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Shopping Cart

To dream of a shopping cart represents feeling empowered and in control of your life by having the ability to make decisions or "shop around" while you take action towards achieving your goals. Actively thinking about and exploring options. The intention to "shop around" for options towards a new experience. Gathering and considering different ideas. Focused or serious attitude towards goals.

Negatively, dreaming about a shopping cart may reflect wasting time considering options. Feeling burdened by too many choices. Difficulty making decisions. Feeling overwhelmed or bogged down by too many options. The fear of someone else having options that lets them move on quickly and easily without you.

To dream of an empty shopping cart may reflect goals you are serious about achieving, but haven't completely decided on. You're seriously looking, but unable to find exactly what you want. A lack of direction or purpose, or a sense of disappointment or unfulfillment.

To dream of a shopping cart that is left behind or abandoned represents giving up on a goal or not following through with plans. Giving up on "shopping around" for options.

To dream of a shopping cart overloaded represents feeling overwhelmed or bogged down by too many options or responsibilities. Overdoing considering options. Embarrassing yourself seeing too many options. Feelings about accepting too many options just make your life work at all.

To dream of a shopping cart that is unstable or unbalanced represents a sense of insecurity or instability in your life in relation to your choices and decisions. Feeling uncertain or having difficulty making decisions.

To dream of a shopping cart with obstacles in the way, being stuck, or running into other objects represents feeling blocked or hindered in your ability to make choices or move forward in a certain area of your life.

Example: A girl dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend pushing a shopping cart. In waking life, she had just broken up with him and knew that he was serious about looking for someone else. In this case, the shopping cart may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about her ex-boyfriend "shopping around" for a new relationship. The shopping cart may also reflect the dreamer's fear that the ex-boyfriend will move on quickly without her.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being in a store with a shopping cart. In waking life, he was considering ideas for a second business to run from home. In this case, the shopping cart could symbolize the man's decision-making process for his second business venture. The shopping cart represents the idea that he is collecting and considering different options for his new business, just as he would collect and consider different items to purchase in a store. The fact that he is pushing the shopping cart around the store could indicate that he is actively thinking about and exploring his options.



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