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To dream of luggage represents your feelings about desires, worries, or responsibilities that you are carrying around with you. Keeping yourself prepared or keeping ready no matter how much your life changes. Feelings about what you need to "keep it together" during times of transition.

Negatively, luggage may represent the burden of your responsibilities and emotional problems that follow you around. Emotional "baggage" you have problems letting go of. Behavior that may be too high maintenance. Problems you to constantly deal with or talk about. Children you need to look after.

Alternatively, dream of luggage may represents a wish to experience something different. You may wish to leave the past behind you or show other people how different you are.

Luggage may also reflect your wish to go on vacation or travel.

To dream of lost luggage represents feelings about having lost your ability to "keep it together" during or after a transitional moment. Feeling unprepared or not ready for something you expected to be ready for. Feeling that you've lost your ability to be prepared or ready for a different state of mind you were expecting to experience.

Example: A man dreamed of leaving his luggage on a train when he got off at a stop to buy something, and then seeing the train take off. In waking life he was a business man that took part in a number of long term projects and at this point in his life he feared that taking on a new project in the middle of a current one would force him to miss out on an opportunity that he had been preparing for a long for. The lost luggage in this case may have reflected his projected fears about losing his preparedness for future opportunities if he took time off for current opportunities.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of carrying several pieces of luggage and handing it off to her husband. In waking life she was pregnant and felt she had to temporarily hand off some of the financial responsibilities to her husband. The luggage in this case may have reflected her ability to "keep it together" and be prepared while expecting her new baby.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having lost his luggage. In waking life he was preparing big business sales plans for his products and then was disappointed with serious problems selling his products. The luggage in this case may have reflected his feelings about being prepared for success or prepared with good sales techniques for his products once his new products were shipped to him ready to be sold. The luggage being lost may have reflected his lost ability to be confident with his preparations for increased sales.

*Please See Vacation

*Please See Traveling



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