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To dream of bullets represents the potential power of decisions or actions to control or direct a situation that feels dangerous about being real. Bullets can also symbolize aggressive, destructive, or penetrating thoughts, ideas, or influences. They may represent assertiveness, strength, or the capacity to influence others. Emotional ammo. The ability to defend oneself, stand up for one's rights, or assert oneself effectively. Your strength to resist or fight something.

Negatively, bullets in a dream may represent negative influences or harmful intentions that may feel dangerous about being final or real. Conflict, aggression, or the potential for harm. Feelings of vulnerability, fear, or the potential for danger. Unresolved issues, harmful thoughts or ideas, or destructive behaviors. Awareness of dangerous choices that are being considered. Feelings that people that don't like you or are preparing to hurt you. Feeling that people have "ammo" to get back at you. Negative choices used for control.

To dream of bullets used against you may represent feelings of being targeted or singled out, feeling the brunt of other people's negative decisions or harmful intentions. Feelings of vulnerability, helplessness, or the fear of becoming a victim. Feeling attacked or criticized, either mentally or emotionally. A tense situation or conflict in your waking life. Bad decisions turning against you or feelings about other people trying to stop you.

Dreaming of bullets without a gun or in boxes of ammunition may reflect the dreamers resources or motivations to face conflict. Feelings about potential power you may hold. Alternatively, it may reflect your expectations or fears about competition in your life.

Bad or evil people with bullets may reflect bad or harmful intentions that have the potential to cause harm. This could represent fears about others who have the means to hurt you, either physically, emotionally, or mentally. It could also reflect your own negative or harmful intentions, or fears about causing harm to others. Feelings about enemies that are resourceful.

To dream of unused bullets may reflect the potential to hurt someone. Confidence about getting back at someone if you need to.

Consider how the bullets appear in the dream for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing bullets on a desk lined up in a orderly fashion. In waking life, she was thinking about how to restore her stagnating on and off relationship with her ex-boyfriend by repeatedly trying to have unprotected sex to get pregnant. In this case, the bullets may have reflected her thoughts about the potential power of her decisions to consciously try to get pregnant, seeing each instance as a 'bullet' or opportunity to achieve her goal.

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