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To dream of 'spit' or 'spitting' often represents feelings about rejection, disrespect, or disdain. Spitting is a universal sign of contempt and disrespect, and in a dream, it may symbolize negative feelings, attitudes, or behaviors that you or others are displaying. This dream could reflect your thoughts about a situation where you feel disrespected, overlooked, or devalued.

Positively, dreaming about spit might symbolize the need to rid oneself of something that is not desired or respected. It may reflect a conscious choice to reject certain principles, habits, or relationships that have proven to be negative or harmful over time. It could also be indicative of your assertiveness and strength in standing up for yourself, especially in situations where you feel undervalued or disrespected.

Negatively, dreaming about spit could represent feelings of disdain, disrespect, or crude behavior. It might symbolize a lack of consideration for others' feelings or disrespect for established norms and values. Perhaps you're struggling with situations where you're the subject of scorn or disregard, or you might be expressing your own negative feelings or attitudes in a way that is harmful or disrespectful to others.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone spit inside of a bucket. In waking life, she felt that her last sexual experience with her husband was empty. In this case, spitting in the bucket may have reflected her feelings about how empty it felt to have her husband ejaculate in her with disdain as though she didn't matter as a person he cared about.

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