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To dream of pajamas represents a heightened comfort level accepting or ignoring issues in your life. Your personality being comfortable choosing to "sleep" on an issue. An issue where you are consistently and purposely ignoring making a needed change. Willful blindness. Pajamas in the dream may be a sign that you don't want to deal with problems because it feels better not doing so. Noticing you are being stupid on purpose.

Alternatively, pajamas may reflect relationships where someone is pretending they don't like the other person.

To dream of changing into your pajamas represents an issue in your life encourages willful blindness. Doing everything you can to never confront something or see it for what it really is. Feeling that it's easier to pretend you're stupid than to confront an issue.

Example: A girl dreamed of changing into her pajamas. In real life she was dealing with a sleazy seductive man who slowly began to break down her will to resist him. Putting on the pajamas reflected her personality changing to slowly enjoying being seduced. Over time she began to pretend she was stupid about the seduction and gave in to it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of attending her former lovers wedding in her pajamas. In waking life she was invited her former lover's wedding and was very jealous of it. She had issues lying to herself that her old relationship would be easy to rekindle. The pajamas reflected her personality being comfortable "sleeping" on any possibility of changing her views and moving on.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of wearing pajamas while jealousy watching a man she like get married on her front lawn. In waking life she had been flirting with man for 17 years and then found out he was getting married.

*Please See Nightgown



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