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To dream of a Pharaoh represents you or someone else that has unquestioned authority that must be looked up to and assumes more importance. Authority that always assumes it will get its way without question. Feelings about authority requiring perfect respect. Authority that doesn't even know what being ignored means with serious consequences if you do ignore it. Authority with an ego of excellence or godliness. Excellence that deserves everything it does respected with total control. Leadership excellence that never gets told no. Authority that isn't asking you and expects you to accept it anyway.

Negatively, dreaming about a Pharaoh represents tyrannical oversight that scares others that they made a single mistake or even spoke about it wrong. Tyrannical oversight that cares about nothing except its feelings respected. Control that never even believes it isn't a perfect authoritarian boss. Fear of a leader finding out that you didn't respect it. Feelings about an entire situation being "thrown in the garbage" if a leader doesn't like it.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing herself laying still and powerless while a Pharaoh had sex with her body. In waking life she was consulting a priest to perform multiple exorcisms on her. In this case the Pharaoh may have reflected her feelings about the priest having unquestioned spiritual authority over her which required her to look up to him as he assumed more importance.



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