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To dream of only shapes may reflect empty logical thinking. Possibly a sign that you are too focused on using something for personal benefit without caring about the subtleties or deeper aspects of it. A lack of sensitivity towards something you only want to use. A straight forward mindset or result oriented attitude. A mindset that is avoiding emotional risk at all costs.

People who take ayahausaca commonly have visions that are specifically about geometrical shapes. This may reflect their logical and unemotional mindset about wanting to use the ayahausca experience for personal gain without wanting to participate in any self-reflection or personal improvement. It may also reflect their tendency to avoid the emotional risk of having to deal with their honest emotions which the ayahausca often encourages.

Refer to the themes section for shapes for a more in depth look at shape symbolism.


*Please See Stocks


To dream of sharing represents feelings about not needing to think of yourself first. Responsibility for others or concern for others feelings. Feelings about yourself or someone else sharing personal thoughts. Feelings about someone caring about you beside them. Personal revelations. Feeling good listening to and accepting other people with their problems. Feeling good that you're not alone. Feelings about shared experiences. You or someone that feels good being understanding. Feeling good being allowed to do something you can't do all on your own.

Negatively, dreaming about sharing represents feelings about excessive responsibility for other people. Feelings about a common problem. Too much concern for others feelings. Excessive or inappropriate revelations about yourself. Dangerously or excessively helping others. Feeling good listening and accepting other people with their problems when it may not be powerful for you. Feeling good not being alone with someone that may be holding you back. Division of problems or responsibilities. Feeling that you can only do something if you aren't being yourself or feeling that you are sharing an experience with a fake part of yourself.

To dream that you don't like sharing something represents feelings of jealousy of about limitations, compromises, or avoiding fighting. A dislike for needing to care about others feelings or be understanding to other people when you don't want to.

To dream of a sharing a meal may reflect a shared experience. Noticing yourself having an experience with an aspect of yourself based on the most obvious feelings about the food and person. Sharing food with a person or animal may reflect feelings about encouraging or assisting some area of your life.

To dream of sharing a bedroom with someone may reflect private thoughts you are having with an aspect of your personality based on whatever the feelings are strongest about the person. Negatively, it may reflect feeling stuck, enduring a problem, or privately noticing a situation is not changing when you want it to. Sharing a bedroom with a crush or attractive person may reflect holding secrets or problems telling a crush you like them. Dislike of sharing someone else's problem.

To dream of sharing information may reflect feelings about insights given or secrets revealed. It may also reflect feelings about becoming more aware than you were before. Understanding or believing in something made easier somehow.

To dream that someone is not sharing information with you may reflect feelings about lacking insights or understanding. Feeling unable to believe in something easily. Feeling ignored, excluded, or feeling "kept in the dark." Problems figuring out why something in your life is not doing what you want it to.

To dream of sharing wine represents a shared sense of celebratory accomplishment. Feeling good accomplished while noticing you were right (the person you share it with being an aspect of your own personality).

To dream of sharing a cigarette represents feelings of not being alone while enjoying being a jerk that isn't too risky. Splitting enjoying being a jerk. Feeling that you can't enjoy being a jerk that isn't too risky completeky the way you want. Feeling good noticing that someone lets you enjoy being a jerk without too much risk. Feeling good being allowed to not need to be a perfectly good person.

To dream of sharing a bill represents feelings about shared sense of responsibility or cost. Feelings about responsibility or personal cost not being a full burden. Feelings about a personal cost of a shared problem. Feelings about an aspect of your personality making a personal cost easier on you. Not liking sharing responsibilties or personal costs due to some aspect of your personality (your own habits behavior, or dislike of some other contributor you need to be costed.) Not liking not putting your own needs first.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being happy to share difficult truths about her boyfriend's personal life. In waking life she was having a long distance relationship with a boyfriend she couldn't see. The difficult truths she was happy to have shared with her may have reflected issues with feeling good listening and accepting the boyfriend's personal reasons of not being rich enough to see her in person doing the best he could to talk to her as an excuse to keep the long distance relationship going.

Example 2: A college girl living on her own dreamed of sharing a bedroom with her best-friend. In waking life she was lonely, wanted to call her friend, but private thought there was a problem so she didn't want to call her friend.


To dream of sharks represents terrifying vulnerabilities or feelings of impending doom. You may feel like you can't do anything accept wait for a negative event to slowly ruin you. Feeling very nervous about an outcome that feels dangerous or inevitable. Sharks are symbols that often appear when people are having very difficult life situations where they fear terrible consequences, are having doubts, feel that a problem is leading straight to failure while they can do nothing about it. "Troubled waters" in your life or expecting the worst. A wish to avoid a problem or confrontation at all costs. A sign that you are too hesitant or quiet about your problems.

Alternatively, sharks may also represent people or situations that you perceive to be relentless, or that have no remorse. It may also also represent your own drive to "have it all" at any cost.

To dream of riding on top of a shark may symbolize a remorseless person or situation that is helping you.

To dream of being a shark symbolizes your own uncaring drive to achieve. There is some area of your life where you have no remorse.

To dream of a dead shark represents terrifying vulnerabilities that have passed or come to an end. It may also reflect an unrelentless enemy failing. Alternatively, a dead shark may reflect your own unstoppable ambitions losing interest or being embarrassed into having to stop driven to destroy someone.

Examples: A young man dreamed of a shark swimming around him. In real life he had an illness that he felt was going to slowly destroy his life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of riding on top of a shark. In real life she was in a divorce and in frequent contact with her lawyer who was trying to help her screw her husband over and "get it all."

Example 3: A young man dreamed of a shark off swimming closer to him. In real life he was considering suicide as his business was slowly failing.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a shark biting her legs. In real life she had just been proposed to by her boyfriend and wasn't certain about how to respond. She felt scared that getting married would prevent her from ever feeling independent again.

Example 5: A small boy dreamed of shark trying to bite him. In waking life he was afraid of a bigger boy at school who had hit him for refusing to give away his toy. He feared being attacked again. The shark may have reflected is feelings about bully at school being cold, mean, and relentlessly controlling while also feeling he could do nothing about it.


To dream of something sharp represents your feelings about how divisive or dangerous a situation has the potential to be.

Alternatively, holding a sharp object may reflect how prepared you are to make a big change or remove a problem. Honed skills ready to go. Feeling that with your powerful or skilled self-defense something doesn't stand a chance.

*Please See Blades

*Please See Knife

*Please See Knife Sharpener

Shaved Head

To dream of a shaved head represents completely sacrificing the way you think. Major change to your regular habits or behavior. Giving up certain thoughts and behaviors, often negative personality traits. A shaved head is common when a person is changing their lifestyle.

Example: A woman dreamed of shaving her head. In waking life she was trying to be a vegetarian. The shaved head reflected her giving up her old non-vegan habits.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having her head shaved and having the word "cancer" written on it. In waking life 3 weeks after the dream she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The dream may have been intuitive about the shock should experience in her near future about having to completely change he life to fight the disease.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing someone shaving their head. In waking life she was considering leaving her cheating husband and divorcing him. The shaved head in the dream may have reflected her feelings about completely changing how she thought about her lifestyle from married to single.


To dream of shaving your face represents altering your personality with changes, new ideas, or sacrificing bad habits. There are negative or unhelpful things you have been thinking and you are being objective or self-critical trying to change your ways and improve yourself.

To dream of shaving your head symbolizes making sacrifices in the way you think or giving up habits. A common symbol for people attempting to become vegetarians.

To dream of shaving your legs represents a loss of independence. To see someone else shaving their legs represents some aspect of your personality that is losing independence.


To dream of a shawl represents a display of self-respect or dignity to others. Feeling good knowing you will never lower yourself. Feeling comfortable projecting your sense of establishment or deserved power to others. Feeling good knowing that people can't embarrass you because you are too resourceful or protected.

Negatively, a shawl may reflect you or someone else that is too concerned with their dignity, accomplishments, or feelings of protection.


*Please See Scissors


To dream of skin shedding represents feelings about letting go of an unhelpful emotional state. Letting go of old habits, ways of thinking, lifestyle choices, or behaviours. Choosing to think or feel in a new way. "Shedding" the past, guilt, anger, or addiction. Letting go of your romantic feelings for someone.

To dream of a snake shedding it's skin may reflect feelings about something dangerous you are aware of about to change methods or do something different. Negatively or the potential for failure that is renewing it's efforts.


To dream of sheep represents conformity. It may be a sign that you are aren't thinking for yourself. It could also indicate that you are giving in to peer pressure or doing whatever you're told. Governing others or being governed.

Negatively, a sheep may reflect a fear of not doing what you are told. It may also reflect an arrogant abuse or exploitation of passive or docile people. Abuse of governing powers. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you don't like witnessing yourself fearing people or authority figures who are in a position to tell you what to do. Feeling like a loser because you have to do whatever someone else tells you to do.

Alternatively, a sheep may reflect people in your lifer who do whatever you tell them to.

To dream of a sheep with bulging googly eyes may reflect feelings of shock to your conservative or religious beliefs.

To dream of milking a sheep represents benefiting from conformity in some way. You may be using someone else's passivity or docile behavior to help yourself. Getting as much as you can out of someone else's conformist behavior.

To dream of sheep poop represents problems that have been created by being too conformist or too passive. Problems created because you were fearing authority too much.

To dream of holding a sheep represents how tightly you are holding on to your your faith. It may also reflect how important it feels to you to keep conformist belief during a difficult time. Negatively, holding a sheep may be a sign that you are scared of letting of a conformist belief. It may also reflect someone else's conformity or passivity that you are refusing to stop controlling.

Sheep commonly appear in the dreams of Christians to reflect their unquestioned faith or fear of not following the religious laws perfectly.

Sheep Milk

To dream of sheep milk represents conformist beliefs that balance you. Doing what your told or what others do in order to help yourself deal with a problem.

Example: A Christian believer dreamed of drinking sheep's milk. In waking life the person felt that they were being spiritually threatened while in an argument. The person was very stubborn about their beliefs while confronting the person they were arguing with. The sheep's milk reflected the conformist beliefs of the church that they recalled in order to stabilize themselves emotionally.


To dream of clothing being sheer may reflect enjoyment in experiencing other people being honest.

Negatively, a sexy sheer clothing may reflect feelings about yourself being too honest while others enjoy not having to be as honest as you are. Giving away too much power to people who don't respect you equally. Feeling too easily used or overlooked because of your honesty.

Example: A woman dreamed of her dress being too sheer. In waking life she felt that she was too honest and too open with her husband. She felt he never tried to be as open as she was. The sheer clothing may have reflected her feelings about herself be too open about revealing her honest feelings with a husband who never respected her enough to be open and honest with his.

Sheet Music

To dream of sheet music represents insight into how to create specific feelings. Setting a mood or doing what someone else wants to help them feel a certain way. Waking life situations where you are being directed or given instructions on what you others think feels best.

Positively, dreaming about sheet music may reflect communication between people that gives a partner insight into keeping them happy. Something learned about another person that makes them feel a certain way.

Negatively, sheet music in a dream may reflect a perfect method or advice on how to manipulate others emotions. It may also reflect your heightened sensitivity about needing to be perfectly considerate of others emotional state. Feeling that you are unable to be yourself because you need to comply with others emotional needs first.

*Please See Musical Notes


To dream of bed sheets represents comfort in knowing that your decisions or personal choices will not be noticed by others. Feeling good keeping a secret or private decision to yourself.

Negatively, bed sheets may reflect too much concern about your choices being noticed by others. Too much a concern for privacy or personal issues that may end up causing a lot of stress. Hiding the truth of your choices. Hiding your choices because you feel it will make you look like you aren't perfect.

Example: A woman dreamed of black bed sheets coming to life, taking the form of a person, and then overpowering her. In waking life she was concerned about personal choice not being noticed by others and eventually the issue began to morph into a problem that everyone she wanted to know about. She felt that she was preoccupied trying to hide the truth of her decision.

*Please See Bedspread


To dream of a shelf represents ideas or opportunities that are waiting to be used.

To dream of putting something on a shelf represents putting off ideas or opportunities until a later time.

Example: A man dreamed of picking up a bottle of liquor off a shelf. In waking life he began speaking to a girl he knew liked him and whom he wanted to have sex with. The shelf reflected he awareness of this girl waiting for him to talk to her so he could have sex with her whenever he wanted.


To dream of a shelter represents feelings of security or stability. Feeling good avoiding chaos or serious problems. Feeling good not being stranded or abandoned.

To dream of having no shelter may reflect feelings of chaos, being chaotically "in-between" states of security, feeling abandoned, or feeling left to deal with problems on your own. Feeling bad that nobody wants to help you.

Example: A woman dreamed of lots of moving in between shelters. In waking life she was "in between" having a stable home to live in while staying at someone else's home.


To dream of a shield represents mental, or emotional protection. It symbolizes thoughts or habits that protect you, keep you away from trouble, or provide self-defense. You may be vulnerable, trying to preserve yourself or resisting negativity in some manner. Deflecting arguments or withstanding an attack. Fending something off. Defending yourself from criticism. Feeling that someone is attacking you personally.

If you see an evil or bad person with a shield this symbolizes negative thinking patterns or situations that are difficult to overcome. You may have bad habits, or personality flaws that are difficult to give up. You might also be dealing with a difficult person or situation that is resisting you. Alternatively, it may reflect defense of your own bad habits or bad intentions.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a shield being placed over his wife's belly. In waking life his wife had just given birth and he was very protective of her by keeping people away from her while he recovered.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of needing to shield herself from being splashed with blood from a girl who had committed suicide in real life. In waking life she was trying to emotionally shield herself from depression and thinking of suicide.


To dream of something being shiny represents feelings about some area of your life having nothing wrong with it. Impressiveness that has nothing wrong with it. Impressive newness. Perfect vitality. Perfect success.

Negatively, dreaming about something shiny may reflect awareness of dishonest behavior that never stops talking about itself as being impressive with nothing wrong with it.

To dream of giving something a shine may reflect feelings of needing to make some area of your life more impressive. Needing to talk about yourself in more impressive ways for the sake of appearances because it's more professional.

Example: A man dreamed of his father putting a thick layer of shoe polish on his shoes to clean them giving them a shine. In waking life he was unemployed and having trouble getting a job. The polish used to clean and shine his shoes may have reflected his awareness of needing to start talking about himself in a more impressive way in order to get a job.

*Please See Daylight


To dream of a large ship represents navigation or exploration of negative situations without risk. Uncertainty in your life that you are dealing with without feeling pressure, intimidation, or embarrassment.

*Please See Boat

*Please See Battleship


To dream of a shipwreck represents being or feeling curtailed. Problems arising or unforeseen distractions that take you off course while trying to confront a problem. Feeling stuck in a situation you don't want to be in. Feeling like a failure that can't do anything about it. Feeling stranded in life with no hope to begin confronting problems.

Alternatively, being shipwrecked in a dream may reflect feelings of having lost a sense of power or importance you felt with a serious problem you liked confronting. People with serious jobs they like who suddenly get taken off those jobs may experience a dream of being shipwrecked.


*Please See Topless


To dream of a shirt in a dream represents your personality style. The style and color of the shirt represent the way you are choosing to think or behave.

To dream of being shirtless or losing your shirt represents embarrassment or feeling forced to be honest.

To dream of a white shirt represents the personality being genuine, honest, or proper. Alternatively, a white shirt may reflect personality changes. A negative thinking pattern is being corrected or life is forcing you to change yourself.

*Please See T-Shirt

*Please See Sweatshirt

Shish Kabob

To dream of shish kabob represents experiencing a situation where you are confidently noticing something doing exactly what you want it to. Enjoying an experience where nothing is out of control or doing anything you don't like. Enjoying noticing yourself being unstoppable, a total winner, or unquestionable.

Negatively, shish kabob may reflect fear of being noticed perfectly embarrassed by someone else. It may also reflect total control or domination being shown off and enjoyed.


*Please See Feces

*Please See Defecation


To dream of shivering represents your preoccupation with how terrible or uncaring a situation is. Feeling abandoned, left out, or unloved. Facing the harsh consequences of someone else's jealous actions towards you. Feeling alone. Enduring a life situation the long hard way with no help. Enduring a difficult unexpected reality you would have never expected. Feeling that a situation is terrible and unfair. Feeling that you may have the rest of your life by yourself.

To dream of quivering from the cold represents feelings about a situation being insensitive, brutal, or extremely difficult to get through. You may feel that a situation is not fair. A "cold shoulder" from someone. Quivering may reflect your persistence through adversity.

Negatively, quivering may be a sign that you are allowing your fear or ego to prevent you from reaching out to others. Putting up with a lot more difficulty than you should have to.

Example: A man dreamed of experiencing himself shivering. In waking life a business partner has decided to rip him off and this forced him to face the difficult reality of having to start over on his own.

Example 2: A man dreamed of himself shivering. In waking life a friend has died leaving him feeling abandoned, alone, and facing the rest of his life by himself.


To dream of receiving an electrical shock represents an unpleasant surprise or shock to the ego. Disbelief at how wrong you were or how much you have underestimated someone. A sudden realization that someone has more power than you thought they did.

To dream of feeling shocked by something you see or hear represents a sudden awakening or new awareness. You or someone else may have issues with adjustment. Total surprise by unexpected events in waking life. You may have underestimated a person or situation. Something in your life doesn't make sense. You may feel appalled by a person's words or actions.

Example: A woman dreamed of being shocked to find out she was robbed while she took a shower. In waking life she just broke up with her boyfriend and was having trouble adjusting to a life she wasn't used to.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being shocked to learn that he was about to die. In waking life he was surprised to realize how badly he had been isolating himself from his friends. He felt the was on the verge of ending these friendships if he didn't take immediate action to get in touch.

Example 3: A woman dream that she was shocked to find herself in her bra and panties. In waking life a very uncomfortable argument popped up at work out of the blue and forced her to take sides. She never expected something this uncomfortable to happen.

Shoe Polish

To dream about shoe polish represents a concern about your methods or the way you do things to look impressive or beyond reproach. A wish to look perfectly competent, intelligent, or respectable with your style of operating. Maintaining a quality reputation or strong appearance of winning.


To dream of shoelaces represents being set in your ways, commitment to principles, ideology, or how adamant or confident you are in your beliefs.

To have shoelaces coming undone represents weakening principles, straying from goals you have set out for yourself, a lack of preparation, or being unable to complete a task as expected.

To dream that your shoelaces are already untied represents a lack of preparation for a task at hand. Perhaps you are not ready to move forward in a relationship or endeavor.

To dream of tying your shoelaces represents preparation for a challenge. You may be ready to move forward with goals or carry out a decision.

To be attacked by someone with shoelaces represents you or someone else that may feel there is a lack of commitment in some area. You may be blaming yourself or feel that someone is blaming you for not trying hard enough.

To dream of shoes lacking shoelaces represents feelings about an approach to life that you have no serious commitment to. Feelings about a way of doing thing or making changes to behavior that you have no serious willpower for.

Example: A man dreamed of being handed shoes with no shoelaces in them. In waking life he felt that it was his responsibility to change his life to help his family in another state with their health and finances, but he has no motivation to get serious about it.


To dream of shoes represents your approach to life or a situation. How you choose to deal with situations. Your style or methodology for confronting problems. Our principles, morals, objectives, or motivations. Look to the color and style of shoe for additional symbolism.

To dream of getting a new pair of shoes represents new methods of approaching situations or going about life. New ideas, new insights, or new skills that are transforming your outlook. Confronting problems differently or changing how you interact with people.

To dream of shoes that are too cramped represents an approach to a situation that is too limiting and ineffective.

To dream of changing your shoes represents changing your approach to a situation. Different methods or ideas are being used.

To dream of taking your shoes off represents giving up your approach to a situation. You may have found that certain ideas or methods are not useful to you. Retiring from a situation or challenge. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are giving up or giving in too easily.

To dream of white shoes represents an approach to a situation that is based on good intentions or wanting to do nothing wrong. Alternatively, a white shoes may reflect an approach to a situation or life that is focused on fixing problems or dealing with negativity for good.

To dream of red shoes represents a dangerous approach to a situation. Dealing with problems in a criminal, risky, dangerous, intentionally dishonest, or reckless manner. Dealing with situations with no regard for other people's feelings. A method of problem solving that is excessively dishonest. Dealing with problems by being very angry at people or scaring people with change they can't refuse. Using sex in a dishonest manner to get what you want from people.

To dream of being unable to find your shoes represents feelings of being unable to approach a situation with confidence or in a way you are used to doing. Feeling that your methods to solving a problem will not work the way you thought they would.

To dream of polishing shoes represents an attempt to look perfect or "polished" with your methods of dealing with a situation. Not wanting to look nervous, inexperienced, or immoral in any way at all. Wanting to look good knowing what you are talking about to others or like you can be trusted. You may be concerned about making a good first impression or that you are beyond criticism.

To dream of a pair of sneakers (running shoes) represents an approach to a situation that is casual or worry free. Playing it cool. Not taking life too seriously. Comfort and satisfaction with yourself and who you are.

Negatively, a sneakers may be a sign that you are not being serious enough about how you go about doing something. Irresponsibility or ignoring danger. Always taking the easy options. Playing it too cool.

To dream of wet shoes may reflect feelings of embarrassment that your approach to a situation didn't work out as planned. Methods or problem solving have caused more problems. Your manner of approaching a situation is causing problems or making your life more difficult. Embarrassment that you aren't as effective as you want to be.

To dream of wearing two different shoes represents feelings about conflicting approaches to a situation. Two different simultaneous methods of living, doing your job, or living in a relationship. Awareness of yourself not being 100% loyal. Awareness of yourself not being 100% decided or focused. Awareness of yourself not being 100% team player.

Negatively, wearing two different shoes may reflect problems with living honestly or difficulty adjusting to new conditions in your life. Awkwardly living a double life or pretending you like something only because someone else likes it. Awareness of yourself living a lie or having to be a different person to different people. Fearing looking like a fake to two different people. Excessive people pleasing or difficulty being comfortable being yourself.

To dream of shoes breaking represents feelings about an approach to a situation not working anymore or not being good enough. Feeling forced to change your approach to a situation. Feelings that there is something wrong with your approach to a situation that can't be fixed. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are either overdoing something, not experienced enough, or even possibly not being persistent enough in your ways. Embarrassment that your methods are not as good as someone else's.

Example: A psychiatrist dreamed of wearing shoes that were too cramped. In real life she was beginning to feel that Freud's methods were too limiting to her work in understand people's minds. The cramped shoes reflected her feelings that using a Freudian approach to therapy was too limiting to be effective for all her clients.

Example 2: A man dreamed of trying to decide between two pairs of shoes. In waking life was writing a book and trying to decide whether to be totally honest about some stupid things he had done or to avoid writing about them completely.

Example 3: A man dreamed that the soles of his shoes were worn out and that new soles were only allowed for Nazi Storm Troopers. In waking life he was living in Nazi Germany and once he had exhausted his ability to secretly avoid Nazi restrictions he felt forced to accept them to continue his life normally.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being unable to find a certain pair of shoes. In waking life she was unable to find a way to deal with a problem she had.


To dream of an angry, evil, or deranged shooter represents feelings about the possibility for dangerous choices to be made that get back at you. Fear of some kind of uncontrolled choice causing serious damage or failure in your life. Feelings about lies you have told having consequences with someone else's frustrated anger. Feeling that someone is going to get you back in way that you feel is emotionally dangerous. Feeling that someone is insistent and determined to get you back that scares you. Feeling that an unpredictable person or situation might "snap" at any time. Feelings about possible random or unpredictable acts of vengeance on innocence. Concerns about dealing with someone else's heated frustrations.

To dream of a professional shooter represents feelings about calculated decisions to "take out" a problem. Calculated payback. Your own arrogance that is attempting to "take out" a problem. Feelings that someone is trying "take you out" with calculated decisions. Dangerous powerful decisions that can be called up on demand. Feelings about calculated payback that can't be predicted.

To dream of a criminal shooter represents represents feeling about significant dishonest choices that may be dangerous or cause harm. Powerful dishonest choices that may cause significant loss to you or others. Dishonest choices that make you feel that you or someone else is immoral.

*Please See School Shooter


To dream of seeing a shooting represents witnessing yourself or someone else making a final decision. A change has been decided on. Aiming for a goal. Choosing to "terminate" your competition or people who you think are working against your best interests.

Alternatively, seeing a shooting in a dream may reflect awareness of something in your life being cancelled, stopped, or purposely failed. A fight or conflict of interests in waking life. Feeling that people or life are working against you in some way. Feeling intentionally antagonized, attacked, or embarrassed. Feeling shocked by a sudden loss or setback.

Negatively, dreaming of a shooting may reflect witnessing a shocking choice being made or dangerous change of events.

To dream that you are shooting someone else may reflect a big decision you've made. Getting rid of a partner or problem for good. Making an emotionally dangerous or dramatic decision. Choosing to "terminate" some area of your life. Negatively, it may reflect choosing to turn your back on something good in you life.

To be shot with bullets symbolizes people or situations with the power to control your decisions and feelings. Decisions other people have made that embarrassed you.

To see another person shoot someone represents one aspect of your personality having the power to control another. Feelings about losing an argument or fight.

To dream of being shot at, but missed symbolizes people or situations that are attempting to control your decisions. If you shoot and miss someone in a dream it represents your failed attempt to reach a goal or change something. Failure to "terminate" a person or problem.

To die from a gunshot wound represents failure due to a situation or person that overpowered you or took you by surprise. A person or situation was too powerful, resourceful or intimidating. Often a dream symbol that appears when someone is fired from a job or a partner breaks up with them. Feeling purposely excluded, "kicked out" or "fired."

Example: A man dreamed of being shot in his chest. In waking life he went to the doctor to examine some pain and discomfort he was having and found out that he had a serious heart problem. The shooting may have reflected his feelings about life shocking him with sudden health problem.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of being shot in the head. In waking life she woke up with a severe migraine.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing other people being shot. In waking life he experienced co-workers getting fire by his boss.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of shooting people in all directions. In waking life she was suffering from a paranoid mental illness that made her turn on everyone around her.

Example 5: A man dreamed of shooting a lion. In waking life he felt forced to defend himself against a woman whose behavior was becoming too controlling.

Example 6: A man dreamed of fighting and losing a violent shoot-out with guns. In waking life she was trying very hard to give up his marijuana habit and eventually gave in to his cravings.

Example 7: A young man dreamed of being shot with a single bullet in his cheek. In waking life he got a pimple on his cheek the next day. The bullet may have reflected his feelings about the zit attacking his ability to stay competitively attractive with other boys at school.

Example 8: A woman dreamed of seeing her stepfather with bullets shots in his body. In waking life she had lost an argument with a sister of whom she hated.

Example 9: A woman dreamed of being shot. In waking life she got rejected for a promotion. In this case the gun shot may have reflected her feelings about the powerful emotional impact of the choice by others to reject her promotion request and diminish her confidence about being a professional.

Example 10: A woman dreamed of being shot in the head. In waking life she felt sad after being dumped by a guy.

*Please See Bullets

*Please See Guns

Shooting Stars

To dream of a shooting star represents rare situations that surprise you. It may also reflect something wonderful that you never thought you'd ever get to experience. Unexpected fulfillment, advancement, or big changes.

Negatively, a shooting star dream may be a sign that you don't trust something that rarely happens or that conflict has arisen from it.


To dream of a shootout represents a fast moving confrontational situation. You and others who care about nothing except getting their way with no concern for the other side at all.

*Please See Guns


*Please See Shopping

*Please See Store

*Please See Convenience Store

*Please See Department Store

*Please See Mall

*Please See Drugstore

*Please See Grocery Store


To dream of shopping represents your consideration of ideas, choices, roles, or acceptable ways of thinking. Surveying your options. Exploring all possibilities before integrating ideas, attitudes, or roles into your way of living. Trying to discover what beliefs, choices, or habits suit you best. Consider choices for the next phase of your life.

Alternatively, shopping may reflect your attempt to convince yourself about what the best methods or options are to fulfill a need or solve a problem. You may be asking yourself what's best for you right now?

Negatively, shopping may reflect frustration with too many choices or feeling overwhelmed with a myriad of choices. Anxiety about making the right choice.

Shopping at discount stores may reflect options with less personal cost or that feel easier than other choices.

Shopping at expensive stores may reflect more "expensive", difficult, or riskier choices you are considering. Feeling that a choice may cost you too much for the rest of your life.

Example: A man dreamed of walking into a store to buy some clothing. In waking life he was considering whether or not marry someone was good idea.

*Please See Mall

*Please See Shopping Cart

Shopping Bags

To dream of a shopping bags upscale stores represents your feelings about having made an important choice or decision. Feeling like a winner knowing you have acquired what you want in life.

Negatively, shopping bags from an upscale store may reflect irresponsible use of power or resources to achieve a goal that is unsustainable. Wasting your power or resources for short term enjoyment. Too much of a concern with having what you want all the time.

Too much talking about important goals and not enough action being taken.

*Please See Plastic Bags

Shopping Cart

To dream of a shopping cart represents a focused or serious attitude towards goals. Being focused on what you want all the time.

To dream of an empty shopping cart may reflect goals you are serious about achieving, but haven't completely decided on. You're seriously looking, but unable to find exactly what you want.

Example: A girl dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend pushing a shopping cart. In real life she had just broken up with him and knew that he was serious about looking for someone else.


*Please See Beach

Short Hair

To dream of short hair on someone whom it is unusual, or to see long hair cut short represents a sacrifice of power, or the freedom to think freely. Some aspect of yourself is conforming or less powerful than before.


To dream of shorts in a dream represents a relaxed, worry free, laid back, or carefree attitude during a negative situation. Showing yourself or other people that you aren't letting problems get you down.

Black or red shorts represents a laid back or care free attitude that is negative or excessive. You are too comfortable or relaxed about a situation that you should be more conservative about. It may also reflect showing off, bragging, or a neglectful attitude when a problem arises.


*Please See Bullets

*Please See Guns

*Please See Shooting

*Please See Syringes


To dream of a shotgun represents the power to make a decision that is significant, powerful, or has lasting consequences. A shotgun symbolizes choices that are dramatic. Dealing with a problem with one final shot.

If bad people in a dream hold a shotgun it represents negative personality traits with the power to make dramatic choices that could sabotage you, or "burn bridges." It may also reflect your own wish to get back at someone powerfully.

To dream of a sawed-off shotgun symbolizes you or some aspect of your personality that can make very powerful quick decisions. Big choices made on the spot. If a bad or evil person in a dream has a sawed-off shot gun this can symbolize very powerful short term rash decisions.

Example: A very young girl dreamed of seeing her father shooting her with a shotgun. In waking life her parents were getting divorced and she feared deciding which parents to live with because she felt that one of them would stop loving her. The shotgun in this case may have reflected how powerful and dangerous she felt deciding which parent to live with was.

Example 2: A man dreamed picking up a double barrel shotgun. In waking life he was threatening to sue someone for injuries while demanding a settlement as a faster option to resolve the legal conflict.

*Please See Guns


To dream of shoulders represents feelings about how strongly you believe in yourself. Self-confidence in your own abilities. How strongly you feel about yourself being able to reject others or negate alternative ideas to your own. Refusing to allow others to pressure you.

Negatively, shoulders in a dream may reflect feelings about projecting an attitude of not needing others at all. Arrogantly refusing to listen to other people at all. Rejection.

To dream of someone forcefully grabbing you by the shoulder may reflect situations where you feel forced to respect or acknowledge someone against your wishes. Feeling forced to listen to someone regarding issues you don't want to be involved with. Jealous people in your life that don't want you ignoring them. Feeling forced into situation or social
interaction that you feel is dangerous.

To dream of a hand being gently placed on your shoulder may reflect feelings about being encouraged to belief in yourself or feelings of being encouraged to acknowledge your own capabilities. Ideas you are having that encourage you to belief in yourself.

To dream of a dislocated shoulder may reflect problems with believing in yourself without assistance. Feelings about temporary problems that limit your confidence in yourself. Feeling that you need help to restore some area of your life that enables you feel secure. Feeling that temporary problems need to be fixed in order to make other people confident in you again. Feeling that you can work out a problem on your own. Worrying that other people will not work out their problems on their own.

To dream of a bird on your shoulder may reflect feelings of confidence in yourself based on people or situations you can permanently ignore if you want to. Confidence in yourself based on your ability to "leave idiots or jerks behind." Consider alternative meanings if the bird species is specific.

To dream of looking over your shoulder may represents difficulty being 100% confident or secure in yourself. Feeling that you can't fully believe in yourself yet. Concerns that someone or something that you overlooked may embarrass.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a cloaked man with a crow on his shoulder. The cloaked man placed his hand on the dreamer's shoulder. In waking life the dreamer was seriously considering enlisting in the Marine Corps. The man with the crow sitting on his shoulder may have have reflected his conflicting feelings about the army allowing him believe in himself for a bright future while also finding the strict regiment of military life annoying. The man putting his hand on the dreamer's shoulder may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the opportunity for a military job encouraging him to be confident about his future with enlistment.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her son with a dislocated shoulder. In waking life she was very uncertain about her family life because her children had been taken away from her. She felt she needed government financial assistance to try to get her children returned to her and restore her family life. Her son having a dislocated shoulder may have reflected her feelings about herself losing confidence in herself as a competent mother until she restored the family's home life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a naked woman with wide masculine shoulders who was ready to have sex with him to get pregnant for an arranged marriage. In waking life he was considering having a child with a woman for an arranged marriage, and he felt the woman was overconfident about being involved in his business activities once the marriage was consummated.


*Please See Yelling


To dream of a shovel represents waking life situations where your focus is on doing something different. Struggling with all you have to make a change. A quest for a new understanding

To dream of digging a hole with a shovel represents your attempt to do all you can to get answers. A quest for new understanding or to get to the bottom of a problem. Negatively, it may reflect a problem you are making worse for yourself. Trying too hard to find the truth to a problem.

*Please See Grave


To dream of a shower represents a renewal, or a fresh start. A shower symbolizes something you are thinking, or something that is happening in your waking life that is allowing you to relieve a burden or stress of some kind. Something may have happened that allows you to stop worrying.

If you can't find a shower, or have difficulty using one it symbolizes a burden or emotional difficulties that are holding you back.

Negatively, a shower may reflect negative or dishonest actions that improve your life in some way. Feeling that your social standing changes from a loser to a winner because you did something illegal or took drugs around people who pressured you. Awareness of yourself becoming a winner because you are choosing to change your life with an illegal decision.

Example: A young girl dreamed of being in a shower and pulling out her teeth. In waking life she felt that she was getting more respect from her friends after taking drugs for the very first time.

Example 2: A man had recurring dreams of being in his shower. In waking he was experiencing recurring bouts of anxiety that would fade away after a period of time leaving him feeling better about himself.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being in a shower. In waking life was experiencing a serious complication with his health slowly going away.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of crying in the shower. In waking life she felt that she was emotionally stable moving on from her mother's death and then suddenly found it difficult to get over her mother's death after thinking about her for too long.

*Please See Soap

*Please See Bathtubs

*Please See Bubble Bath

Shower Cap

To dream of a shower cap represents a wish to avoid changing your mindset or thinking style as you undergo some kind of renewal. Wanting to feel better about yourself or look better to others without having to change you attitude, mood, or intentions. Shielding yourself from some emotional situation.

Negatively, a shower cap may reflect a stubborn attitude while you undergo a change or renewal. A bad relationship or situation may have improved, but you don't want to change how you think about it.

Shower Curtain

To dream of a shower curtain represents feelings about some kind of situational barrier you are using to not embarrass yourself while improving or "refreshing" your life. Using to a situation or factor in your life to maintain privacy or avoid unpleasant revelations about yourself as you try to fix your life up. Hiding embarrassing things about yourself that you are trying to remove from your life. Feelings of personal discretion or having no intrusions into your private dealing while restoring some area of your life.

Example: A young man dreamed of holding a shower curtain in front on him while naked and blocking a girl from having sex with him. In waking life he was using the prolonged legal situation of the death of his father to avoid beginning dating a girl because his life wasn't perfectly financially secure until all the legal work was over. He didn't feel confident about himself dating the girl until he had full control of all the money from the sale of the property and his was completely financially secure.


To dream of shrapnel represents feelings about dangerous unexpected consequences or side effects. An explosive situation or temper causing problems in a number of other areas. Insensitive anger that doesn't care about anyone else's feelings if it doesn't get what it wants first. Feeling lucky to escape someone's anger with minimal lasting consequences. Collateral damage. Feeling that someone's anger is dangerously petty.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone getting hit by shrapnel. In waking life he has experiencing his mother getting very angry due to her illness after leaving the hospital. At the last minute she decided to cancel an family gathering due to her illness because her temper was really bad. The shrapnel in this case may have reflect feelings about his mother's temper have emotionally dangerous side-effects on the entire family's happiness.


To dream of a paper shredder represents the elimination of plans or ideas. You may be choosing to rid yourself of certain goals or plans as you decide to move in alternative directions. A shredder may also represent people or situations may be noticeably antagonistic towards your goals or wishes. Plans or goals seem to come undone before your eyes.

To dream of a paper shredder working in reverse may represents plans or ideas that are being revitalized after being abandoned or compromised.


To dream of eating shrimp represent positive feelings that something is too easy. Feeling good noticing how easy something is experience or achieve. Confidence that you can never fail or be contended with. Feeling that you are so powerful or superior that it's ridiculous to even question it. Feeling totally bigger than someone else. Feelings about your problems or enemies self-defeating in you presence or under your power.

Negatively, eating shrimp may reflect arrogance that is going too far or your feeling that you will never be taken seriously. Feeling that something is pathetically easy to experience or achieve. Over-confidence that something is too easy to the point of risking embarrassing yourself.


To dream of a shrine represents feelings of respecting something for being a "shining example" that has ever been. Regarding someone or something with great respect completely. Respecting someone or something as though they were the best that ever was. Not having anything else to do except say why something is respected completely as perfect example. Respecting something for being excellentest. Feeling so concerned with something being respected completely you don't want to be caught noticing that you're not. So concerned with something never being little it has to always be respected that way. Strong respect for the past. Feeling that someone never insults you or hurts you as long as you show respect to something a lot. Honoring the dead.

Negatively, dreaming of a shrine may represent overdoing respecting something. Not liking having to respect someone or something for being excellentest. Absolute respect for something that you don't want to show because you don't think it's that important. Obsession with someone or something being too important to ever forget. Feeling good never respecting something as more special or excellent than anything else for the rest of your life. Feeling annoyed having to enjoy respecting something or someone too much. Feeling that it's creepy to respect someone too much. Not liking respecting the past too much. Feeling that you're "over it" when other people aren't. Feelings about someone else making you think something is important when you don't think it matters. Respecting something completely as a shining example because you'll get in trouble if you don't. Feeling that someone died and not wanting to respect them all time or think they were excellent like other people think. Not thinking something is the best you've ever seen and not liking it is. Feeling that something is so overdone that you are annoyed it wants you to respect it that much. Feeling made to respect someone something too much.


To dream of shrinking represents feelings of growing insignificance, "shrinking: importance, or feeling reduced in power. Feeling slighted or neglected. Feeling abandoned or powerless in an overwhelming situation that overpowers you. Feeling that a situation is to large to deal with or that enemies are too powerful.


*Please See Psilocybin


To dream of real functioning window shutters represents signals about what you or someone else really feels about a situation. An indicator of mood or openness. Positively, shutters may reflect an unwillingness to be be noticed by others in a degrading, risky, or embarrassing manner.

To dream of closed window shutters represents an unwillingness to be noticed liking something. It may also reflect closing others off or not wanting to be involved with a situation. It may also point to sensitivity about situations having to feel good all the time.

Negatively, closed shutters may represent a childish attempt to avoid noticing something happening that can't be stopped. Closed window shutters may also reflect you or someone else that is being a prude or snob. Wanting to be noticed by others as being better than them.

To dream of decorative window shutters represents a preference to be noticed by others as having a lovely life. Feeling good noticing everything happening in your life is always perfect.

Negatively, decorative window shutters may reflect appearances without substance. Trying too hard to appear like everything in your life is perfect.

*Please See Blinds

*Please See Curtains

*Please See Windows


To dream of being shy represents feelings of being timid, too reserved, showing a small amount of anxiety about confronting something. Nervousness. Difficulty approaching a situation assertively. Situations where you are inhibited or insecure. Feeling that something inside holds you back when dealing with people or problems. Awareness of yourself disliking yourself being quiet. Anxiety about trying something or opening up to others. A sign that you need to be more assertive or aggressive. Lacking confidence in a situation. Not feeling comfortable wanting to do something yet.

Siamese Twins

*Please See Conjoined Twins


To dream of siblings represents an alternative or competing perspective.

Negatively, dreaming of a sibling may reflect unpleasant feelings about yourself losing. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings or beliefs that are counterproductive to your well-being such as insecurity, second guessing yourself, or self-defeating habits. Intentionally being depressed or choosing to lose.

Positively, a sibling may reflect confidence, hope, or someone with more experience than you. A better idea than yours.

If you have more than one sibling than each sibling will represent a competing or alternative aspect of your personality based on the one thing about them that stands out the most.

Your brother or sister may also symbolize your projection of him or her at the current moment.

To dream of a brother or sister that you don't actually have may represent new ideas or new perspectives that compete with your own. They may reflect new feelings of insecurity or self-doubt. Positively, they could reflect a new sense of hope or confidence. A little kid sister may symbolize feelings of responsibility or annoyance.

To dream of a sibling rivalry represents your attempt to overcome your own insecurities or flaws. It may also reflect your struggle to come to terms with alternative opinions or feelings. Alternatively, a sibling rivalry may represent your view of other people competing over different opinions or goals.

Example: A woman kept having dreams of her sister. Her most honest feelings about her sister was the she was always better looking or more popular. In waking she kept having disappointments with dating men who she felt she wasn't good looking enough for. In her dreams her sister reflected situations or comments made by others that made her feel that she wasn't good enough for the men she wanted.

Example 2: A young woman kept having dreams of her brother. Her most honest feeling about her brother was that he was a failure. In waking life she kept having bad luck dating. Her brother in the dreams reflected her own feeling of herself being a failure in relationships.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her brother. In waking life she was having an argument with her boyfriend and didn't like feeling like she lost the argument.

*Please See Sister-In-Law


To dream of being sick represents problems, disappointments, or setbacks that you must wait to pass before getting to do what you really want. Feeling held back by something you can't control.

A constant state of unhappiness in your life due to an issue that you feel is impossible to address.

Negatively, being sick in a dream may reflect a sense of hopelessness or impossibility about being able to to fix a problem
you feel you need to constantly put up with. Accepting problems or unhappiness without taking action. Whining about lingering problems or making excuses for problems you continue to live with.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her friend at work very sick and vomiting. In waking life she this friend was obese and spoke about how desperate she was to lose weight every time they spoke. The sick symbolism may have reflected the dreamers feelings about her friend being in a constant state of unhappiness about her life due to her weight problems.

*Please See Illness


To dream of a sickle represents conflict in your life that revolves around scaring other people into having to be perfectly honest. Scaring other people that they have to earn everything the hard way. Instilling fear in others that family has to come first. A fear of not working hard enough or being lazy. Fear that other people aren't impressed with your behavior.

Negatively, a sickle may reflect fear and intimidation used to manipulate people into regulating themselves into perfect honesty. Fear of no second chances or mistakes. A fear of being singled out for dishonesty. Alternatively, it may reflect a fear of having to be perfectly honest or do hard work.

To dream that you are holding a sickle may reflect your conflicting feelings about enforcing hard work or honesty on difficult people who you feel will not like it at all.

To dream of a rusty sickle may reflect conflicting feelings about enforcing hard work or honesty that has been neglected for a while. Difficulty making people change their lazy or dishonest ways after a long period of no discipline whatsoever. A very "ugly" confrontation about hard work or the need for renewed honesty.


*Please See Illness


To dream that you are walking on a sidewalk represents steady progress towards goals. Outcomes that you feel are absolutely certain. Slow progress in some area of your life that you are confident about. A direction in life where you are perfectly confident about your self-worth, strengths, or success. A path in life that is confident. Feeling certain that failure or embarrassment is impossible because your status is guaranteed.

Negatively, a sidewalk may reflect arrogance or hubris. Feeling confident while never listening to anyone else's advice, objections, or feelings. Being so certain of yourself that you ignore potential problems.

A cracked sidewalk may reflect minor problems or temporary setbacks that are keeping you from fully achieving a goal or being totally confident.

Example: A man dreamed of walking down a sidewalk. In waking life he was experiencing a big increase in sales with his business. He felt very confident and certain about himself.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing houses on a street in a very rich neighborhood where there were no sidewalks. In waking life he was having concerns about his business becoming too successful and having to hide his money so that he didn't draw attention to himself.

Example 3: A man dreamed of walking down a sidewalk. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of renewed confidence with his business as it began to make a lot more money that ever before.

Sifting Screen

To dream of a sifting screen represents careful scrutiny of an area of your life that's being cleansed. Keeping what's important in your life and removing what isn't.

Example: A person once dreamed of a sifting screen while they were in the process of giving their home a spring cleaning.


*Please See Tourist

*Please See Tourist Destination


To dream of a sign represents help, direction, or guidance. A sign may also reflect your intuition about what a situation is signaling to you. A "sign of the times."

Consider what the sign says for additional symbolic meaning. For example, a stop sign may reflect a situation or person that is signaling you to discontinue certain behavior or try another method.

To dream of a sign in Hebrew language may reflect feelings about "ominous signs" or signals that being more honest than other people might be required to proceed with a situation. Feeling that mistakes, cheating, not following rules perfectly, or holding back your true feelings will be detrimental to you in some way. Signs that the future in your life will require perfect honesty or adhering to policies that you might not like.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing signs in Hebrew as he walked in his homeland Estonia. In waking life he was unhappy with his current school program and felt that being perfectly honest about this so that he could change to another school course to his parents would be difficult.

*Please See Road Signs


To see your signature in your dream represents your agreement and acceptance for a certain condition or situation. Your seal of approval.


To dream of silence represents feelings about accepting a situation the way it is without interference. No other people's thoughts or agendas interfering with yours. Enjoying peace or stability in your life. Not feeling that anyone is arguing or disagree with you.

Negatively, silence may reflect feelings about accepting a dangerous situation as it is while being totally powerless to change it. Feeling alone, abandoned, or stranded in a situation. Feeling that nobody likes you. Feeling that problems or crisis is going to go unnoticed. Silent tension. You or others that are not communicating what they really feel. Apathy. Feelings you have about a secret you know about. A fear of asking for help or taking action.

To experience silence occur suddenly while first experiencing sound of some kind may reflect feelings about a dramatic negative change. An unexpected change. The emptiness of relationships or enjoyable situations suddenly ending. You or someone else is experiencing a dramatic reversal of behaviour without resistance. Unexpected failure or loss.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a silent injection with a syringe into a man which killed the man. In waking life he was having difficult emotions about the slow destruction of the poor in society. He felt the poor were being harmed and that it was going unnoticed.

Example 2: A girl dreamed of experiencing herself remaining silent. In waking life she got into a big argument with her mother and was too uncomfortable to ask for her mothers help with homework

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing silent horses. In waking life she has a number of sexual fantasies she wanted to experience with her boyfriend, but was afraid to speak to him about them.

Example 4: A person dreamed staying silent. In waking life they were choosing to not get involved in a debate at work to avoid office politics.

*Please See No Sound

*Please See Quiet


To dream of being silent represents feelings about being aware of yourself being passive in some area of your life. Unpleasant feelings about yourself not speaking up, not asserting yourself, or having anxiety about waiting. Staying silent on a subject. Experiencing problems or bad situations happening without objection. Choosing to not express feelings or reveal information. Feelings about unrevealed secrets. Discomfort about the aftermath of an unpleasant ending. Having no opinions on a matter when other people might expect you to. Feelings about thoughts or opinions being obvious and don't require stating them. Staying silent on a subject.

To dream of silence represents an awareness that nothing is happening. Awareness of silent tension or emptiness. A wish to get away from tension. Feelings about social situations or relationships where people are not talking to each other. Fearing something without expressing it to anyone.

Example: A young man dreamed of being silent. In waking life he had experienced himself being yelled at by his mother and he choose to not respond or argue back.

Example 2: A man dreamed of experiencing eerie silence. In waking life he was experiencing the end of a relationship and felt uncomfortable about it.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of sitting in silence. In waking life he, wanted his mothers support on an issue, but she wouldn't give it to him while he "silently" accepted it without bringing it up to her in private.

Example 4: A man dreamed of staying silent. In waking life during a debate at work because he had no opinion on the matter.


To dream of silk represents feelings about a situation being comfortably smooth or easy that sensitive about not being embarrassed once. Enjoying how easy something is by not embarrassing it at all. Never being uncomfortable with what you are doing. Enjoying smooth progress or never having to experience a single problem at all. Enjoying a easygoing social atmosphere because one person is making a careful effort to not embarrass the other person once. Feeling that nothing is insane about how easy something is, but never wanting to ruin it or have anything attack it. Feeling that something is so good with being easy or smooth that you don't want one thing dangerous to happen. Never wanting anything teaching you a lesson because that will ruin everything. Easiness that loves you, but should never be embarrassed at all. Feeling a out a more attractive option that notices it's the easiest there is. Liking having to think easy or smooth behavior has to stay that way no matter what.

Negatively, dreaming about silk may represent not liking thinking of a single thing wrong or uncomfortable because there shouldn't be once.

To dream of black silk may reflect feelings of being professionally comfortable no matter what you are doing. Enjoying being comfortable no matter what. Negatively, it may reflect feeling of being comfortable no matter what you are doing that is excessive to other people. Feelings about people that are more negative or evil than you that never stop being comfortable once.

To dream of white silk represents feelings about being comfortable no mater what you are doing that is perfectly honest or cares about someone else's problems never mattering. Trying your hardest to make a situation as comfortably easy as possible for others. Never asking for anything in return while being totally comfortable for someone else. Making it feel good being perfectly easy to get along with. Feeling good noticing how perfectly easy and smooth a situation is going for you. Someone in your life that is being perfectly nice to you. Negatively, white silk may be a sign that you are trying too hard to please someone else by being too nice or too compliant to please them. Trying hard to be nicer than anyone else.

To dream of wearing silk represents feelings about your personality being smooth or laidback. Liking yourself being comfortable no matter what you are doing.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing a white silk dress while standing next to a dangerous man with a gun who didn't want anyone else to get near her. In waking life she trying to be very nice and sweet to a man she was dating. The man was very mean and controlling towards her. The white silk dress may have reflected her attempts to be submissive to the man by trying to listen to everything he's saying like she was always comfortable to talk to being nicer to the man then he was to her with concern of not angering him once.

Example 2: A young woman in high-school dreamed of seeing stars in the sky with a woman beside the stars with a silk covering over the face so only the eyes showed in the sky at night. In waking life she recently broke up with her boyfriend and noticed the breakup made her and her ex a popular discussion at school. The silk covering on the face of the Indian woman in the sky with stars may have reflected her feelings about how easy it was to be popular at school by caring about never having a single bad thing to say about her ex when it happened.


The color silver in dreams is symbolic of the intuition, luck, or coincidences. Your intuition or internal guidance helping you to make choices to lead you to what you need in life. New insight, power or freedom gained by chance.

Negatively, silver may be a sign that you have bad luck or feel that nothing seems to work out for you.

To dream of silver objects represents your sense of intuition or luck that is associated with whatever the objects symbolizes.

To dream of silver colored clothes represents the personality being lucky or intuitive. Negative colors with silver like red, black, or dark purple may reflect bad luck that you can't escape.

The reason why silver represents the intuition is because of the color of the moon and the moon's tendency to make people feel lucky or unlucky.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman in a silver dress. In waking life he was having unusual luck running in girls he wanted to date.

*Please See Coins

Silver Coins

*Please See Coins

Silver Dollars

*Please See Coins


To dream of a silverware set represents a sophisticated, intelligent, or mature approach to an experience you are having. Having an adult conversation with someone. A special or rare occasion in a relationship.

Alternatively, silverware may reflect experiences which require a higher than normal show of integrity or respect. Difficult or serious conversations about topics that are rarely discussed.

Positively, silverware may reflect an attempt to instill respect, integrity, or harmony in relationships or family life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing silverware. In waking life she was trying to have a serious adult conversation with her husband about her suspicions that he was cheating on her.

*Please See Knife

*Please See Forks

*Please See Spoons


To dream of committing a sin represents awareness of breaking rules or guidelines that you know must never be broken. You or someone else has done something they aren't proud of. Breaking an unspoken rule or violating your own principles. Breaking organizational conduct or moral codes.

Negatively, sinning in a dream may reflect guilt you are harboring or sign that you are too concerned with being perfect. It may also reflect guilt or shame for embarrassing yourself with people who expected your co-operation.

Alternatively, sinning in a dream may reflect your guilt for not being perfect with god. Feeling spiritually unforgivable. A sign that you need to stop taking yourself so seriously or tell yourself that everyone makes mistakes. It may also mean you are trying too hard to be perfect spirituality.

To dream of someone else sinning may reflect your feeling that certain people or actions are unforgivable.

Example: A young girl dreamed of having sinned and needing to burn herself in a box to cleanse her sins. In waking life she had gotten poorer grades than was unusual for her and her parents warned her that to fix her grades she had to stop focusing on finishing first and spend more time studying. The sin in the dream may have reflected the young girl's view of getting bad grades being something that is unforgivable by her parents, teachers, and her fellow students.


To dream of singing happily represents joy, happiness, or harmony. A positive, uplifting or cheerful mood. You may have been in the mood to celebrate. Your outlook in life is looking up. Alternatively singing may reflect how you communicate, embrace, or express your feelings.

To dream of singing sadly may represent how you are communicating, embracing, or expressing your pain.

To dream of singing to someone else may reflect a need to project certain feelings to others or to make others feel a certain way. You may be very concerned about making someone feel good about what you are saying to them.

Example: A man dreamed of singing a song to his parents. In real life he was preparing to lie to them and believed that his story had to feel perfect to them. His story and rhetoric had to be totally on key. The singing reflected his need to make his parents feel good about his lie.

*Please See Music


To dream of being single may represent your feeling of being open to change a new opportunity. Feeling that you can do whatever you want. Not feeling tied down to a situation. Wanting to try something new.

Negatively, being single may reflect feelings of being unlucky or that you are not cared about. Feelings of loss or disappointment. You may also feel that certain habits or situations are not as helpful as they used to be. Alternatively, dreaming of being single reflect fears of losing your partner.

*Please See Unmarried


To dream of a sink represents preoccupation with finishing some aspect of your life. Noticing yourself getting rid of ideas, feelings, plans, or situations. Wanting or choosing to end a way of thinking or living.

To dream of a kitchen sink is often symbolizes preparation to finish or get rid of some area of your life. Often an intuitive symbol for a change of thinking that is almost upon you. You are planning or about to feel that it's a good idea to change.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing dishes being washed in a sink. In waking life he was realizing that it may be a good idea to stop desiring a girl he liked.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a sink overflowing. In waking life she was experiencing an unusually heavy menstrual cycle. The dream most likely reflected her frustrations with being unable to control or end her period.

*Please See Sinking


To dream of a sinkhole represents feelings of shock that an unexpected problem is surfacing or must be confronted. Surprise exacerbation of problem or problems that seemingly arise with no warning. Feelings of anxiety about problems will arise with no warning. Feelings of unexpected failure or embarrassment. Fear about potential failure that could occur even if you don't make any mistakes. Fears about relationships succumbing to failure from unexpected problems.


To dream of sinking represents feelings of slow loss, despair, or losing ground. You are feeling overwhelmed or unable to stop a negative situation from getting worse. A fear of unstoppable failure. Someone or something is dragging you down. You may be experiencing low self-esteem and confidence. Needing help that is either not available or that you are not being assertive enough about asking for. Feeling pressure to make a decision or change before total embarrassment occurs. A situation that is deteriorating. Feelings about your worst fears becoming a reality. Feelings about being unable to help others. Feeling that you can't stop your life from getting worse.

Positively, a dream about sinking may reflect an unpleasant stage of your life that is coming to an end. Problems or bad people that seem to be slowly going away on their own. Experiencing your enemies succumbing to humiliation.

Example: A young girl had a nightmare about seeing a woman sinking into the ground. In waking life she was experiencing her mother's health deteriorating.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a car sinking. In waking life he was fearing that his marriage was deteriorating because he couldn't get a job fast enough to please his wife.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having a "sinking feeling." In waking life she felt that her entire life was slowly deteriorating with no way to stop it as family relationships kept getting worse.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing a sinking ship. In waking life his health problems were slowly getting worse.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing apartment buildings sinking. In waking life she started a new job helping terminally ill people. In this case the apartment buildings sinking may have represented her feelings about the sick people and their families having lives revolving around an illness that nobody can control with a slow inevitable death.


To dream of sirens represents a sense of urgency to deal with a problem at hand. You or someone else that feels attention must be drawn to an issue. A situation that you feel is an immediate priority. Being alerted to a problem.

Negatively, a siren may reflect feelings of stress, frustration, or too preoccupied with planning for an emergency.

Example: A woman dreamed of hearing sirens. In waking life she was pregnant and having anxiety about the day she would go into labor.


To dream of a sister-in-law represents a compromise in your life that you are sensitive about or feel forced into. It may also reflect a compromise you've made with someone that leaves you feeling competitive, yet at a disadvantage.


*Please See Siblings


To dream of watching a sitcom represents a situation you are experiencing where nobody is doing what they're supposed to. You may be noticing how ridiculous people are being.

To dream of watching a popular or favorite sitcom show may reflect a type of experience you are having based on your most honest feelings about that show. Ask yourself what behavior stands out the most about that show and how that behavior may symbolize a situation in your own life.

Negatively, a sitcom in a dream may reflect your boredom with a situation or your wish to move on. It may also reflect a negative situation based on the behavior of the characters.

*Please See Comedy


To dream of sitting represents being comfortable with a decision or a wish to not do anything different. Alternatively, sitting may reflect laziness or an unwillingness to co-operate. You may be accustomed to a situation or way of living.

Negatively, sitting in a dream may reflect problems initiating needed action when it's important. It may also reflect a stubborn or angry unwillingness to change your mind about a decision to stay put.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone sitting on a couch. In waking life a friend wanted a favor from him that he had no interest in making. He was very comfortable with his life the way it was and felt the favor was asking too much of him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a heavy man sitting on his leg. In waking life his circulation in his leg had been cut off due to an overly tight cast.

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