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Muslim People

To dream of Muslim people represents aspects of your personality feel safe being permanently bound to morality or behaving. Behavior that needs to feel it's dangerous to notice a single immoral thing once while being accepted for it.. A mindset where nothing shocks you because everyone has to behave. Choosing to live under permanent honest rules set by a grown man. Behavior that is very protective of never doing anything that isn't approved. Behavior that respects itself with appearances that it could never thought about doing something wrong once. Feelings about being so honest you can't even believe you are going to embarrass someone.

Negatively, dreaming about Muslims represents aspects of your personality that is oversensitive about thinking it's right about being perfectly honest. Giving up too much power for positivity. Scaring yourself that you are not being moral, nice, or concerning yourself with rules. Losing your happiness or giving up your dreams because you too concerned with doing the right thing. Too preoccupied with morality or good behavior. Cheating yourself out of happiness due to moral dogma or rigid discipline. The fear of dishonesty that keeps you in poverty. Anger or fear of others anger that something is not honesly rigid enough. Excessive honest absolutism. Expectation for the right honest answer and not liking someone if you don't get it. Accepting yourself as never being stupid being honest when you might be giving too much power or happiness away. Honest beliefs or behavior that makes you uncomfortable that it never wants to be happy. Honesty that never looks at itself being wrong no matter what it does. Nothing unusal allowed that may hold back happiness or the fullness of a new experience. Work and God only.

Alternatively, a Muslim person may reflect how you are too concerned with what God thinks of you. Questioning yourself spiritually. Concerns with not being a perfect Muslim.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Muslim people dressed in white. In waking life he was tried his best to make something perfectly honest, but it didn't feel good limiting himself. He felt he was giving up to much happiness being so honest.

Example 2: A man dreamed of regretting rejecting Christ because he was a Muslim. In waking life he was having long-term debates about his faith.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of the end of the world and that only women dressed like Muslims could go to heaven. In waking life she was worried about world events being the "end of the world" while questioning her standing with God. The Muslim symbolism in this case may have refected her feelings that being a perfect muslim or visiting a mosque with all the global chaos going on was the only one sure way God would accept you in heaven.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of listening to Muslim news on the radio inside her car. In waking life she was having money problems while maintaining her belief that God wanted her to open a Children's home in her country of Ecuador.

*Please See Islamic Fundamentalist



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