things you want to keep track of. It may also reflect advice, observations, past experiences, memories, or solutions to problems you've already dealt with. A notebook may also reflect issues you have overlooked.

To dream of losing a notebook may symbolize facts or a situation that have changed.

To dream of reading a notebook represents the questioning of an issue, or a review of information. You may be reflecting on advice, observations, past experiences, memories, or solutions to problems you've already dealt with.

Notebooks in dreams can also reflect real life notebooks you may using to learn or gain insight from.

Notes (School)

To dream of taking school notes represents information that you think is important enough to remember. Things you want to keep track of. It may also reflect advice, observations, past experiences, memories, or solutions to problems you've already dealt with. Notes may also reflect issues you have overlooked.

To dream of losing school notes may symbolize facts or a situation that have changed. Feeling careless. Feeling cut off from something important.

To dream of reading school notes represents the questioning of an issue, or a review of information. You may be reflecting on your experience or what you've already learned in order to solve a problem.

School notes in dreams can also reflect anxiety about school or academic performance. Researchers or students may dream of their notes to reflect issues related to their studies.


To dream of an empty void of nothingness reflects your feelings about a situation being totally devoid of all hope, love, or purpose. Nothingness in a dream may mirror waking fears of losing all you have or all you have worked for.

Example: Alex Jones stated on his radio show that he regularly has dreams of entering a state of nothingness after experiencing a heavenly kingdom of God type environment. These dreams most likely reflect his feeling of divine purpose in exposing globalism on his radio show while secretly feeling that in the end all freedom in America may be lost to corrupt bankers.


To dream of a novel interesting insights into what someone else did. Being told every little detail about an event or experience that happened. A situation in your life where you are enjoying being given all the answers or information you need from an expert. Hearing an incredible recollection or explanation.

Negatively, novels may reflect long boring recollections or meticulous explanations. Feeling forced to listen to an expert teach you something.

Novelty Item

To dream of a novelty item represents a tendency to be supportive of a "novel idea" or something "interestinger" while you are not actually doing it. New or unusual idea for the sake of being different. Thinking it's awesome to believe in yourself in a "novel way" while not actually being serious about it. Finding a novel way to make someone think about.

Negatively, dreaming about a novelty item may represent new or unusual ideas for the sake of being different that don't have not long-lasting value. Ideas for amusement or being different with no practicality. Interestingness used to help avoid thinking of something that helps the problem instead. Ideas that don't have to last forever. Finding a novel idea that isn;t as interesting to other people as it is to you.

Example: A woman dreamed of a novelty Legend of Zelda shotglass. In waking life she had recently put an end to being a shopaholic. In this case the Zelda shotglass may have reflected her over sensitivity about her novel tendency to "think about fighting her shopping addiction while not thinking about shopping" as a novel idea that wasn't helping as much as she hoped.


To dream of the month of November represents the overall feeling of a situation being almost overwith. Feelings about a transition phase almost being permanently overwith. Overall feeling that permanently moving on is unavoidable and that nobody is required to care about your feelings when it does. An overall mood that changes everyone's mind that feeling good doesn't matter anymore. Overall feelings that nothing has to terrify you yet, but might soon. Feeling good that a situation is noticing the beginning of irreversible permanence that benefits you.

Nuclear Bomb

To dream of a nuclear bomb represents a event or life situation that devastates you or sacrifices everything you thought or believed in. Usually to negative thoughts or emotions.

A nuclear bomb suggests a dramatic change of events, views, or feelings. Often bringing feelings of a helplessness and loss of control over a situation. Something you thought was important may have ended.

To dream of a nuclear bomb that hasn't gone off symbolizes the potential, or expectation for dramatic change, or an emotionally devastating situation.

Examples could be a death of a family member, being fired from a job, a huge embarrassment, breaking up with someone, or big disappointment.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a nuclear bomb go off. In waking life he was deeply in love with a woman and then found out she had a boyfriend whom she had been with for years. He was emotionally devastated at the discovery that he may never get to marry the woman.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a seeing a nuclear bomb go off. In waking life she experienced the an event by surprise which led to the end of her marriage.

*Please See Nuclear War

Nuclear War

To dream of a nuclear war represents feelings about conflict that risks total devastation of relationships, status, or financial resources. Conflict where both sides mat risk totally wiping each other out completely. Feeling that you are fighting against a problem that risks all that you care about. Risking everything you have to keep everything you have.

Example: A man dreamed of feeling that nuclear war was imminent. In waking life he was totally distraught after finding out his father was just diagnosed with a terminal illness. The nuclear war may have reflected his feelings about imminent financial losses with legal problems and family lawsuits as soon as his father died.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of experiencing a nuclear war breaking out. In waking life he was fearing an friend finding out that he was now dating his girlfriend and trying to break them up or embarrass him by revealing other person secrets.

*Please See Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear Waste

To dream of nuclear waste represents feelings about something dangerous and unwanted in your life that requires you to remove it in a careful way. The potential to spread contamination with an unwanted aspect of your life. Concerns about exposing other people to serious problems that are permanently incompatible with stable living. Something unwanted in your life that can never be talked about again or it may cause problems. An unwanted area of your life that must be carefully talked about or it may cause permanent problems. Concerns about negative elements from your past that you never want to speak of ever again becoming permanent problem. Concerns about your reputation or other people's reputations being ruined if a negative unwanted aspect of your life isn't dealt with appropriately.


*Please See Nakedness


To dream of nudity in a classy or dignified way represents a lack of concern for what is being revealed to you. Openness or total honesty.

*Please See Nakedness


To dream of a nugget represents an achievement or opportunity that requires work. Having want you want while knowing it's still rough, unpolished, or unfinished. A good thing with issues you know you can solve. A good thing that isn't perfect.

Example: A man dreamed of being given a gold nugget. In waking life his Dad died leaving him a lot of legal work to go through to get his inheritance.


To dream of numbers reflects how a situation in your life is happening based on the symbolism of the number. Dream numbers use a system of dream numerology. To understand this dream numerology please take a look at our numbers page in the themes section.


To dream of a nun represents an aspect of your personality that's giving up something they desire. Either materialistic wishes, goals, or sexual interests. A nun symbolizes letting go of something you want, or getting over someone you have romantic interests in. Making difficult long term sacrifices of pleasure for your family or the greater good.

A nun may also symbolize a person or situation that makes you consider having to give something pleasurable up.

A nun may be a sign that you need to give up your personal enjoyment or materialistic goals for a higher purpose. A nun could also reflect feelings about sacrifices of pleasurable things being unbearable to withstand for the long term.

To dream of being a nun represents your own feelings about having to give up your desires, wishes, or goals. Whether it's willingly or not, you are unable to pursue wishes, goals, or romantic interests.

To dream of running away from a nun may reflect your wish to avoid making long term sacrifices in your life of something pleasurable. Desperation to avoid being forced to stop something you enjoy a lot.

To dream of a nun with a knife may represent feelings about being forced to coerced into making a long term sacrifice of something pleasurable. It may also reflect feelings about wives or girlfriends who want you to join them in healthy long term habit you don't want to take part in because you think it would be unbearable to put up with.


To dream of a nurse represents an aspect of your personality that carries you through a problem or tough situation. You or someone else that is doing everything needed to get though something. A nurse may also reflect your own plan of action to stay stable or get yourself through a difficult time. People, habits, or situations that are supportive of positive change.

There may be a problem in your life that was fixed, and the nurse symbolizes keeping on track, supporting it, and seeing it through to the end in a positive way.

A nurse will usually appear in a dream when there is a need for you to stay away from something negative, and to maintain integrity until it's finally resolved.

*Please See Doctors

*Please See Hospital


To dream of a nursery represents feelings of sensitivity about keeping a new development protected or carefully minded to ensure survival. Carefully keeping new developments or people encouraged. Sensitivity or carefulness about protecting new relationship. Feeling good about something sensitive being safe all the time. Financial sensitivities about bills being consistently paid on new projects or that new investments will survive.

Negatively, dreaming about a nursery represents anxiety about developments, over-sensitivity about any problems at all, worrying about a single problem causing failure, or caring about something too much. Dedicating yourself to worrying about someone else's problem too much.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a nursery on an alien spaceship with human babies covered in a brown substance. In waking life the man experienced a very powerful spiritual awakening at a retreat and overheard the owners mentioning how expensive and difficult it was to keep the retreat running.


*Please See Breastfeeding

*Please See Nurse

*Please See Nipple

*Please See Breast Pump

Nursing Home

To dream of an old age nursing home represents feelings about a situation almost being over. Sensitivity about about losing time, having to settle down, or having to get realistic about getting older. Feeling that an eventual ending is inevitable, but that there is still lots of time.

Negatively, a nursing home may reflect feelings of being too old to do something anymore. Stress or frustration with having to care about someone who is too old or impotent to care for themselves anymore. Feelings about death or failure being inevitable while you try to be enjoy anything else at all.

Nursing homes in dreams are common to people who have elderly parents that they don't expect to live for much longer.

Example: A woman dreamed of trees being cut down in front of a nursing home. In waking life her father died and she felt bad about having lost the remaining time she felt she had left with his father.


To dream of legume nuts represents feelings about goals or a type of experience being noticeably easy to have with the application of a small amount of effort. Noticing you are intelligent about a situation that looks crazy, but is not really a problem. Enjoying something "cool" and spontaneous. Enjoying feeling that you don't need any practice in some area of your life. Feelings about never having to ask for something. Feeling good noticing that a problem is easy to solve or that something unusual is easy to understand.

Negatively, nuts in a dream may be wasting a lot of time trying to solve a little problem. Small difficulty that slows you down. Excessive need to waste time with weird, unusual, or petty issues. Wasting time doing something a lot that other people only want a little of. Jealousy of having to do anything difficult or weird. Going overboard in some area of your life to the point that it's getting out of hand. Fearing having to do something difficult, unusual, or that requires practice.

Consider the type of nut and how it may feel trying to eat it for additional meaning.

*Please See Peanuts

*Please See Cashews

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To dream of a nymphomaniac represents your perception of yourself or others being obsessed with having a good time. Having to have a good time no matter what.

Negatively, a nymphomaniac may be a sign that you or someone else is dangerous about having to have enjoyable experiences all the time. Going too far or being risky to keep enjoying yourself. It may also be a sign that you or someone you know is not thinking of others feelings while enjoying everything they want.

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