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To dream of receiving mail represents feelings about receiving news, information, opportunities, or insight that lets you choose whether or not you respond to it. Receiving communication or messages from others that may influence your decisions, thoughts, or actions. Personal or exclusive matters that are optional about acting upon or telling anyone about.

Positively, dreaming about receiving mail may represent the anticipation of good news, opportunities, or valuable insights. Feeling pressured by the expectations of other people, recent news, or an event. New opportunities, ideas, or suggestions that allow you to make informed decisions. A sense of empowerment and the freedom to choose your path in light of the information presented to you.

Negatively, dreaming about mail could represent feelings of anxiety or frustration with the news, opportunities, or insights you are receiving. Unwanted communication or the burden of responsibilities. A sense of burden or pressure to make decisions or respond to certain information. Apprehension about dealing with unpleasant news or choices that require action.

To dream of sending someone mail represents news, information, opportunities, or insights that you are revealing to someone else that lets them choose whether or not they respond to it. You may believe that someone needs to know something. It may also reflect personal or private matters exclusively between you and someone else.

To dream of waiting for mail represents feelings of anticipation or anxiety about news, information, or responses from others that you are expecting updates about. Expectation for something important or significant to your decisions and actions. You may need to know something before you can proceed with a situation. Waiting for mail in a dream can symbolize the suspense or tension about potential opportunities, insights, or outcomes that are yet to be revealed. Expectations you have with a person you are interested in dating.

To dream of mail that is lost may represent feelings of missed opportunities, misunderstandings, or a breakdown in communication. Feelings of disappointment or frustration about not receiving expected information, news, or responses. Delays or setbacks may have gotten in the way of someone giving you important or helpful information. Concerns about being overlooked, forgotten, or not being heard. Anxieties about important messages not getting through or crucial information being lost in transit, leading to missed chances or confusion.

Example: A woman dreamed of going to her Aunt's house to pick up some mail and getting angry at her sister who was present. In waking life, she was frustrated after learning that her twin sister wanted to talk to her. Her relationship with her sister had gone bad about 5 years earlier after experiencing her sister ruin her own life and shut people out. In this case, picking up mail and getting into an argument with his sister may have reflected her feelings about hearing news from someone else about her sister wanting to talk to her again before losing her temper about it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed about picking up a stack of mail sent to her from a good old friend she used to talk to on the phone, go out to restaurants, and take walks with her. Each piece of mail had different amounts of money in it. She remembered how the friend had lost his mind and was eventually committed to a mental institution. In waking life, she was an Evangelist in a church with no children and was never married. She felt like she was running out of time to do whatever God's plan was for her life. In this case, picking up a stack of mail with money in it from a mentally ill friend may have reflected her feelings about receiving news, information, or insight related to her age that makes her think of choosing to do something different with her life other than be a marriageless, childless, church evangelist. The mentally ill friend who used to do fun things with her and who sent the mail in the dream may have reflected her feelings about how irrational it feels to get married, have children, or leave the church due to her older age after working for the church for so long.

Example 3: A person dreamed of sending their boss mail to tell them that they are quitting their job. In waking life, they were feeling anxious about their job and had been thinking about quitting. In this case, sending mail may have reflected their anxiety about communicating their decision to leave the job to their boss and the anticipated response from their boss.



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