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Musical Notes

To dream of musical notes represents feelings about yourself noticing exactly how something feels.

You may be having a moderate experience that gives you insight into how it feels to experience something in it's entirety. Alternatively, you may be experiencing a situation that someone has already experienced and becoming aware of the details or subtleties of the experience.

Negatively, dreaming of musical notes may reflect feelings about yourself being a loser that has to experience pain or bad luck that you were aware of other people experiencing before you.

Example: A woman had waking visions of seeing musical notes. In waking life she had glaucoma in only a section of her eyes and was blind only in that section. The symbolism may have reflected her awareness of herself "noticing how it feels" to be blind while she mentally prepared to become fully blind soon.

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To dream of a musical represents dramatic emotional experience. You or someone else that may be expressing feelings to others in great detail. Negatively, a musical may be a sign that you are allowing yourself to be carried away by your emotions.

Musical Instruments

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Notes (School)

To dream of taking school notes represents information that you think is important enough to remember. Things you want to keep track of. It may also reflect advice, observations, past experiences, memories, or solutions to problems you've already dealt with. Notes may also reflect issues you have overlooked.

To dream of losing school notes may symbolize facts or a situation that have changed. Feeling careless. Feeling cut off from something important.

To dream of reading school notes represents the questioning of an issue, or a review of information. You may be reflecting on your experience or what you've already learned in order to solve a problem.

School notes in dreams can also reflect anxiety about school or academic performance. Researchers or students may dream of their notes to reflect issues related to their studies.


To dream of hearing music represents a theme to the type of emotions you are feeling. A prevailing mood or atmosphere in some aspect of your life. Ask yourself how the music or musician makes you feel while listening to it.

Consider the words to the song that you are dreaming about for additional meaning. In many cases the lyrics of a song reflect real life emotions. Try to think how the lyrics may apply to your life or current emotional state.

To dream of hearing discordant or out of tune music represents unhappiness, lack of harmony, and troubles in your waking life.

To dream of playing music for others may
reflect a mood or atmosphere you are trying to create. Ideas, stories, or actions of yours that are projecting certain feelings to others. You may want to influence others or make them feel a certain way.

Dreams of music may also reflect rapport, getting along, or bonding.

Example: A person dreamed of soft gentle music. In real life they we're a guest in someone's house and we're being made to feel very welcome and safe. The soft music reflected the welcoming safe atmosphere being projected to them.

Example 2: A man dreamed of turning off loud music. In real life he had just endured a very chaotic and fast paced work week.

Fact: Paul McCartney dreamed of the music to the song "Yesterday" in his sleep. Beethoven also had music come to him in his sleep. Giuseppi Tartini dreamed that the Devil came to him in his sleep playing the musical piece "The Devil's Trill Sonata."

*Please See Singing


To dream of a hand written note represents feelings about yourself or someone else wishing to avoid being careless. A sense of importance about needing to avoid a problem or mistake. New insights you've learned and decided to "keep in mind" for later use. Feeling intelligent about to how avoid repeating a mistake based on observations you've made about a situation or person. Feeling that you will look stupid or crazy if you repeat behavior.

Negatively, a hand written note may reflect heightened sensitivity making a mistake you were aware of beforehand or a fear of repeating a mistake you made extra careful attention to avoid repeating.

To dream of losing a hand written note may reflect feelings about losing confidence in warning signs or insight into how to avoid repeating a mistake. Feeling embarrassed that you don't know how to do something you were instructed to do. Feeling stupid that something you expected to be easy isn't easy. Feeling unable to reverse the consequences of not listening to someone who gave you a serious warning.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being sent a hand written note from the ex-wife of her ex-boyfriend. In waking life she was beginning to observe and understand her ex-boyfriend's behavior and why it was important to never bother trying to reconcile with him. The hand written note in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her observations about her ex being important to notice for later on in case he tried to come back to her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being given a hand written note and then losing it. In waking life she was dumped by her boyfriend because she didn't listen to his prior warnings about stopping certain behavior. The lost hand written note may have reflected her feelings about feeling stupid for not listening to her boyfriend's careful warnings to stop behaving in ways he didn't like which ended up making him dump her.

*Please See Notes (School)



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