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School Shooter

To dream of a school shooter represents feelings of extreme conflict, aggression, or a drastic measure being taken in response to an issue that you feel prevents you from taking your time to think about your problems safely. A situation where you feel under threat, attacked, or aggressively opposed while attempting to safely deal with issues, cope with anxiety, or think about your problems. Fear of losing control, experiencing violence, or dealing with extreme anger either from someone else. The manifestation of fear or conflict in your life. Feelings of wanting to retaliate against others for not allowing you to handle your problems peacefully. Behavior that retaliates against people for being bullied, overlooked, or denied thoughtful consideration. Repressed malice, rage, envy and hatred.

Negatively, dreaming about a school shooter could represent feelings of being overwhelmed by anger, frustration, or resentment. Feelings about other people having a lack of control over impulses or that a situation is spiraling out of control. Perhaps you are struggling with feelings of powerlessness, fear, or revenge from other people in your waking life. A fear of unexpected violence, betrayal, or extreme measures being taken by someone around you. Tensions, conflicts, or feelings of aggression that need to be addressed or resolved in a safe and healthy manner.

Example: A woman dreamed of a school shooter. Some people escaped and some people didn't. She was asked to stand up to the shooter by following a man to confront the shooter directly. In waking life, she recently decided to separate from her husband. In this case, the school shooter may have reflected her feelings about her husband retaliating against her for choosing the separate instead of spending more time figuring out how to reconcile their troubled relationship.

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