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Tranquilizer Darts

To dream of tranquilizer darts represents feeling about precision power to pacify, "put to sleep" or lull behavior into complacency. Precise focused targeted orders given to someone to pacify them. A sense of powerlessness and concern about the manipulation of information or events. A feeling about yourself or someone else being duped. Focused targeting actions to override someone despite their behavior or resistance. Bypassing people you think need to settle down by pacifying them.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a turkey hit with tranquilizer darts. In waking life, she had fears about the American public being duped by the CIA. In this case, the tranquilizer darts may have reflected the dreamer's fear that the American public is being "duped", "put to sleep" or lulled into complacency by forces beyond their control, such as government agencies like the CIA.

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