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To dream of cocaine represents feelings about "riding on a high" of elite behavior. Enjoying lying all the time like it doesn't matter. Feelings of being better than other people. Feelings about enjoying an insider that always gets away with cheating. Enjoying hypocritical behavior based on elite knowledge, being richer than other people, or feeling that you are too good to follow the rules that normal people do. Obsession with success that may drive you to dangerous limits. Enjoying more success than other people based on hypocrisy. Feeling that everyone else is a loser if they aren't you. Enjoying a sense of entitlement to breaking rules. Enjoying excess. Enjoying wild or risky behavior.

Addiction to a situation or person that makes you feel like the center of attention despite any consequences. Noticing yourself first no matter what other people are feeling. Addiction to feeling good being better than everyone else.

Example: A young girl dreamed of snorting cocaine during a drug recovery support group. In waking life she was addicted to a drug (not cocaine) and taking the drug before attending the meetings to discuss her progress. She was enjoying talking about herself at the meetings like staying off drugs was easy while being aware of herself taking the drugs. The cocaine usage in the dream may have reflected her sense of arrogant entitlement to breaking the rules around people who were trying hard to recover. Feeling that she was better than everyone else because she could manage her addiction without having to be too serious about treating it."

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being offered 2 bags of cocaine. In waking life she had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and was considering enjoying herself tormenting him with one-way communication knowing that he could go to jail if he responded to her. The bags of cocaine in this case may have reflected her conflict with arrogant feelings of entitlement to abusing her ex-boyfriend's restraining order "riding a high" of feeling better than him.



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