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To dream of silence suggests an awareness of stillness or a lack of activity in a situation. Feeling that nothing is happening in a situation yet. Awareness of what is happening in a situation when nobody ever says anything about it. Dreams of silence may also point towards scenarios where individuals are not communicating with each other or where fears or anxieties are unspoken.

Negatively, silence may represent feelings about accepting a problem or crisis situation as it is while feeling it will go unnoticed. Feeling alone, abandoned, or stranded in a situation. Feelings about yourself being unheard of, overlooked, or ignored for the rest of your life. A fear of asking for help or taking action. Feeling that nobody likes you or that people have stopped communicating with you. Silent tension, emptiness or evasion of a situation. You or others that are not communicating what they really feel. Apathy. Feelings you have about a secret you know about. Feeling that nothing is happening in a situation with a sense of awkwardness or discomfort that it never matters again when you hope it would matter. Unspoken anger. A sense that "eventually" is never going to happen. Feelings about being treated as though you are unimportant to say anything to.

To dream of silence occurring suddenly while first experiencing sound may reflect feelings about a sudden shift in your situation, abrupt end of communication, or a sudden halt in activity that was previously ongoing. The emptiness of relationships or enjoyable situations ending abruptly. You or someone else is experiencing a dramatic reversal of behaviour without resistance. Unexpected failure or loss. An unexpected calm or stillness after a period of chaos, conflict, or busyness.

To dream of being silent represents your feelings of withholding your thoughts or emotions. Staying silent on a subject. It may reflect your decision to keep your ideas or feelings to yourself, perhaps due to fear, anxiety, or a desire to avoid conflict. This could signify holding back criticism, withholding important information, or maintaining a peaceful or passive stance in the face of confrontation. Feelings about unrevealed secrets.

Negatively, being silent in a dream may represent feelings of being ignored, overlooked, or unable to express yourself effectively. Unpleasant feelings about yourself not speaking up, not asserting yourself, or having anxiety about waiting. Experiencing problems or bad situations happening without objection. It could also symbolize feelings of helplessness, or a lack of control over your circumstances. It might point to feelings of frustration or resentment for not being able to voice your opinions or concerns openly.

Positively, being silent may reflect a state of introspection, self-reflection, or deep thought. It may also indicate that you are practicing restraint, wisdom, or discernment by choosing your words carefully or not speaking out of turn.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man silently injected a syringe which killed the man. In waking life, he was having difficult emotions about the slow destruction of the poor in society. He felt the poor were being harmed and that it was going unnoticed. In this case, the silent injection of the syringe may have reflected his feelings about the silent, unnoticed harm being done to the less fortunate in society. It may also reflect his perception of systemic issues or policies that are slowly but surely causing damage to vulnerable populations, yet without a clear outcry or public discussion.

Example 2: A girl dreamed of experiencing herself remaining silent. In waking life, she got into a big argument with her mother and was too uncomfortable to ask for her mother for help with homework. In this case, the girl dreaming of being silent may have reflected her feelings about choosing to remain silent and not express her need for help to her mother due to the discomfort from their argument.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing silent horses. In waking life,she has a number of sexual fantasies she wanted to experience with her boyfriend, but was afraid to speak to him about them. In this case, the silent horses may have reflected her feelings about her unexpressed sexual drives and urges.

Example 4: A person dreamed staying silent. In waking life, they were choosing to not get involved in a debate at work to avoid office politics. In this case, staying silent may have reflected their conscious choice to avoid participating in potentially harmful or divisive conversations.

Example 5: A young man dreamed of being silent. In waking life, he had experienced himself being yelled at by his mother and he choose to not respond or argue back. In this case, being silent may have reflected his decision to maintain composure and avoid escalating the conflict further. He was aware of himself doing nothing to make the situation worse.

Example 6: A man dreamed of experiencing eerie silence. In waking life he was experiencing the end of a relationship and felt uncomfortable about it. In this case, the eerie silence may have reflected his feelings of emptiness, loneliness, or uncertainty due to nothing happening with his ex ever again.

Example 7: A young man dreamed of sitting in silence. In waking life, he wanted his mother's support on an issue, but she wouldn't give it to him while he "silently" accepted it without bringing it up to her in private. In this case, the sitting in silence may have reflected choosing to withhold his feelings or concerns to maintain peace or avoid confrontation. The act of sitting in silence in the dream might symbolize his passive acceptance and internalization of his feelings without expressing them outwardly.

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