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To dream of a pharmacy reflects a situation with a requirement of proof of good advice and necessity in order to receive help with a serious problem. Feelings about expert advice that gives you permission to fulfill a 'prescription' for a course of action in your life to remedy a particular situation. It may be a sign that you feel embarrassed, under pressure, or untrusted. Feeling that people will help you solve a serious problem if your problem is legit, you already have a plan to resolve it, and talked to someone experienced about it. The need to find a reliable 'prescription' or plan to improve challenging real-life circumstances.

Example: A woman dreamed of driving around looking for a pharmacy to fulfill a prescription for pills, but finding that they were all closed. She then called her mother to tell her that she thought that the world was ending. In waking life, she was having serious financial problems. She wanted a new job and a change in her life. In this case, looking for a pharmacy to get prescription pills and being unable to find one may have reflected her feelings of desperation and the perceived unavailability of immediate solutions or expert advice for her financial problems.

*Please See Drugstore



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