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To dream of quiet may reflect your awareness of how lucky you are to have stability in your life in the present moment. Having trouble believing anything serious matters in a situation. Feeling unable to feel signals or warnings at all.

Negatively, it may reflect too much comfort with a stable situation that you know could be instantly become more chaotic at any time. Underlying tension. Stupidly choosing to ignore a problem because it isn't serious right now. Not taking life as serious as you should be. Sensitivity about preferring to avoid loud, assertive person. Sensitivity about your shyness. Sensitivity about maintaining a conservative atmosphere. A dislike of socializing.

Example: A man dreamed being in space and noticing that it was very quiet. In waking life he had a hectic life with two kids that was unusually stable and then began dating a single younger girl while being aware that it might be selfish to get involved with her when she could start a new life with someone else who didn't have kids already. He was secretly aware of the rick he might get his new girlfriend pregnant and end up with a third child.

Example 2: A man dreamed of living a quiet atmosphere and disliking noise. In waking life he had a strong dislike of socializing.

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