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To dream of getting caught doing something that you aren't supposed to do represents feelings about dishonesty being revealed. Feeling stupid for socially unacceptable behavior. Fear or anxiety about potential consequences for your behavior. Embarrassment of being caught being lazy. Feeling forced to confront a difficult situation that you wish to avoid. A need for avoidance. Negatively, getting caught in a dream may reflect problems with accepting yourself with your own ideas or goals without others imposing their own on you. Feeling that you are not allowed to have your own ideas or interests that differ from a jealous spouse or friend.

To dream of catching someone doing something they aren't supposed to do represents feelings about yourself being surprised or insulted by behavior you weren't expecting. Surprise that people that are close to you have different ideas, interests, or goals than you. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are too controlling or expect too much conformity from people.

To dream of catching an animal represents feelings about having stopped, controlled, or embarrassed a problem. Unwanted behavior that you are forcing to stop. Embarrassing a liar, cheater, or misbehaving person. Getting control over a problem situation. Consider the type of animal for additional meaning.

To dream of catching something or someone running away from you represents feelings about yourself asserting control over a situation. Preventing a loss or embarrassing outcome. Forcing a person in your life to confront their dishonesty or dangerous behavior. Awareness of yourself having to stop yourself from behaving in an inappropriate way that might have been close to getting out of hand. Enforcing things on others that they don't want to confront. Negatively, catchings something or someone running away from you may reflect your own arrogant need for total control. Forcing perfect compliance on others merely to feel good about yourself. Never wanting to "let someone off."

Example: A woman dreamed of being caught by a security guard. In waking life she was fearing being caught by her boss with certain behavior after a coworker got fired for that behavior.

Example 2: A man dreamed of fearing being caught watching a couple have sex. In waking life he was having strong sexual fantasies for a woman and was having anxiety about his romantic attraction for the woman being discovered as he looked at her on Facebook regularly and believed it might be possible for her to discover that he was looking at her Facebook profile.

Example 3: A man dreamed of fearing being caught smoking. In waking life he had to behave perfect to avoid losing custody of his child. He feared being discovered behaving in any way that might allow the government to take his child from him.

*Please See Cheating

*Please See Fish

*Please See Liar



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