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To dream of illegal drugs represents temptation to indulge in feelings, actions, or activities that you know are wrong, harmful, or potentially destructive. A disregard for boundaries, societal standards, or personal rules. Unhealthy emotional needs that you feel have to be fulfilled. Excessive amounts of pleasure or enjoyment in behaving a certain way. You may be emotionally addicted to certain feelings or bad habits. Masturbation, pornography, power over others, gambling, making money, and preoccupation with being physically attractive are all possible issues symbolized by drugs. Enjoying abusing power. Enjoying hypocritical advantages. Feeling good before all else. A dangerous need to feel good. A thrill or pleasure that is not allowed or considered unacceptable to other people.

Positively, dreaming about illegal drugs may represent the desire for intense experiences, a longing for escape, or the urge to challenge boundaries and societal conventions. It may reflect your willingness to take risks, experiment with the unfamiliar, or explore the taboo. It could also be indicative of a need for change, a desire to break free from monotony, or an aspiration to live life on your own terms. The rare need to enjoy being excessive, reckless, or dangerous that is good for you to balance yourself against being too nice, safe, or boring.

Negatively, dreaming about illegal drugs could represent feelings of guilt, fear, or anxiety related to illicit activities. It might symbolize a fear of being caught, a struggle with addiction, or concerns about the damaging effects of risky behavior. Perhaps you are feeling trapped by a harmful habit or are wrestling with feelings of guilt or shame over past actions. You may also be grappling with feelings of self-destruction, loss of control, or the fear of consequences. Pornography addiction or trouble getting over an ex-partner you think about too much.

To dream of being high on drugs represents feelings of excessive indulgence, potential self-destruction, and loss of control. You may be aware that you're going overboard and experiencing short-term euphoria, even though the consequences could be harmful. It could also reflect an addiction to certain behaviors, pleasure, or power, leading you to make unwise choices.

Alternatively, being high on drugs in a dream may represent your attempt to escape from reality or your willingness to embrace bad habits, thinking there will never be consequences for it. It can symbolize times when you might embarrass yourself due to your excessive anger or impulsive behavior.

To dream of overdosing on drugs represents self-harm resulting from excessive enjoyment, pleasure, or abuse of power that has caused self-harm. A sign that there is a problem with a lack of self-control, willpower, or practicing moderation. Excessive anger that causes serious problems in your life. Destroying yourself or embarrassing yourself by going overboard in some way. Exceeding or abusing limits. Enjoyment or a need to feel good that is destructive to your happiness. Self-destructive behavior. Wasting your life. Overdoing some area of your life. Low willpower. A sign that you need to make significant positive changes.

To dream of other people being high on drugs can reflect your feelings about those people choosing to behave excessively or irresponsibly. You might perceive them as making dangerous choices or neglecting common sense or responsible advice. It could also indicate your fear about yourself or someone else being perceived as a loser who is ruining their lives.

To dream of being drugged represents feelings of manipulation, loss of control, or being forced to face an undesirable situation. You may be experiencing situations where you feel compromised, coerced, or that your willpower is being overridden. This could also symbolize your fear of succumbing to bad influences or being taken advantage of. Feelings of vulnerability, fear, or disorientation. You may feel like you're losing your sense of self, or that you're being forced into situations or behaviors that are against your principles. This dream could signify a fear of losing control, a lack of confidence in your ability to resist negative influences or a sense of helplessness.

Consider the type of drug for additional meaning.

Prescription drugs may point to certain types of thoughts, feelings, or habits you need to maintain in order to emotionally heal or recover from a negative situation. Taking time off or controlling yourself to force change. Intentionally avoiding dangerous habits.

Example: A man dreamed of being accused of using drugs. In waking life, he was being accused of unlawful containment by a man he caught breaking into his home to rob him. In this case, the accusation of drug use may have reflected his feelings about being unfairly accused of enjoying excessive behavior by the criminal he had caught robbing his home. The criminal may have accused the homeowner of "being high on being a hero" which the police may not agree with.

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