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To dream of a cow symbolizes mothering, nurturing feelings, or a desire to be cared for. It can also reflect your nurturing instincts or mothering of others. Someone in your life that you feel is wonderful or extra supportive of you emotionally. A loving family life.

Negatively, a cow may be a sign that you are too needy emotionally. Jealousy of yourself for having to be perfectly supportive and loving to others without getting anything in return.

To dream of a red cow may represent dependency issues with someone who makes you feel good or who cares about you. You may have "mommy" issues. An imbalanced need to be nurtured. Arrogant women who pretend to care about you to feel sexual power.

To dream of a brown cow represents feelings of nurturing to relieve problems. Help, love, and concern for your well-being that helps to solve or heal problems. Feeling that someone is so amazing that they care about everything you are feeling in a way that helps you. Mothering that instills confidence and security.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a red cow nursing a baby cow. In waking life, he had serious dependency issues daydreaming about an ex-girlfriend loving and nurturing him even after he had long broken up with her.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a cow hit by a car in an accident. In waking life, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. In this case, the dead cow may have reflected her feelings of losing a significant source of nurturing, support, and emotional care due to her mother's illness being a distraction to caring about the dreamer.



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