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To dream of darts represents feelings about behavior that is dangerously precise, focused, and targeted in a competitive way. Feelings behavior being dangerous about seeing that being precise is important. Precision, focus, and goal-setting. Perhaps the dreamer is aiming for a specific target or trying to achieve a certain goal in their waking life. Darts can also represent competition and the desire to win, or the need to be accurate and precise in one's actions or decisions. Precise, focused, or targeted behavior that games it. Competitive speech between 2 people over who is more targeted with being hurtful.

Negatively, dreaming about darts represents feelings behavior that is acting in precise, focused, and competitive way, which can be seen as dangerous or harmful. The dreamer may be feeling intimidated or threatened by this person's behavior and may perceive them as aggressive or overly competitive. An attitude that is too serious about being harmful that is directly aimed at someone. Engaging in behavior that is overly focused and competitive with precise hateful attacks. A fear of failure that makes you too serious about needing to be accurate and precise in your actions like you gaming it. Feeling overwhelmed or threatened by someone in their waking life who is very focused, precise, and competitive. Manipulation or keeping up with others in a competitive way that is very precise, focused, and targeted. Hatefulness or hurtful thoughts.

To dream of throwing darts and missing the target or hitting something unintended, this could suggest precise, focused, or targeted goal setting is not working as intended.

Dreams about darts are common to people who experienced precise focused targeted hurtful words towards another person. It may also reflect competitiveness about liking other people better than whoever you are speaking about in a hurtful way.

To dream of a dartboard represents a competitive attitude, where each person is trying compete with each other about who had the more precise and accurate way to approach a situation.

Example: An older woman dreamed of seeing written notes stuck to the ground with darts. In waking life she was uncertain about what to do to kick a racist out of her church because the racist beliefs were against church policy. In this case the darts may have reflected her feelings about the racist in her church saying things that were dangerously precise, focused, and targeted competitively towards minorities while ignoring church policy.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of darts being shot in a room and eventually getting one shot in her foot. In waking she recently told 2 of her female friends that she no longer liked them. In this case the darts may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about focused precise targeted hurtful comments to her friends about saying she didn't like them anymore and their response back at her. The dream may be urging the dreamer to reflect on her relationships and consider a more precise and accurate approach to dealing with conflict or expressing her feelings towards others.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of walking down a hallway and getting a lot of darts shot at her and one dart went into her neck. In waking life she felt that a lot of people were letting her down and saying unkind things to her. In this case the darts may have reflected the dreamer's sense of being targeted or attacked by others in her waking life. The darts being shot at her in the dream may symbolize the dreamer's perception of the unkind words or actions of those around her, and the one dart going into her neck could represent the harm or injury that she feels as a result.

Example 4: A man dreamed of playing darts and losing horribly before losing his anger. In waking life he was working on issues with his wife and felt it was emotionally really difficult. He was dealing with his anger. In this case the darts may have reflected his competitiveness with his wife over who had the more targeted hurtful words.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of trying to decide where to put a dartboard. In waking life she was having a battle of wills and increasing vocal stances with her husband about whose was more deserving to get their way. In this case the dartboard may have reflected the woman's perception of the situation with her husband as a competitive game, where each of them is trying compete with each other about who had the more precise and accurate way to approach a situation.

*Please See Tranquilizer Darts



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