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To dream of being in the Ukraine represents a mindset where you feel surrounded by people or situations that are thoughtful about never accepting weakness is thought of first. Feeling that you need to constantly be thoughtful about what is most important first or nobody will talk to you. Being mindful of never being weak requiring you to do something about it all the time. Thoughtful about noticing what's most important even if it's not what you want. Thoughtful about noticing that nobody else thought of weakness like you have to keep it up. Never crying about why weakness is never accepted. Sensitive about nobody else is noticing anything more dangerous than they should be. Not liking anyone saying they saw you saying anything is weak. Toughness that doesn't want to let anyone else say they saw weakness.

Negatively, dreaming about Ukrainian people may reflect annoyance that you have to be thoughtful about not being weak all the time. Feelings about not being let go of if you want to accept weakness and do nothing about it. Nobody ever likes to hear you say anything weak yourself, so you never bring it up. An attitude of problems aren't really problems, but you have to do more. Putting up with behavior that will keep expecting to not be accepted as little to no end. Nobody wants to talk to you about why you're accepting weakness or not focusing on what's most important. Nobody respecting you in control if you accept weakness or overlook the most important part. Never crying about why weakness is never accepted that never ends.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being in the Ukraine. In waking life she was undergoing treatment for hepatitis C. In this case Ukraine may have reflected her feelings about everybody she knew never wanting to talk to her about hepatitis C being incurable ruining her life because they were hoping it will go away if she keeps taking her medication on her own. They might preferred to not talk to her until her treatment was over.

*Please See Ukrainian People



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