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Ukrainian People

To dream of Ukrainian people represents aspects of the personality that are thoughtful about not accepting weakness that doesn't need explaining. Thoughtfulness of noticing what's most important like it isn't weak. Thoughtful about never being weak because you are doing something about it. Thoughtful about other people's feelings while noticing the worst part. Thoughtful about never noticing anything weaker than it should be. Isn't cold, but notices what the worst part is just to be safe. Not evil, but you have to notice what strong or fastest is the right way. Importance of weakness needing to be cut off so it's not thought about. Thoughtful about noticing other people don't say they're weak. Thoughtful about listening to nothing happening being weak. Sensitive about nobody else is noticing anything more dangerous than they should be. Not liking anyone saying they saw you accepting anything is weak. Toughness that doesn't want to let anyone else say they saw the weakness either.

Positively, a Ukrainian person in a dream may reflect being unwilling to look stupid, desperate, or having chosen to lose because you'll just not give up. Always thinking that there is something else that can be done to win when problems arise. Seeing yourself as successful as you have to be for other people. Feeling good that you are not scared that you can fix something yourself because you're reliant on yourself to keep being strong. Feeling good that everything is working is the reason why everyone supports you. Feeling that relationships are what you have to see not being weak no matter what you do. Handling a situation so nobody else has to see weakness or giving up.

Negatively, dreaming about Ukrainian people may reflect overdoing being thoughtful about never accepting weakness to the point that nobody feels good being told to doing something about it. Feelings about not being respected if you want to keep saying something weak repeatedly. Feeling that you aren't being attacked, but weakness is brought up to make sure you are safe. Feeling that nobody likes you if bring up weakness first and do nothing about it. Nobody ever likes to hear you say anything weak yourself, so you never bring it up. An attitude of problems aren't really problems, but you have to do more. Nobody wants to talk to you about why you're noticing weakness permanently and accepting it. Feeling that nobody wants to talk to you about being hopeless because they don't think it's important to do nothing about it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone that looked like a dead Ukrainian president in a coffin. In waking life a young girl who went to school with his son had gotten into a very bad car accident due to icy roads. In this case the dead Ukrainian president may have reflected letting go of his heightened need to discuss road safety because his his wife and children's got over their oversensitivity about dying from icy roads. He was thoughtful about taking control over the situation so nobody thought of dying in a car accident.

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