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To dream of the right side represents irrationality, wrong, bad, chaotic, creativity, lying, immorality, disorder, things that are wild, untamed, or out of control. Right can also represent negativity.

To dream of standing on the right facing the left represents an observation of a situation where you are aware of yourself having a illogical, over-emotional, or embarrassingly incorrect view of a situation. Awareness or surprise that you are wrong about an outcome. Confronting the truth. Feelings about someome else having a more intelligent idea than you do. Shock that someone else would behave a certain way.

The left or right sides in a dream are often one of the most revealing symbols in a dream giving you insight into how truthful or logical some aspect of your thinking is.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband in a car veering off to the right. In waking life her relationship with her husband was becoming more verbally abusive than normal.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a man with black eyes standing on the right side facing the left. In waking life he was shocked to find out how terrible and dishonest someone he trusted was.



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