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Sand Castle

To dream of a sand castle represents an accomplishment that you are proud of, but that you feel is vulnerable to external factors beyond your control. A temporary or fragile success in your waking life. It may symbolize something that you have built up or achieved, but that is not permanent or long-lasting. The sandcastle can also represent your creativity and ability to construct and manifest your goals, but it may also indicate that you are aware of the impermanence of things in life and that you need to enjoy and appreciate what you have while it lasts. Feeling good that something you've achieved has to be talked about or seen by everyone you know when it probably not last. Feeling proud of yourself for achieving sobriety, but knowing that sobriety is fragile to emotional instability or bad influences.

Example: A man dreamed of his sand castle being ruined and then trying to rebuild it like nothing was wrong with it. In waking life he was sensitive about staying sober from alcoholism. He believed he was strong about staying sober, but then went out with some friends and got drunk. He didn't think it was a big deal and that he could continue to manage himself. In this case, the sand castle may have reflected his confidence and belief in his ability to stay sober, while the ruined sandcastle and his attempt to rebuild it despite its flaws may reflect his denial or attempt to brush off his recent relapse. The dream may be warning him to be more vigilant and mindful of the potential triggers that could cause a setback in his recovery.

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