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Michelle Obama

To dream of Michelle Obama represents feelings of deserving to be respected and confident in one's abilities. It may symbolize being comfortable in one's own skin and not accepting easy answers or shortcuts to success. The dream may reflect a desire to avoid embarrassment or inaction in the face of a problem. It can also suggest a belief in the importance of intelligence and hard work in achieving success with one's goals.

Michelle Obama can represent the qualities of intelligence, confidence, grace, leadership, and empowerment.

Negatively, dreaming about Michelle Obama represents feelings about safely preparing or talking about taking action that is never as strong as you'd like to see. Not feeling powerfullest right away, but having to talk about the situation a lot more thoughtfully than you thought you did. Feeling that an issue important to you isn't doing anything except saying it's important.

Alternatively, Michelle Obama may use symbolism of First Lady. Older dreams during the time of Barack Obama's presidency may have less to do with her personality and more to do with her role.

Example: A woman dreamed of sitting in Michelle Obama's office being counselled by her and feeling calm. In waking life she was in the middle dealing with a lawsuit. In this case the symbolism of Michelle Obama may have reflect her feelings about talking to her litigation lawyer about going to court. Michelle Obama may also reveal the dreamer's desire for stability and support in dealing with the difficult situation of the lawsuit. Michelle Obama's position as a former First Lady and public figure known for her stability and confidence that something could start could also represent the dreamer's aspirations for strong leadership, stability, and guidance in handling the lawsuit.

The lawyer may have felt comfortable in her own skin being a lawyer while not wanting to talk to the dreamer about thinking winning a lawsuit is going to be easy, tough, and fast. At the same time she probably liked encouraging being safely prepared. Consider the implication of the dream showing the person "married to the President and not the actual President" possibly revealing the dreamer is typical of inexperienced people having a lawsuit that expects to be fast with a stronger lawyer than the other person.

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