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To dream of the sky represents potential, possibility, or your outlook on the future. Your feelings about what you believe can be accomplished. Anticipation or wondering what can happen. Your perception of changes that are looming. Your outlook on life or your overall feelings about how safe a situation feels.

A blue sky represent a positive outlook, freedom of expression, independence, and hope. The "sky is the limit." Believing that what you want is possible or that good things about to happen. Creativity.

To dream of a red sky represents a negative outlook for the future, fear, disaster, conflict, or deception. Believing that bad things will always continue to happen. Fighting or trouble is on the horizon.

To dream of a dark sky represents feelings about a situation in your life being devoid of positive possibilities. Feeling that only negative, dangerous, or unpleasant things can happen at the moment. You may feel a heightened sense of caution, danger, or bad luck. You may also be trying hard to get through a difficult moment. A sign that you may be too pessimistic or fearful and may benefit by reaching out to others for help.

To dream of a dark grey or cloudy sky represents sadness, depression, or unpleasant feelings. Not feeling good about your life at the moment.

See the themes section for other colors.

To dream of thing falling out of the sky represents sudden ideas, insight, or opportunities. An abundance of good luck. Something has appeared from nowhere in your life. Negatively, things falling from the sky may represent difficulty avoiding negative thinking patterns or problems.

Example: A man dreamed of climbing a rope up into the sky. In waking life he had been reading a book on Buddhism believing it would help him to transform his life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing fish raining from the sky. In waking life he felt overwhelmed by all kinds of ideas and possibilities.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing butterflies in the sky that were always out of reach. In waking life she was sensitive about putting off her goal of traveling the entire world.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing a flying saucer in the sky. In waking life he was starting a new job that he had no experience with.

Example 5: A man dreamed of the sky suddenly darkening. In waking life he was fearing his wife's going into labor. He attended Lamaze classes, but still feared the day his wife went into labor.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing a red sky. In waking life she had to make the scary decision to leave her cheating husband and move out on her own while he held all her property.

*Please See Flying

*Please See Airplanes


To dream of skydiving represents feeling good taking a big chance, risk, or being dangerous. Enjoying doing something that everyone else thinks is crazy. High ideals. Thinking out of the box when others don't like it.

Negatively, skydiving may be a sign that you need to be a lot more realistic, conservative, or less showy. Craving attention.


To dream of a skylight represents enlightenment or insightfulness that keeps you feeling good all the time. Always having the answers all the time. Guidance or positive reinforcement from a higher source. Feeling that a situation is wonderful because you always get to notice things or be aware of things that others aren't.


To dream of using Skype represents feeling good going being intelligent going behind someone's back. Reaching out to people you don't usually reach out to so you can bypass someone who is behaving impossible. Actions you are taking in waking that feel good not having to care about arrogant people's feelings.

Negatively, Skype may reflect feeling good using others to spare yourself trouble or personal expense. A sign that you may be enjoying not concerning yourself with one person's feelings in order to outsmart another person.

Example: A man dreamed of speaking to his deceased father on Skype. In waking life he was enjoying pretending to speak to his father while alone. Skype reflected his feelings about being able to reach out to his father without having to die to do it.


To dream of a skyscraper represents accomplishments, high ideals, or power. Being recognized for your superior achievements, resources, or talents. You view of yourself or others as superior. An area of your life where you feel you have risen above others. Elevated social or professional status.

Negatively, a skyscraper may reflect your sense of total power superiority over others or a feeling that someone else's power towers over yours.

To dream of building a skyscraper represents you view of yourself or someone else that is working towards a high level of recognized achievement, status, or power. Working hard to be noticed as the powerfullest, most skilled, or best in your field. Trying hard to elevate your status above others.

Women commonly dream of skyscrapers at the end of the pregnancies. This may reflect their heightened sense of accomplishment at being a mother. Woman also commonly dream of standing on skyscrapers when they get pregnant and have to consider taking maternity leave. They may reflect anxiety about hurting their careers while taking time off.

Example: A woman dreamed of her comfortable country home being surrounded by skyscrapers in the middle of the city. In waking life she was a lawyer who felt that all the men in her firm were getting better treatment because they were all partners in the firm and paid better.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of standing on a very narrow skyscraper. In waking life she was very happy with her career achievements, but also pregnant and knew she would have to stop working soon.


To dream of skywriting represents absolute confidence about plans, promises, or possibilities. You "know" you can do something, but may be putting it off for later.


To dream of slapping someone represents your demand for respect. You may feel that someone else has crossed a line in waking life.

Negatively, dreams of slapping may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else being too strict.

To dream of being slapped in the face represents a situation or decision that reminds you of your lack of respect or appreciation. Feeling that you haven't done enough or that your actions are out of line. Setting someone else straight or feeling reminded of your arrogance. Negatively, being slapped in the face may indicate your sensitivity to a situation that leaves you guilty or feeling remorse. Feeling that you were careless or have betrayed someone. Feeling that you "crossed the line."

Example: A woman dreamed of being slapped in the face by her Grandfather. In waking life she was starting to feel bad about not having finished her father's unfinished grave site.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing someone slapping a child. In waking life she was having anxiety about herself being a bad or overly strict parent.


To dream of slate represents strong feelings of expecting to be excepted for who you are. Feelings about yourself or some area of your life mattering too much to disrespect. Feeling good being respected. Being difficult to people who don't allow you to feel good being excepted without needing to change. Feelings about needing to except other people for who they are without changing them. Feeling good never having change yourself for others. Strength in numbers that overrules people who want to change you. Feeling that helping someone else isn't important if it requires you to change yourself in ways you don't like. Feelings of powerful originality or uniqueness. Feelings of powerful independence.

Negatively, slate may reflect issues with needing to except people you don't like. Jealousy of a reversal of power that forces you to except someone who doesn't deserve it. Feeling forced to submit and feel good for someone you don't like. Feeling forced to let go of control over someone who you feel needs to be controlled. Enemies or competition that feels good never losing to your face. Strength in numbers that you can't do anything about. Successful people that don't need to think of others feelings.

Alternatively, in a negative context slate in a dream may reflect your own arrogance that imposes a need to be excepted through dishonest means.


To dream of slaughtering a person or animal represents feelings of needing to carefully ensure failure is never reversed. Full awareness of something bad you are doing to someone else. Ruthless or cold hearted behavior towards someone else. Intentional calculated destruction of your enemies so they will never forget you. A lack of sympathy for your competition. Behavior that is perceived by others as tyrannical or savage with others feelings.

Negatively, slaughter in a dream may reflect pointless or senseless harm of innocent people. Intentionally hurting vulnerable or naive people. A lack of emotion for harm you are causing. Feeling totally embarrassed by your enemies who have defeated you. Embarrassment for having faced loses for having given up on a challenge. Shock at how mean you or someone behaved the say before.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing dogs being slaughtered. In waking life he believed he needed to be more ruthless with other people in his interactions with them because he felt in some instances he was too passive.

Example 2: A man dreamed of experiencing a retreating army being slaughtered. In waking life he felt embarrassed with total defeat after having given up in a challenge at work.

Example 3: A man dreamed of ruthlessly slaughtering vampires. In waking life he was exceptionally mean and ruthless towards people he caught using him who had pretended to be his friend.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing people being slaughtered. In waking life he had been very shocked to witness someone he knew being mean to people in ways he had never experienced before.

Example 5: A young man dreamed of seeing camels and elephants being slaughtered. In waking life he was experiencing his father trying to rip him off for $200,000 that was promised to him when the family home was sold. He father seemed to change into a heartless jerk that would do or say anything to not have to pay him as promised.


To dream of being a slave represents feelings of not being in charge of your own life. Having to put up with a problem or someone else wishes all the time. You may feel that your job, family, or an illness are always more important than you.

To dream of seeing other people as slaves may reflect powerful feelings of dominance or control over others. It may also reflect feelings that other people are not able to control their will power or stand up for themselves.

Example: A man dreamed of being a slave. In waking life he had a terrible fungal infection that required his full attention for most of his life.


To dream of a sled may represent a playful attitude during a terrible situation. Alternatively, a sled may be a sign that you are enjoying yourself a lot while a negative situation is completely settling.

Sleep Paralysis

Contrary to popular belief sleep paralysis, or "old hag syndrome" is not a sleeping disorder. The entire experience is actually a dream state that symbolizes how paralyzed you are in waking life by problems, or negative thinking patterns you have. Feeling trapped living with a decision you made. Feeling trapped in an illegal business. Feeling unable to safely or smoothly transition to a new way of living. Feeling trapped in a relationship.

The paralyzed state represents your awareness of problems in your life that you are powerless to change. The old hag that often pushes down on persons chest represents an intuitive aspect of yourself that is negative, yet knows better. This part of you suffocates the real inner you, or paralyzes your ability to progress in life due to negative thinking patterns you see no benefit in changing.

Sleep paralysis is a sign that you need to begin to process negativity in your life. First, you need to stand up to fear whenever you feel it and make time to face fears that you know you have. Speak to people about your fears and troubles. Next, you need to resist desire for attractive people and material things that you don't believe you can ever really have. You also want to give up a need to have something at all costs.

The next thing you need to do is to begin to apologize for everything wrong you ever did in your life and take responsibility for your actions. Then you want to forgive anyone who ever did you wrong and learn to let go of the past. Jealousy, guilt, and bitterness should also be addressed.

What all this does is help you to clear your conscience and raise your level of consciousness and awareness of what you are thinking.

It's also recommended that you begin to monitor your thoughts and begin to ask yourself why you are thinking about everything you are thinking. What motivates these thoughts or feelings?

Lastly, you may want to begin to seek professional advice, or help from more experienced people so that you can gain new perspectives into your problems.

Example: A man dreamed of being paralyzed on his bed while sleeping on his back. A translucent ghost-like old hag woman witch appeared on top of him and pinned him to the bed. He swore at the woman and saw the energy from his swear words being absorbed into the old woman as food. In waking life he felt trapped inside an illegal business which he started when he was younger. He felt like the worst person in the world and that it was impossible to transition to a new form of employment because he had run the illegal business for so long that no company would hire him because he couldn't explain his previous experience to any potential employers.

*Please See Coma


To dream of sleeping represents a total lack of concern about noticing an issue or problem at all. Comfort with a final decision or with the way a situation is. Not being aware of issues. Not worrying about something anymore or not wanting to be involved. Obliviousness. Being completely unaware of a problem.

Positively, sleeping reflects peace of mind or satisfaction with choices.

Negatively, sleeping may reflect avoidance, ignorance, or laziness. Refusing to recognize a situation, decision, or something about negative yourself. Surrendering to an issue or not being willing to do any more hard work.

*Please See Coma


To dream of a sleep over represents awareness that you are doing what you're not supposed to be doing. Noticing yourself being negative. It may be a sign that you are fully aware of your self-pity, jealousy, or that you're breaking a rule. You may be having a problem integrating a new development into your life. Difficulty accepting something,

Alternatively, you may be experiencing insomnia or have been staying up late thinking a lot.

Example: A girl dreamed of having a sleepover with a cheerleader. In real life she was jealous of a friend who had a boyfriend and was moping around the house struggling to be happy for her friend. The sleepover reflect her self-awareness of her jealousy as she sat around bored without her friend. Her difficulty accepting her friend's new life.


To dream of sleepwalking represents feelings about yourself or someone else being unaware of what they are doing. Feelings about yourself or others being "blissfully" ignorant. Awareness of yourself having lived unaware of the truth.

Negatively, sleepwalking may reflect feelings about people in your life being dangerously unaware of what they are doing. Feeling obligated to look after a dangerously ignorant, childish, or inexperienced person. Embarrassment of your own naive ignorant mindset in some area of your life. Awareness of yourself being negligent, ignorant, or too inexperienced and not seeking out help.


To dream of being sleepy represents difficulty making a change or waking up to a new reality. You may have grown accustomed to old habits or an old way of life and don't feel good changing too quickly. It may also reflect a lack of motivation to change or take action.

Negatively, being sleepy may reflect an opportunity that you are letting slip you by. Not doing enough to listen to advice or new information.

*Please See Sleeping

Slicked Hair

To dream of hair being slicked back represents a thinking style or attitude that is focused on doing everything you're supposed to be doing. Being on top of things all the time. Never embarrassing yourself or always being conscious of the possibly of mistakes. Making extra sure that your life or a situation is by the book.

Slicked back hair may also reflect a professional attitude or a big concern about rules or fairness.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing himself with perfect slicked back hair. In waking life he was preparing to prove himself to an old friend from high school about why he was a responsible winner in life by discussing his business with him. He was nervous about making a responsible impression on his old friend.


To dream of a playground slide represents feeling good taking a chance or letting go of control. Riding out a risky choice until the end. Playing with a risk. Enjoying being out of control of a situation. Enjoying passing time with risky behavior. Enjoying yourself having no concerns for outcomes.

Negatively, a playground slide may reflect careless risks with your liberty. Enjoying having no concerns for rules, structure, or bad outcomes. A lack of jealousy that is dangerous to others. Blind trust with a risk that you are very enthusiastic about.

To dream of fearing falling off a giant slide may reflect feeling of being forced to endure a risky or unpredictable situation. Not willing to speak up or seek help because you feel a problem will be over soon anyway. Feeling that it's easier to endure pain, difficulty, or fear if don't try to control a situation. Feelings of being forced to confront your biggest fear without any way to stop it. Fear of looking like a novice or unprofessional person.

Example: An older man dreamed of riding a curving slide back to a spot that he started in before the slide ride. In waking life the man enthusiastically took medication on doctors advice hoping to help his epilepsy, but it didn't work. He found himself just as hopeless as he felt before he took the drugs. The slide in this case may have reflected his willingness and enthusiasm to trust his doctor enough to take a chance on a new drug to treat his problem believing that it would solve his problem easily.

*Please See Sliding

*Please See Waterslides

*Please See Landslide


To dream of sliding while standing up represents feelings of easily losing control over a situation or losing stability. Easily losing control during a confrontation with a problem. Feeling that support you felt is easily being lost. Feeling that overwhelmed my mistakes or oversights. Losing confidence or losing feelings of certainty. Feeling unable to maintain a strong position or leadership role in a situation. Losing an advantage. A downwards slide in general could represent feelings about a slow worsening of a relationship or other situation you are experiencing.

To dream of sliding down a hill represents feelings of easily losing control over obstacles you feel you have overcome. Feelings og embarrassment that you can maintain leverage over an obstacle you gained. Feelings of easily "falling from grace" or losing confidence you gained. Problems in your life that are restarting. Feeling that it's too easy to have a problem reset.

To dream of being in car that is sliding represents feelings about losing control over the direction a situation is taking. Mistakes or oversights that make you feel unable to maintain control over a situation. Losing confidence in your ability to maintain control over a situation. Feeling unable to control outcomes. Embarrassment that you are not impressive in your ability to control a situation or your life.

To dream of sliding off your roof represents feelings embarrassment or surprise at how easy it is to lose status, control, or success that first seemed limitless. Pushing a situation too hard which has resulted in embarrassment. Attempts at maximum success that resulted in embarrassing losses. A possible that you are trying too hard at something. Showing off that resulted in embarrassment.

To dream of sliding an object represents feelings about some area of your life easily changed or directed. Sensitivity about lacking security. Feeling that good luck or leverage can be changed easily. Feeling that priorities can be changed easily. Feeling that loyalty can be changed easily.

To dream of smoothly sliding on the floor represents feelings about a situation being easier than you expected. Smooth social integration, good luck, or surprise at how much easier something was than you expected it to be.

Negatively, smoothly sliding on the floor may reflect feelings about your confidence in a situation being too easy to take away. Heightened sensitivity about the ease with which you can lose control.

Example: A young man dreamed of experiencing himself sliding off a roof. In waking life he felt he felt he couldn't keep up with his university schooling and dropped out. Sliding off the roof in this case may have reflected his feelings about losing control of his academic life after trying so hard to get accepted into school.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of sliding down a slope. In waking life she felt that her relationship with her boyfriend was slowly getting worse.

*Please See Waterslide

*Please See Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Door

To dream of a sliding glass door represents feelings about smooth access, easy opportunities, or how effortless a change feel. A smooth transition towards a new option or idea.

Negatively, a sliding glass door may reflect total arrogance that believes making a change is very easy when other people may find it very unpleasant. Disregarding others feelings with a change as though it was too easy.

Example: An older man dreamed of opening a sliding glass door. In waking life he was prepared to quickly sell a family home that had been in the family for generations with no sympathy for any of his family members.


To dream of slime represents feelings about a situation being completely uninteresting to be involved with at all. Feeling that the simple thought of something disgusts you or makes you uneasy. Feelings about people or situations that you can't trust. A strong dislike of of something that may be difficult and unpleasant to remove from your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of stepping in green slime. In waking life she was jealous of the possibility that she was ruining her life after accidentally getting pregnant with a her third child with man she wasn't planning on keeping a relationship with. The green slime she stepped may have reflected her feelings about the man she had sex with getting her pregnant when she wasn't really attracted to him to enough to have a long-term relationship with him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a slimy slug. In waking life he had a very untrustworthy view of someone who wanted something from him for free. The slime may have reflected his strong dislike of giving away free stuff to someone he thought was using him because it may set a precedent that may be difficult to reverse without looking bad.


To dream of slippers represents an approach to a situation or problem that's all-comfortable. Feeling good about the direction you are taking. It may also reflect confidence with ideas, beliefs, or plans you have.

Negatively, you may be ignoring problems or telling yourself that no danger exists. You may have overlooked how serious something is.

Example: A man dreamed of someone telling him to change his slippers because someone might think he was gay. In waking life he was dealing with the tax department and realized they may think something is wrong with his story if he is too confident about it. The slippers reflected his initial approach to the tax department overlooking the seriousness of the situation.


To dream slipping and reestablishing your balance represents waking life situations where you have quickly caught a mistake. It may also reflect feelings of adjusting to a more cautious attitude after realizing something is riskier than you first thought. Feeling the need to be a lot more careful or that something is not as easy as you first thought. Not risking making the same mistake twice.

To dream of slipping on the ground and falling down represents embarrassing mistakes or oversights. Not realizing how dangerous a situation or problem was. Overconfidence.

To dream of walking on slippery ground represents a risky, dangerous, or cautious situation. Experiencing a tricky situation. Feeling that the possibility of making a mistake is always present. A sign that you need to be careful about what you say or do. Fearing making an embarrassing mistake. A heightened need to be careful.

Alternatively, slippery ground may reflect feelings about having already made a major mistake and carefully not wanting to repeat it.

To dream of a slippery object may reflect a need to be careful about how you handle a situation or other people. A fear of embarrassing yourself or losing control. Feelings about yourself not being an expert.


To dream of getting a sliver represents annoyances or frustrations about small issues that you have to extra careful about removing from your life. A petty or trivial issue that is hindering progress. An inability to move forward or let go until something is fixed.

Negatively, it may be a sign that you are allowing a small problem or other people's remarks to become too personal. Being so fixated on something being perfect that it prevents you from functioning.


To dream of a slope represents feelings about how a steady rise or decrease in a situation. Feelings about a situation steadily getting better or worse.

Positively, dreaming about slopes may reflect feelings about an option to steadily improve your life. Feelings about steady progress in a situation or relationship. Steady winning. Something you like in your life increasing slowly.

Negatively, a slope may reflect feelings about a dangerous or unexpected change in the severity of a situation. Uncertainty about being able to control a situation. Uncertainty about a situation getting dramatically worse. Uncertainty about too much success to manage. Feeling that a situation will only steadily get worse. Feelings about relationship getting steadily worse. Steady losing. Something in your life that you like going away slowly. Feelings about health problems steadily worsening.

To dream of skiing down a slope may reflect feelings about an easy escape from a problem. Feeling that you can easily avoid anything else bothering you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a farmhouse sitting on a downward slope. In waking life she was a teaching trying to come up with ideas to improve her students learning abilities. She felt that her attempts to nurture her students learning abilities was only going to steadily get worse.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of sliding down a slope. In waking life she experienced the steady worsening of her relationship with her boyfriend until they broke up.

*Please See Hill

Slot Machine

To dream of a slot machine represents situations where you are repeatedly taking a chance on something because you feel that it might work out if you keep at it. Hoping for good fortune or wishing for good luck. Feeling that if you keep taking a chance on something that the next time will be different. Testing your luck.

Dreaming of winning at a slot machine may reflect feelings of being extremely lucky for having taken a chance on something at all. Total disbelief or shock that something highly unlikely occurred so easily. Feeling good about your persistence paying off. Feelings of surprise that your "hunch" or crazy idea actually worked.

Negatively, a slot machine may be a sign that you're consciously wasting your time taking chances on something with nearly impossible odds. Repeatedly taking chances that never seems to work out. Poor judgement. Wasting money or resources hoping to get lucky.

To dream of someone else winning at a slot machine may reflect feelings of jealousy that someone else is luckier than you. Feelings about other people's persistence paying off in a big unlikely way. Shock that someone else's stupid or crazy idea worked.

*Please See Casino

*Please See Gambling


To dream of a sloth represents you or someone else that feels good being lazy. It may reflect your feelings about someone you feel is an expert at avoiding any hard work. Being at adept at conserving a passive state.

Slow Motion

To dream in slow motion represents your attentiveness to the all the details of a waking life situation. Feeling that it's incredible that you can perfectly notice every single thing happening in a situation or that you reacted flawlessly to a situation.

Alternatively, slow motion in a dream may reflect feelings about a situation you are recalling that happened so quickly. You may be replaying a situation that happened to you in your mind.

Negatively, dreaming in slow motion may represent your frustration or impatience with the degree of progress in a waking life situation.


To dream of slugs represents strong feelings of prejudice or disgust. An issue or problem that is seen to be so unpleasant that you don't want to do anything about it. Feeling that something is so awful you want nothing to do with it.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing another woman beating a white slug. In waking life she was elderly and reexamining her youth and sex life. She felt relieved to be older now because she felt sex was disgusting and was relieved she couldn't get pregnant again.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a slug. In waking life he had been spending a lot of time sitting around watching TV and not working. The thought of having to work again after spending so much time not working felt awful.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a slug. In waking life he had a really low opinion of man he didn't like because he felt the man didn't care about anything except using him to get free stuff without paying for it. The slug may have reflected his prejudice about poor people or unpaying customers.

Slumber Party

*Please See Sleepover


*Please See Sizes


To dream of smelling something reflects your feelings or gut instincts about something. Bad smells reflect distaste for a situation, bad feelings about something, or gut instincts that something wrong. Something may not feel right. Feeling that something is wrong.

Good smells reflect positive feelings about a situation or person. Your gut instincts feel that something is good.

Consider the object you are smelling for additional symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of being on a smelly train. In waking life she was put on a special diet that she didn't like and didn't feel would work at all. The bad smell may have reflected her distaste and bad feelings about the diet.

*Please See Stinks


To dream of smiling represents you or someone else that feels pleased or content with a situation. Feeling good about how a situation has turned out. It may also reflect approval or acceptance. Feeling rewarded or happy with an outcome. Feeling that a situation is wonderfully perfect.

To dream of an evil person smiling may represent your feelings about your problems or a potential embarrassment being pleasing to others. Alternatively, it may reflect your own feelings of being pleased with someone else's failures or weakness.

To dream of a sad smile represents feelings of putting up a front to hide your true feelings of disappointment. Getting what you wanted in a way that doesn't feel good. You may had to settle for something that isn't first choice or what you really wanted without wanting to share those feelings.

To dream of a fake smile may reflect a wish to avoid anything that doesn't appear attractive or winning to other people. Not wanting others to think anything is wrong at all.

Smiley Face

To dream of a smiley face represents feelings about a good mood or positive intentions being mandatory. Having to be happy or upbeat.

Negatively, a smiley face may represent feelings about being forced to put on a happy display to others. Feeling exhausted or pressured to be nice or upbeat. Feeling empty about having to make others feel good about a situation being perfect. An empty display of good tidings. An all business situation or having to be professional.

Alternatively, a smiley face may be reflect you or someone else that is totally insensitive to having to make others like them.


To dream of smoke represents feelings that a situation is becoming trouble. Intuition or anxiety about something being dangerous. Thinking that a situation might be getting out of hand. A warning sign.

*Please See Fog

Smoke Detector

To dream of a smoke detector represents a person or situation in your life that warns you when a situation is getting out of hand. An indicator of trouble or excess. It may also reflect someone who controls you by telling you when you're going overboard.

To dream of a smoke detector going off represents awareness that a situation feels dangerous or excessive. You or someone else has gone too far with something. A supervisor, parent, or situation may be signaling you to cut back or abandon something.

Negatively, a smoke detector may be a sign that you are taking risks and not concerned with being responsible until the worst has occurred.

Smoke Stacks

To dream of smoke stacks represents a lack of concern for how influential negative behavior is on others. Not caring about the consequences of bad behavior or ill intentions. A smoke stack may also reflect a lack of remorse for the burden you are constantly putting on others.


*Please See Cigarettes


To dream of making or drinking a smoothie represents beliefs, advice, or situations that interests you giving up your worries. Something that allows you to be more laid back and be free of concerns. Feeling good not having to care about a problem.

Example: A young man dreamed of being given a mango smoothie. In real life he had a troubling dream and received an interpretation that made him feel relieved that it wasn't really a problem after all.


To dream of being smothered represents feelings of being stifled, overwhelmed, obscured, or emotionally suffocated. An area of your life is too predominant. Problems exerting power or control over you. People in your like that are overbearing. Excessive parenting.

To dream that you are trying to smother someone or something represents your attempts to drown out others ideas or isolate something you don't agree with.

Example: A woman dreamed of being smothered with paper. In waking life she had to deal with an overwhelming amount of paperwork after her father died.


To dream of snacks represents feelings about temporary fulfillment. Temporary delaying something unpleasant that is inevitable. Enjoying a temporary delay. Biding time. Sustaining a situation that can't last forever. Feeling that a fleeting experience is not as important as a more stable experience.

Negatively, dreams about snacks may reflect overindulgence of experience that waste time or have no substance. Enjoying easily defeating or destroying other people. Feeling that it's easy to be get away with being dishonest. Not taking a intuition as seriously as you should.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating a snack near a river. In waking life she was cheating on her distant boyfriend with a new guy and new that eventually she would have to hurt one of the boyfriends. The snack in this case may have reflected her attempts to temporarily keep enjoying her second relationship knowing full well that nothing she did would sustain her love life as it currently was. She felt cheating on her boyfriend was very easy and harmless.

*Please See Potato Chips

*Please See Chocolate Bars

*Please See Crackers


To dream of a snail represents impatience or boredom. Your thoughts about something that is really slow or that's taking too long.


To dream of a poisonous snake represents feelings about corruption or contamination. Snakes in dreams also tend to reflect a person's fear of total failure or serious losses. Feelings about a person or problem totally permanently ruining you. A dangerous or tricky problem you want to avoid.

Areas of your life that spoil everything associated with them. People that can't be trusted or that you feel are dangerous to not avoid. A snake could also reflect your own lack of integrity or deceptive behavior. Noticing yourself being an "evil asshole." A snake may also represent a bad influence or a person that you don't like. A person with no family values.

Often snakes point to situations that are difficult to resist, morally troublesome, or have traps that you wish to avoid. Snakes may also reflect bad habits, people, or situations that sour your mood, spirit, or good intentions. An addiction that is difficult to resist.

To dream of being bitten by a snake represents feelings about having succumb to negative influence or feelings of total failure. Feelings of corruption that have overwhelmed you. Giving in to addictions to bad influences. Suffering a loss of some kind.

To dream of fearing being bitten by a snake represents your fear of losing something important or a fear of total failure. You may fear losing power, control, safety, or your integrity.

To dream of a dead snake represents overcoming a corrupting or negative influence in your life. It may also reflect a threat of total loss that is dissipating.

Black snakes usually represent a fear of total failure. It may also reflect your feelings about the potential for corruption or excessive losses. A fear of enemies getting to control you or ruin you. Alternatively, a black snake may represent your full awareness of yourself being a liar or bad influence. Organized planning to steal or destroy other people's integrity.

A copper colored snake represents a fear of losing an opportunity to get something you are desperate to have. Fearing total loss of something you are hopelessly striving for. Allowing your desire to scare you. A fear based on a delusional belief that if you lose something special that you will lose everything you have. Alternatively, copper colored snake could represent your own hopeless or desperate attempts to scare others with total failure. Risking everything you have to corrupt others that only embarrasses you. It can also point to hurting people, lying, cheating, stealing, or disrespecting others because you can't have what you want. A light brown snake is often mistaken for a copper colored snake so consider both colors for your dream.

A light brown snake represents a fear of loss or total failure due to an improvement in your life. Fearing that fixing something will make your life worse. A positive opportunity to improve yourself that scares scares you. Powerful insecurity or a fear of embarrassment if you achieve your goals. (e.g A boy you like finding out you're a bad kisser or a virgin if you end up dating him, or fearing the government demanding more money from you if you are honest with your taxes). A copper snake is often mistaken for a light brown snake so consider both colors for your dream.

To dream of a dark brown snake may represent a fear of an improvement in your life spoiling other areas of your life. Fearing getting rid of a problem because it will make your life worse. Fearing getting rid of something important to you and becoming a failure because of it. Alternatively, a dark brown snake may reflect your own deceptive intentions to force someone else to get rid of something they don't want to get rid of.

A white snake represents a fear of total loss caused by a requirement to be perfect. Good intentions that cause others total failure. Something genuine or positive in your life that corrupts or contaminates everything else around it. Something with good intentions that has no tolerance for alternative choices. A white snake with blue venom may represent consequences that are in your best interest, but don't feel good. A fear of maturing or having to be honest. A "total evil asshole" in your life that demands perfection that you feel is excessive.

To dream of a light blue snake represents a positive person or situation that scares you with losing all you have if you don't behave positive. A fear of total failure if you are caught doing a single thing wrong. It may reflect something in your life that is being guarded or that demands total adherence to specific rules. Alternatively, a light blue snake may reflect a positive person or situation that is antagonistic to your goals. A good person that undermines you.

A dark green snake represents a corrupting influence that is selfish, arrogant, or greedy. Selfish thoughts or habits that undermine other more positive areas of your life. A strong need to put yourself first or powerful insecurities that derail a genuine endeavor. Selfishness that corrupts all else. A fear of total failure due to someone else's selfishness.

To dream of riding on the back of a snake represents feelings about something dangerous you are using to scare people away from you. Enjoying making people feel you are dangerous. Feeling that it's easy to scare people with severe losses if they get in your way. Alternatively, it may reflect a feeling of safety you get from being able to make other people feel you are too dangerous.

To dream of a being choked by a snake may represent feelings about a negative influence that is preventing you from expressing yourself.

Females often dream of snakes when they fear sex, getting pregnant, or losing their virginity.

Example: A girl once dreamed of a poisonous snake that seduced her and was impossible to resist. In real life she was dealing with an extremely attractive man that was pursuing her that she didn't trust. The snake reflected her view of this man being a "player" and just telling her whatever she wanted to hear in order to sleep with her.

Example 2: A woman dream of a white snake. In waking life she lived in a strict religious community. Due to the religious laws of this community she was unable to express herself or do anything that wasn't approved by the community. The white snake reflected her feelings about the strict morality laws of the religious community corrupting all her happiness.

Example 3: A man once dreamed of running through a forest trying to avoid snakes. In real life he was confronting a number of dangerous problems at once.

Example 4: A woman once dreamed of being choked by a snake. In real life she was resisting revealing her sexual desire for a co-worker out of fear that she'd be fired. The snake reflected her fear of being fired that was preventing her from expressing her feelings.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being threatened by a number of dark brown snakes. In waking life her husband threatened to leave her and not talk to her again. The dark brown snakes reflected her fear of losing her husband that could spoil her family life forever.

*Please See Boa Constrictor

*Please See Rattlesnake

*Please See Pythons

*Please See Cobras

Snapping Turtles

*Please See Turtles


*Please See Shoes


To dream of trying to sneak into a building or sneak past someone may reflect an awareness of yourself trying to bypass someone else's concerns. Doing something behind someone's back without them knowing about it. Bypassing something to secure an opportunity. Avoidance.

Alternatively, sneaking in a dream may reflect feelings about yourself or other people being up to no good. Concealing true feelings.

Negatively, sneaking may reflect feelings of taking a risk when you know you should be more passive. Risking cheating yourself. Feeling that you have something to hide. Taking risks to avoiding losing an opportunity.

Example: A young man dreamed of trying to sneak into an airport. In waking life he had a fever and was risking making it worse trying to do his homework.

Example 2: A man dreamed of trying to sneak past someone. In waking life he was trying to avoid a woman he had sexual relations with.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of having to sneak off to hide his bowel problems from friends. In waking life he was actually having bowel problems and was trying to casually hide this problem with new friends he met.


To dream of sneeze represents heightened sensitivity to a situation or problem. Showing weakness or flaws. Embarrassment that something is too strong for you. Sneezing may also reflect feelings that you are wimp or too sensitive to an issue. Sensitivity about losing anything at all.

To dream of faking sneezing represents waking life situations where you are faking weakness, oversensitivity, or embarrassing yourself on purpose.


To dream of a sniper represents stealthy and precise decision-making. It may reflect your attempt to completely embarrass someone without being noticed. Secretly trying to stop something. Trying to stop a person or problem without being caught. Getting back at someone behind their back. Hidden aggression. You or someone else that may need to find a way to express anger in a more constructive manner.

Alternatively, a sniper may reflect your feeling that people are secretly working to fail you or embarrass you.

To dream of killing a sniper may reflect waking life situations where you have headed off a potential embarrassment or confronted someone who was working against you behind your back.


*Please See Sleeping


To dream of seeing snot represents a wish to hastily or permanently be rid of something that disgusts you. Feelings about something that is disgustingly embarrassing to be associated with. Someone or something that you would be very happy to never see again.

*Please See Nose


To see snow in your dream represents a fresh start or purification of some area of your life. A new feeling of security or a second chance. Experiencing something has come to an end. A new sense of clarity. Alternatively, snow may symbolize spiritual peace and tranquility.

Negatively, snow may reflect how harsh or cold a cleansing experience is. A very unpleasant new beginning or feeling as though you're being punished. Emotional isolation. Feeling "out on the cold" or like you got a "cold shoulder." A loss, a breakup, or an unpleasant ending of some kind.

Melting snow represents obstacles or fears that are dissolving.

To dream of playing in the snow represent enjoyment or relaxation after a troubling experience. Alternatively, the dream is a sign that you are taking advantage of an opportunity.

To dream finding something in the snow represents the discovery of hidden talents or abilities within yourself. You may have discovered a new opportunity. It may also reflect new feelings of acceptance or forgiveness after a difficult experience.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing snow falling on a street. In real life he had solved a nagging health problem. The snow falling reflected the new beginning with his improved health.

Snow Globe

To dream of a snow globe represents pleasant feelings or comfort in noticing yourself not having to deal with a problem. Feeling good only thinking about finishing something off for good.

Negatively, a snow globe may be a sign that you are not serious enough about dealing with a problem or are procrastinating too much. You keep telling yourself that you'll do something, but you never do.

Snow Shovel

To dream of a snow shovel represents your attempt to reduce the severity or harshness of an experience. Giving yourself space or making things easier during an experience that you feel is terrible. Trying your hardest to dig your way out of a problem that's swamped you.

Alternatively, a snow shovel may reflect trying your hardest to move on after a negative experience is over.

Snow White

To dream of Snow White may represent feelings about being "woken up" or inspired by a perfect person in your life. For example, one woman dreamed of Snow White because she felt her second husband "woke her up" to true love.

Negatively, Snow White may reflect feelings about you or someone else being too perfect or sensitive to have to face a problem yourself. A sign that you are too concerned with believing that you need to wait for someone else to perfectly solve your problems.


To dream of snowboarding represents feelings about enjoying not having to be responsible. Partying or enjoying yourself during the holidays. Situations that are "perfectly fixed" or "finished" and allow you to let loose. Enjoying showing off with family during holidays. Feelings about being an expert at showing off during time off or holidays.

Negatively, a snowboard may reflect feelings about recklessly doing whatever you want when you don't need to. Excessive partying or drinking during holidays. Showing off in ways that ignore family life after work or serious situations are finished. Immature or irresponsible behavior. Wasting a good opportunity to show off.

Example: A young man dreamed of losing his snowboard and then finding it again. In waking life he was having an argument with his girlfriend about his excessive drinking during the holidays.


To dream of a snowman represents a carefree attitude towards a terrible situation. Making the best of bad situation. Showing someone else that there is nothing to worry about or that conditions are not as bad as they seem. Mocking a bad thing to cheer up. Using the terrible conditions of a situation to make life more colorful.


To dream of a snowmobile represents a take charge attitude during terrible conditions. Forging ahead with power and courage during tough times. Getting the job done despite how bad things have gotten.


*Please See Blizzard


To dream of a snowsuit represents the personality being ready to confront terrible emotions at any time. Readiness to face a problem at any time. A situation where you are totally preoccupied with having to start your life over. Feeling that you are "head deep" in having to start over or redo some area of your life. A constant state of confronting your hardest limitations.

Negatively, a snowsuit may reflect feelings that nothing is helping you with a problem related to starting over. Feeling that you are always "head deep" in starting over with a situation making no real progress, Feeling that you are constantly needing shield yourself from terrible hurt or very unpleasant emotions.

Example: A woman dreamed that her daughter was wearing a padded snowsuit that protected her from injury as she was struck by a car. In waking life this woman's daughter was killed when she was struck by a car. The woman was having issues dealing with the loss of her daughter and having to discuss her daughter's death. The padded snowsuit may have reflected her feelings about being more emotionally prepared to talk or think about her daughter's death and the effects of it on her life.


To dream of soap represents a conscious decision to cleanse your life, beliefs, or your past. A healthy or proactive decision to make a change. Choosing to get rid of something negative or unpleasant about yourself or your life. You may feel emotionally dirty or guilty and want to wash away the shame. Perhaps, you need to confess something. Discussing your feelings and openly allowing frustrations to come out.

Alternatively, soap may represent a situation that gives you the ability to fix or rid yourself of problems on your own.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a porn star naked on a bed bent over with soap coming out of her vagina. In waking life the dreamer was experiencing himself seeing a beautiful girl he knew on Facebook break up with her boyfriend. He felt the girl was unintelligent about the boyfriend using her for sex and was surprised to see the girl breakup. The soap coming out of the vagina may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the beautiful girl deciding to never have sex with her boyfriend again and cleanse him from her life by permanently breaking up.

*Please See Shower

*Please See Bathtubs

Soap Opera

To dream of a Soap Opera represents a very dramatic experience or very overly dramatic behavior.


*Please See Flying


*Please See Crying


To dream of soccer represents a struggle to do something your way. A conflict over competing methods. You and someone else that are at odds over which way to do something.

Example: A man dreamed of walking onto a soccer field. In waking life he was having an argument at work with a co-worker about which method was best to get a job done.

*Please See Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

To dream of a soccer ball represents an issue where you are struggling to do something your way.


To dream of socks represents comfort, confidence, ordinariness, or what you have become used to about yourself. Carefully thought out ideas within your own mind about you belief is right.

Black or red socks may point to arrogance, overconfidence, resting on your laurels, or the abuse of power.


To dream of Socrates may represent your wish to have fairness or be respected. You may feel that you are not being treated equally or given a fair shot. You may worried that all your hard work was for nothing. It may also reflect your concern that you have not done anything wrong.

Soda Pop

*Please See Soft Drinks


*Please See Couch

Soft Drinks

To dream of a soft drink or soda pop represents feeling good noticing that something is easy. Enjoying easy answers or easy solutions to problems. Always have easy or pleasant options available to you. The freedom to feel good doing something easily if you want to.

Negatively, a soft drink may reflect a lack of respect for how easy or good you have something in your life. Being too accustomed to the easy life or lacking appreciation for how easy some area of your life is.

To dream of Coke or Coca Cola represents feeling good knowing that your first best choice is easy. Enjoying being original or having easy access to something original. Feeling good knowing you never have to compromise or explain yourself. Enjoying getting your first choice or the classic option.

To dream of Pepsi Cola represents pleasant feelings about easily enjoying an alternative choice that is just as good as current best. Enjoying experiencing a situation or choice that is more "hip", progressive, or less restrictive. Feeling good about not needing to be original or doing things different than everyone else.

To dream of a soft drink delivery truck represents decision making that is focused on making life enjoyably easier for other people. Decisions involves doing all the hard work for others so they can simply feel good having an easy time. You or someone else that is enjoying others feeling good having it easy. Negatively, a soft drink delivery truck may reflect anxiety or jealousy that other people will given advantages that you believe are too easy or dangerous.

To dream of a soda or soft drink advertisement represents an attempt to interest others in feeling good making some area of their their lives a lot easier. Enticing or trying to convince others to change to a much more easier, enjoyable, quicker way of doing things. You or someone else that is offering others the chance to make life easy and laugh about it. Negatively, a soft drink advertisement may reflect awareness of yourself or others going too far to persuade someone else with a perfectly easy offer. Feeling that someone is being too pushy while thinking your stupid about getting something easy.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing birds in a cage swimming in a pool of Coca Cola. In waking she was experiencing some very positive changes that she couldn't act on yet. Her first or original choice in a matter was easily available to her again after being first rejected.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of carefully holding Coca Cola in her hands swishing around as a car drove hastily in reverse to get onto the highway. In waking life she was desperately holding on to a lucky opportunity to get her dream job and first choice for a career after first believing it was impossible to have.

Software Programs

To dream of software represents your personality traits, behaviors and habits. A way of thinking. Consider the type of software. Installing or downloading software onto your computer may represent adapting to a new way of thinking of a different way of doing things.


To dream of soil represents a solid foundation for progress or productivity. The groundwork for growth and fertility in your life. Having everything you need to flourish. A reflection of how stable or lucky you feel while trying to build something for yourself.

If the soil is hard and dry, then it may be a sign that you feel limited or lucky to have any opportunity at all. Some kind of replenishment or support is needed to thrive. Feeling that life is unfair or harder for you.

*Please See Dirt

Solar Eclipse

To dream of a solar eclipse represents a highly unusual situation occurring in waking life that feels more important than anything else. Disbelief or shock at how crazy or unusual a situation is.

Negatively, a solar eclipse may reflect a fear of not understanding a situation or feeling any sense of belonging at all. Feeling terrified that you have no idea what to do next or how to act. Feeling overshadowed by something that you don't understand or can't control. Confidence may feel lost.

Positively, a solar eclipse may reflect a moment of unexpected or surprising originality. If the the solar eclipse is on a

To dream that the eclipse has passed represents feelings of sanity or rationality returning to a situation. Surprise or shock at how crazy a situation got for a short period of time. Positively, an eclipse passing may reflect relief that something you thought was the most dangerous thing that could ever happen is no longer serious. Alternatively, it may reflect a major wakeup call or sign that big change is needed.

Solar System

To dream of the solar system represents insight or awareness into why everything around you is functioning the way it is. Intricate knowledge. See the themes section for planets.

*Please See Universe

*Please See Outer Space


To dream of a soldier represents an aspect of your personality with a rigid mindset. You or someone else that is doing everything possible to confront a problem or maintain a belief. A part of you that is disciplined, rigid, and stubborn in the face of opposition. They symbolize a part of you that's sacrificing everything to resist unwanted thoughts, emotions, or negative life experiences.

Alternatively, a soldier means that you are preparing yourself to defend your beliefs, values and opinions. Negatively, a solider may be a sign that you are imposing your views on others.

If you see evil soldiers, or soldiers from an opposing side (e.g. Russian soldiers in an American citizens dream) this represents aspects of your personality that are rigid in a negative or oppressive manner.

To see a retired solider in a dream represents an aspect of your personality that has finished or overcome a period of confrontation. You no longer have to try so hard or be so stubborn about something.

*Please See Army


To dream of a Mexican sombrero represents a mood or attitude that thinks everything happening is amazing. Having a very good time accepting yourself the way you are. An attitude that doesn't feel it's outrageous to have a good time all the time.

Negatively, dreaming about a Mexican sombrero represents an attitude that respecting itself enjoying itself without any concern at all for how awful for dangerous it may be for others. Outrageous festive attitude or showing off celebrating. Ignoring how dangerously famous you are for upsetting people. Protecting yourself from lots of negative attention while enjoying respecting yourself. Dangerously ignoring people during a bad situation because you won't feel good about yourself helping them.


To dream of a son that you don't have represents an emotional investment or hope for the future in a situation where you are dominant, assertive, or insensitive. Determined protective feelings. Doing everything you can to maintain control over a situation. Being stuck with a decision where you have a leading or controlling stake. Deciding to assert yourself or be aggressive and now living with the consequences or responsibility of that decision. A developing masculine aspect of your personality or life.

To dream of a son you actually have in waking life may represent a situation you hope to see succeed or thrive. If you have more than one son in real life then each son will represent a different aspect of yourself based on your most honest feelings about then. Ask yourself what qualities or feelings stand out the most to you about your son and try to see how that may apply to a situation in waking life.

Alternatively, dreaming about your son may reflect your waking life relationship with him.

Evil sons symbolize negative or corrupted aspects of your personality that you are encouraging. It may also point to a bad situation or problem that you are supporting. You may feel that your own aggression or assertiveness has turned on you.

Example: A man dreamed seeing his dead son. In waking life he had lost his eligibility for home insurance, which worried him a lot. The dead son represented the lost home insurance which the man cared about getting back.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his older son as a child. In waking life his was experiencing his son moving out of the house for the first time. The son being little reflected the man's projection of his son doing something new with his life.

*Please See Children

*Please See Daughter


To dream of sonar represents trying to feel your way around a situation. Testing people subtly to feel them out by projecting certain emotions. Discovering what's really going on with people or situations by testing their emotional responses. Testing people's emotions without personal involvement.

Positively, dreaming of sonar may reflect your attempt to feel people out before making a serious move. Being careful about your next move because you feel it should be perfectly inline with others emotions.

Negatively, dream of sonar may reflect manipulative behavior or testing people's emotional responses to save yourself trouble. Faking or lying about things to test people's true emotions.

Song Writing

To dream of song writing represents your hope that other people will share your feelings about an issue. It may also reflect your hope that other people will like something you are creating or that that they will feel good about your ideas.

Alternatively, writing a song may reflect you wish to express your feelings.


*Please See Music


*Please See Ultrasound Test


To dream of a sorcerer represents adeptness at manipulation of others. A lack of concern for anything except making others do what you want.

Negatively, it may be a sign that you are always looking for new ways to manipulate or control others. It may also be a sign that you lack a conscience.


To dream of your body feeling sore represents how worn down you feel by a waking life situation. Physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion. A sign that you need time away from someone or something. Consider where on the body you are sore for additional meaning.

To dream of having sores on your body represents lingering pain or resentment about a situation or relationship. You may not be quite ready to forgive or move on. A sore may also reflect a waking life reminder of a mistake you made.


*Please See Depression


*Please See Apologize

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