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To dream of expecting a delivery represents your feelings of anticipation or expectations being met. The arrival of solutions, results, answers, or outcomes that you have been waiting for. The fulfillment of your wishes, efforts, desires, or fears being "delivered" into your life. Your thoughts about the readiness to receive something or the closure of a particular chapter in life. "Delivering" on a promise or claim. Feelings about yourself or someone else doing exactly what they said they would do.

Positively, dreaming about a delivery may represent the realization of goals, the reception of good news, or the fulfillment of a promise. The fulfillment of expectations and anticipation. It may indicate a transfer of responsibility or the start of a new phase that you are expecting. The satisfaction of having your needs or expectations met.

Negatively, dreaming about a delivery could represent feelings about the anticipation or expectation of burdens of new responsibilities or the consequences of past actions. Anxiety or concern over the impending arrival of something you may not be prepared for. Perhaps you are experiencing apprehension about change or uncertainty about what is being 'delivered' into your life. Too much trust in expecting others to do things for you. Naive hopes or expectations.

To dream of a delivery that never gets delivered represents feelings of frustration, letdowns, disappointment, or unfulfilled expectations. Despite your anticipation, the awaited outcome, solution, or result has been delayed or has failed to materialize. A sense of impatience or a fear of missed opportunities. A need to take a more proactive approach to ensure that your desires or goals are met, rather than relying solely on external factors or the actions of others to bring you what you seek. Feelings of being neglected or forgotten, especially in situations where you are depending on others for support or fulfillment. Aa need to reassess your reliance on external sources for happiness or resolution.

To dream of carrying out a delivery for someone else represents your feelings of responsibility or involvement in ensuring that someone else's expectations or needs are met. It may reflect your role as a provider, supporter, or enabler in someone's life that you feel obligated to fulfill. Your efforts to help others achieve their goals or to bring solutions to their problems. Alternatively, it might also suggest that you are taking on burdens or responsibilities that are not necessarily yours to bear, indicating a need to set boundaries or to learn to say no. You are too subordinate or attentive to others needs.

To dream of a delivery depot represents feelings about a situation in your life where you feel overworked by various responsibilities, expectations, or obligations. A feeling of being overwhelmed by multiple tasks, demands, or duties that you need to manage or address. Too much concern about what other people expect or anticipate. Feeling sidetracked by other people's demands.

Example: A woman dreamed of a courier who was going to deliver a t-shirt to another man, but then the man making the delivery walked away. In waking life, she was talking to a man on the internet who said he was going to set her up with an allowance and then the man didn't follow through on his promise. In this case, the delivery may have reflected her expectation or hope that the man she was talking to online would fulfill his promise to provide her with an allowance.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being told to deliver a package to someone she knew, but didn't know well. When she was done she was looking for another address as though she had to make another delivery. In waking life, she was concerned with money, birthdays, Christmas, and work. In this case, the deliveries may have reflected her feelings of responsibility and pressure to fulfill various obligations related to money and gift-giving during special occasions.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of a delivery depot and having to resort to cages of chickens even though she was only there to pick up her puppy. In waking life, her home life and work life were stressed. She felt like she was doing everything she could to help, but it was never enough. In this case, the delivery depot may have reflected her sense of being constantly sidetracked by other people's expectations, detracting from her own priorities and needs.

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