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Cell Phones

To dream of a cellphone represents an emotional or psychological connection (or closeness) to resources, feelings, or people that you feel are important to have or are always possible to access. Resources, emotions, or connections to other people that you always want available to you. Things you want to have, want to experience, or just think about a lot. Alternatively, a cell phone may have the ease of communicating or connecting to a relationship.

Negatively, dreaming about a cellphone represents an emotional or psychological connection (or closeness) to resources, feelings, or people that you are desperate or immoral about needing to stay connected to. Urgent feelings of needing something. Difficulty letting go of certain resources, feelings, or people. Depending on delusions or lying to yourself that everything is okay in order to keep believing in yourself.

To talk on a cell phone in a dream may represent your engagement or active participation in a situation that involves maintaining or seeking out emotional or psychological connections. It may indicate your efforts to reach out, communicate, or stay connected with someone or something that is important to you. Your focus on issues that are important to you or emotionally valuable. Feeling the importance of being connected to something, someone, or certain feelings. A strong interest in making something happen. Talking on a cell phone may also reflect emotional urgency. You feel you need something in order to function.

To dream of losing your cell phone represents an emotional disconnection from what's important to you. Difficulties that distract you or prevent you from thinking or feeling as you wish. Fears of losing touch with a part of your identity, missing out on important connections, or feeling isolated from those around you. It may represent anxiety about being out of the loop, losing access to valuable resources or support systems, or fears of being unable to communicate effectively.

To dream of finding a cellphone may represent new opportunities for connection, rediscovery of lost relationships, or the resolution of communication issues.

To dream of being unable to reach someone on your cellphone represents feelings of separation or being cut off from an aspect of your life that you feel is important to be connected to. You may be unable to communicate with someone you care about or feel cut off from something that is emotionally supportive. Family members who are separated from loved ones often dream of being unable to use their cellphone to contact that person.

To dream of a cracked cell phone represents feelings about formerly easy connections or access in life being compromised or ruined. Feeling that friendships or relationships you need have some kind of irrecoverable damage to them. Convenient relationships or access feels permanently compromised due to conflicts that are too difficult to overcome. Feeling cut off. Not liking an unpleasant overtone overshadowing a formerly easy thing to do in your life. Special treatment may feel lost. Difficulty letting go of someone or something because life is more difficult without them.

To dream of dropping a cell phone represents waking life situations where you feel that emotional or psychological closeness has been let go of. Accidental loss of access, connections, or feelings that are important to you. Feeling that access or connections have been "dropped." Choosing to intentionally let go of your cell phone may reflect feelings of intentionally disregarding or letting go of something stressful.

To dream of a broken cellphone represents feelings of frustration, communication breakdowns, or a disruption in your ability to connect with others or access important resources. Alternatively, it could signify feelings of inadequacy or limitations in emotional or psychological connection (or closeness) to resources, feelings, or people that you feel are important to have or are always possible to access. Feeling cut off from resources or power. Feeling unable to initiate a situation.

To dream of intentionally breaking your cell phone may represent feelings of wanting to disconnect or distance yourself from a source of stress, distraction, or unhealthy attachment. Frustrations with communication, the breakdown of relationships, or the desire to disconnect from stressful or negative influences. A desire to disconnect from certain responsibilities, relationships, or resources in your life. A desire to sever ties with someone or something that is causing you distress or discomfort.

To dream of a cellphone battery dying may represent concerns about losing the ability to maintain important connections or access resources that you rely on. Feelings of powerlessness or fear of missing out.

To dream of spying on someone using a cellphone may reflect feelings of curiosity, jealousy, or intrusion into someone's private matters.

To dream of losing the signal on your cellphone may represent feelings of frustration or isolation due to disruptions or a lack of understanding. A breakdown in relationships, difficulties in expressing yourself, or challenges in staying connected with important aspects of your life. A need to find alternative ways to connect or communicate more effectively with those around you.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing an old friend talking on a cell phone with a girl he liked. This old friend was someone who never gives up. In waking life, the young man was rejected by the girl he liked and couldn't stop liking her. In this case, the old friend on the cellphone may have reflected his own feelings about not wanting to give up on his emotional connection to the girl he liked. It may also reflect his ongoing psychological connection and readiness to keep trying or hoping for a chance to be with her, despite the rejection. The old friend's characteristic of never giving up mirrored his own unwillingness to let go of his desirous feelings about the possibility of a relationship with the girl and his unwillingness to stop thinking of her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of finding a cracked cell phone. In waking life, she kept having feelings about getting back with her ex-boyfriend after a very big argument that she felt may have made it impossible to reconcile their very good past relationship. She felt it was no longer easy to be friends with her ex. In this case, the cracked cellphone may have reflected her feelings about the damaged state of her emotional/relationship connection with her ex-boyfriend. She now felt a rift in her relationship with him and felt that easy access to emotional closeness and communication she once shared with him was now compromised.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of smashing a woman's cell phone. In waking life, she was jealous of her boyfriend telling her about another woman he was interested in and gave him an ultimatum to choose between her and the other woman. In this case, smashing the woman's cell phone may have reflected her feelings of wanting to forcefully sever the emotional or psychological connection her boyfriend had with the other woman. It symbolized a drastic measure to eliminate the possibility of her boyfriend maintaining any form of communication or connection with the other woman.

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Cellphone Camera

To dream of a cellphone camera represents your ability to take the time to notice something is important or interesting for yourself.

To dream of cellphone camera videos represents feelings about experiences that you feel are important to remember having or to want noticed by others as having had. An experience you felt was important to take the time to have.

To dream of a cellphone camera pictures represents feelings about memories that you feel are important to remember having or to want noticed by others as having had. A memory you felt was important to take the time to have.

Negatively, dreaming about cellphone camera photos or videos may reflect your tendency to allow something personal to happen. Allowing something personal to be remembered. Feelings about other people enjoying experiencing or showing off noticing something bad happening to you.

Example: A woman dreamed of a cellphone recording of a shark eating a dolphin. In waking life she was noticing all of her husband's cheating behavior before he left her without doing anything about it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being recorded on cellphone camera by a lot of people while she was in her underwear holding a box. In waking life he was embarrassed for being single and unemployed and thought that a number of people she knew thought that it was important to enjoy judging her for it.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of people using cellphone camera to record a dangerous situation and not call for help. In waking life she didn't know for sure if her friends liked her. The cellphone camera in this case may have reflected her feelings about friends having the ability to enjoying watching bad things happen to her and not do anything about it.



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