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Egyptian People

To dream of Egyptian people represents an aspect of yourself that notices itself getting along with others as important without question. Behavior that feels good noticing that nothing can believe it isn't important. Situations where you feel everyone must be considered important together. Behavior that likes listening to why it important. Behavior that feels good being included as important and doesn't like you embarrassing it by not including it. Behavior that expects to be treated equally important with you. A sense of importance that is assumed obviously not little. Speaking to others about ideas that are obviously more interesting or superior. Noticing the facts and nothing else.

Positively, Egyptian people may reflect a stubborn refusal to accept conditions that don't respect you as important or include you in feeling important. Knowing that you worth more than someone else wants to accept. Perfect confidence that it's just obvious that your ideas are better or stronger. Talking back to someone who doesn't include you in feeling important. Feeling good being professional and not liking being told your not. Respecting yourself with facts. A mindset that notices itself respecting everyone in your family as important as a priority.

Negatively, Egyptian people may reflect behavior that embarrasses you with making itself important if you didn't treat it important. Believing your important that doesn't care about other people's feelings. Feelings about family life annoying you with being more important than you. Feelings about people around you not like you controlling them when they have more important things to of their own to deal with. Arrogance that enjoys the vanity of importance or being the most important. Expecting obvious behavior that doesn't cause embarrassment. Sensitivity about being acknowledged first or that your ideas are obviously more important. Thinking it's overwhelmingly obvious that you don't need to listen to others. Ignorantly forcing your ways on others as though it's simply obvious that you deserve to. Assuming importance before all else. Abusing an important role because you care too much what other people think. Enjoying being important that doesn't care about a single thing anyone else is thinking. Confronting importance that scares you that it doesn't need to let go of importance. Showing off being important that doesn't achieve anything. Never listening to new ideas if the established facts are respected more. Ignoring others if there is nothing dangerously sensitive. Behavior that feels good noticing everyone sharing with it because it's more important without needing to share with others. Not enjoying having to respect people in your family as important as a priority.

To dream of ancient Egyptian people represents aspects of yourself that are always under someone else's control. You or someone else that is always holding themselves back because someone else may not like it.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting dressed up for an Egyptian play. In waking life she was experiencing her stubborn husband controlling the family finances when she wanted to help a member of her family. The Egyptian play symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about wanting to enjoy being noticed by others doing something important with her family.

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