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Brazilian People

To dream of a Brazilian person represents aspect of your personality with a mindset that's not embarrassing anyone else while perfectly noticing that family life is what you have to see about yourself all the time. Not being snobby about thinking you're the best. Behavior that doesn't like showing off being arrogant. Behavior that's intelligent about thinking everything has to work out for family life. Behavior that isn't stupid about being careful about noticing it isn't better than someone else. Behavior that has to stay on top of life having to work with nobody else embarrassed by it. Behavior that doesn't want to show off better than someone else. Successful that believes it's stronger about family life having to matter. Behavior that isn't a wimp about being safer than most people about why nothing is too serious.

Negatively, dreaming of a Brazilian person may reflect feelings of being humbled with nothing arrogant being allowed. Feeling limited because you can't be better than anyone else. Learning a lesson about why you went too far being arrogant or not being nicer than you are. Fear of showing off or feeling that it's too dangerous to show off. Feeling little because life, family life safety, or someone bigger than you humbles you beyond your control. Being talked back to by people who hard all the time because you didn't consider that. Feeling that it's dangerous to ever be the best at something or show off that you are. Feeling that success is something everyone you know has to see carrying them as well to the point it limits you.

Brazilian dreams are common for socializing issues. Protectiveness of socializing needing to work out nicely.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a very beautiful Brazilian girl. In waking life he had just met a beautiful girl who was interested in knowing him, but soon realized she had a child and was a single mother. The beautiful Brazilian girl reflected his feelings how effected and humbled this beautiful girl's love life was because of her child.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a Brazilian man shooting a giant snake. In waking life, the woman caught her husband stealing from her and being very dishonest. In this case, the Brazilian man may have reflected her mindset of being intelligent and careful about protecting her family and possessions from harm or danger. The act of shooting the giant snake may symbolize her determination to confront and overcome the deceitful behavior of her husband in order to protect herself and her family from further harm. She may have felt that she intelligent and never arrogant to stand up for her family life by confronting her husband.

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