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To dream of a chalkboard represents an open or receptive attitude to new ideas, brainstorming, or figuring something out. You may be considering options, theorizing, experimenting, or trying to come up with creative solutions to problems. A formal approach to learning or problem-solving. Seeking clarity and understanding in a particular situation, or that you are ready to impart your knowledge or ideas to others. A chalkboard is a sign that you're working towards an answer, or that you're open to a number of possibilities. Seeking a solution that would allow you to manage a sitution effectively. Efforts to weigh the pros and cons of different choices and brainstorm the best path forward.

Negatively, dreaming about a chalkboard may represent brainstorming or presenting ideas that you feel you have to think about or worry about. It may also reflect a selfish or jealous concern for brainstorming a problem. The need to be open to change, adaptable, and not to get too attached to specific outcomes or ideas.

To dream of a teacher that asks you to read something off a chalkboard may represent your feelings about seeing a problem directly in order to understand it, interest in solving a problem, or your sense of intuition that wants to you consider or reconsider options. Feeling of pressure to perform or meet expectations, as if being tested or evaluated by others. Learning or acquiring knowledge from someone who is experienced or knowledgeable in a certain field. Negatively, it could reflect a fear of being publicly called out for not knowing something or not being able to perform as expected.

To dream of a teacher that asks you write on a chalkboard represents your interest in solving a problem or your sense of intuition that wants to you begin brainstorming or working on solving a problem. Your need to demonstrate your knowledge or understanding to others. You may be put on the spot or feel pressured to perform in front of others.

To dream of a doctor writing on a chalkboard may represent an interest or your sense of intuition that is focused on figuring out a method of healing.

To dream of an chalkboard menu in a restaurant represents an experimental attitude or open-minded approach to options or choices available to you in a particular situation or relationship. Flexibility and changeability of choices in the current moment that won't last forever. Alternatively, the chalkboard menu may reflect your desire for something new or exciting, or your willingness to try something different. It may also indicate that you need to be more flexible in your thinking or approach to a situation.

To dream of green chalkboard represents your attempts to brainstorm, or experiment with problems that have to do with growth, new beginnings, or fresh ideas. It could also indicate a desire for a new approach to an existing problem or situation. Alternatively, the dream may represent your willingness to learn and try new things, or your receptivity to alternative ideas and perspectives.

To dream of a black chalkboard represents your attempts to brainstorm, or experiment with problems that are challenging, serious, or require a formal approach. Brainstorming new ideas for problems that are more serious, all important, personal, embarrassing, and difficult to accept.

Example: A man dreamed of a University professor writing lottery numbers on a chalkboard. In waking life, he had a hobby of trying to predict patterns with the lottery numbers and after talking to his son about dream symbolism for a strange dream, he had a renewed interest in trying to predict lottery number patterns. In this case, the chalkboard may have reflected his attempt to brainstorm ideas about winning the lottery by understanding his strange dream combined with his number pattern studies.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing the names of several religions written down on the chalkboard, where most of them look faked. She says she's Catholic out loud in class and "Catholic" appeared on the chalkboard. In waking life, she's recently realized that science is better than religion. In this case, religions names being written on the chalkboard may have reflected her attempt to brainstorm and evaluate different religious beliefs and ideas in order to make sense of her new perspective on faith and science.

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