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Egyptian People

To dream of Egyptian people represents an aspect of yourself that accepts itself as obvious. Expecting obvious behavior that doesn't cause embarrassment. Telling others that ideas are obviously more interesting or superior. Sensitivity about being acknowledged first or that your ideas are obviously more important.

Positively, Egyptian people may reflect a stubborn refusal to accept conditions that don't respect you or give you what you deserve. Knowing what you worth more than someone else wants to accept. Feeling that it's just obvious that your ideas are better or smarter.

Negatively, Egyptian people may reflect total arrogance that ignores it's own weakness to put itself first. Thinking it's overwhelmingly obvious that you don't need to listen to others. Ignorantly forcing your ways on others as though it's simply obvious that you deserve to.

To dream of ancient Egyptian people represents aspects of yourself that are always under someone else's control. You or someone else that is always holding themselves back because someone else may not like it.



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