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To dream of hearing represents the ability to comprehend, understand, acknowledge, or accept a message, advice, or situation. The ability to pay attention or stay informed. How alert or aware you are. Your ability or willingness to listen, to understand, or to be receptive to different ideas, perspectives, or feelings.

Negatively, dreaming about hearing could represent feelings of being overloaded or overwhelmed with information. It might symbolize confusion, misunderstanding, or miscommunication. Perhaps you're struggling to comprehend or deal with a complex situation, or you're experiencing a breakdown in communication in your waking life. It could also represent an unwillingness or inability to listen or be receptive to others, or the presence of destructive or misleading messages or advice.

To dream that no one hears you represents feelings of isolation, being ignored, or overlooked in waking life. It could reflect situations where your thoughts, ideas, or feelings are not being acknowledged or understood by others. It might signify that you feel unimportant, unheard, or insignificant in some aspect of your life. You may feel like your opinions or viewpoints are being dismissed, or that you're being denied the opportunity to express yourself. A waking situation where you feel that no one is listening to your ideas or opinions. Feeling that people are not paying attention to what you are saying.

To dream of losing your hearing may represent feelings of disconnection or misunderstanding. You might feel out of touch or uninformed about what is happening around you. It could also symbolize a lack of communication or a breakdown in a relationship or situation in your waking life. This might indicate feeling excluded or left out of important conversations or decisions.

To dream of having really good hearing may represent a higher level of awareness than other people. Heightened awareness of the reality of a situation. Being better informed about what is happening around you. Having an edge over others, inside information, or superior experience. Being very attuned to the subtle cues, signals, or messages in your environment or relationships. You might be more receptive or open to feedback, advice, or new ideas. This dream could reflect an advanced level of understanding, communication skills, or emotional intelligence.

To dream of hearing people say something that doesn't make sense or is unintelligent represents witnessing situations or conversations that you find absurd, irrational, or unhelpful. Scenarios where you feel others are not thinking clearly or making sense, or it may symbolize your own feelings of disbelief about what you're hearing or being told. Judgment about others' thinking or communication abilities. Your own skepticism or critical attitude towards certain opinions, ideas, or pieces of information you're being presented with. Feelings of confusion, misunderstanding, or miscommunication in your waking life.

Alternatively, dreams involving hearing may reflect intrigue with rumors.

Example: A man dreamed of hearing a warning about a rattlesnake before the snake bites him. In waking life, he felt ripped off over a $10,000 work job. In this case, hearing a rattlesnake before it bites him may have reflected his ability to comprehend the danger or potential risk of loss in relation to the work job.

Example 2: A teenage boy dreamed of his ex-girlfriend trying to hug him, but went through him like he was a ghost. Then he fell to his knees and heard very scary music. In waking life, his ex-girlfriend had recently broken up with him after telling him that she didn't love him. In this case, hearing the scary music may have reflected heightened awareness of the painful reality of the breakup.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of hearing that her mother had died. In waking life, she was having financial problems. In this case, hearing that her mother had died may have reflected her perception of losing her financial security or her ability to plan for the future confidently.

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